We are Phoenix Association and we are a registered French charity that exists with the sole aim of dealing with the sad plight of the ever-increasing number of animals in need in the South West of France.  There aren’t many of us but we do our best by volunteering our time to the cause.

We take in abused and abandoned animals, nurturing them in our voluntary network of foster homes and then placing them in loving, permanent homes. We work with maximum care and attention with a small number of animals at a time.

In addition to fostering and rehoming animals in need, we also:

  • act as an intermediary between local animal shelters and members of the public wishing to adopt from them.
  • work in the classroom to promote correct animal care and attitudes.
  • promote sterilisation and campaign for the systematic sterilisation of all animals offered for adoption by shelters.

Meet our founders, Richard & Sheelagh Johnson, who tell their story:

 ” We moved from the UK to The Dordogne in 1990  and immediately noticed the large number of stray animals. We started to take them in and to try and re-home them.

Our activities snowballed, and in order for us to be able to receive donations to allow us to continue with this work, we became a registered charity in 2001″.

Phoenix has evolved hugely since then and is now comprised of a large team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. Sadly, due to the high rate of abandonment and breeding, 250,000 animals or more are euthanised in France every year; we do not have a magic wand to fix this, but we do have the next best thing – that is the willingness to work hard, every day, in the interest of suffering animals.

Phoenix is not state-funded, so in order for us to continue our work, we rely upon donations to fund our veterinary, fostering and re-homing costs. Every donation that we receive, however large or small, goes towards helping animals in desperate need.