Cats for Adoption

Bertie and Sable who are now called Books and Baby, adopted June 2017

Bertie and Sable are two lucky kittens  but we always have heaps of furry bundles, waiting to be adopted. All of our cats and kittens are microchipped and vaccinated upon adoption, and where age appropriate, they are sterilised too.

If you are interested in adopting any of our cats, or would simply like to have some further information about them, please leave a message for Jenny
05 53 89 59 35 or mobile 07 81 27 86 51 or email

MOLLY female kitten d.o.b 15/08/17

Sister to Sky, this delightful kitten is full of fun.  She loves to play and is very affectionate. She was born to a semi-feral mum in the garden hidden away in a barn. Now they are in the house and completely civilised! 

 If you’d like to meet her, please contact foster carer, Louise on  0555888437 or email her at Molly is in 47 Loubes Bernac 30 minutes from Bergerac.


MOSES – male kitten d.o.b. 15/08/17

Here is the boy of the litter. Sweet little Moses was born in a gardem along with his 3 sisters.  Mum is semi-feral but doesn’t mind the indoor life at all. Moses only knows the indoor life and is not quite ready for adventures in the garden.  So he makes do in the house.

 If you’d like to meet him, please contact foster carer, Louise on  0555888437 or email her at Moses is in 47 Loubes Bernac


SKY – Female kitten born 15/08/17


Born of a mum who was a bit wild but had the sense to find herself some shelter when pregnant. Star is sweet, friendly and affectionate. She loves cuddles and playing with children and is accustomed to indoor life. She’s litter trained and eating dry and wet food. Sky as she is named at the moment because of her beautiful blue eyes is ready to go to loving home. She is very loving and playful. She’s white with grey tail and ears. 







 If you’d like to meet her, please contact foster carer, Louise on  0555888437 or email her at Sky is in 47 Loubes Bernac


Colombine – female kitten born approx 27/04/17

Colombine was found wandering the streets of Bergerac all on her own. Here is what Sophie, her foster mum has to say about her.
‘This little beauty got her name from a venetian carnival mask as her face has similar markings.  She is a very shy girl and needs a little time before she lets you into her heart.
She is very close to Nelix. Nelix comforted her when she desperately needed some cat love and !he is her confidence blanket. wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could be adopted together?’

Colombine is chipped and vaccinated.

If you would like to meet her please contact foster carer 
Sophie Nicol
Tel: 05 53 73 91 13
Mobile: 07 78 21 13 55
Dept. 24 Bergerac

PIXIE female kitten approx d.o.b. 01/08/17

Pixie, a delightful ginger miss, was found wandering all on her own. An elderly couple found her in their garden and cared for her, but couldn’t keep her. Pixie is incredibly friendly and amazingly fearless. She gets on well with everybody in our house, dog, cats, children and grown ups. She will have no problems fitting in. She enjoys play fighting with any animal around and will cuddle up to the nearest body be it animal or human. 


If you’d like to meet her, or would just like more details, contact foster carer, 
tel: 05 53 89 59 35 / 07 81 27 86 51 Email:
Dept. 47 Savignac de Duras


CLARISSA aged about 18 months

Clarisse was discovered in the garden of a couple living in Loubes Bernac (47). It was quickly apparent that she was having babies. Clarissa was a wonderful mother and now her kittens are ready to fly the nest.  Clarissa, familiar now with humans would like a forever home home too. She will be your best friend as she is very loving, great with kids and other cats, follows you wherever you go and is a proper little chatter box. She has been neutered and microchipped.


 If you’d like to meet her, please contact foster carer, Louise on  0555888437 or email her at Clarissa is in 47 Loubes Bernac


Dogs For Adoption

adopt-dog-topThe dogs shown below are just a selection of those that we have available for adoption. To discuss your requirements, please contact Sheelagh or Richard on 05 53 54 94 81 (please leave a message) or email them at

For adoption enquiries concerning the individual dogs shown on this page, please contact the Foster Carer, whose details are next to the animals’ write-ups below.

New — Phoenix Pensioners plan! Please take the time to learn more about this amazing project, put together with Bergerac SPA, and how you can help.
Our Phoenix Pensionners are now available for adoption.

Interested in foster caring? If you are interested in fostering one or more of our dogs (or cats) please go to our Foster Caring page for more details.

CHABA – a 10 year old female Great Dane

Chaba is a Phoenix Pensioner, meaning that her adopter will benefit from a €500 contribution towards vets bills, paid by Phoenix.

Chaba was abandoned at the SPA along with her companion Drako when their master could no longer care for them. Fortunately Drako was soon adopted, which of course meant poor old Chaba was left behind without her friend. Phoenix has now taken Chaba into foster care, and you can see from this video link how happy she is to be out of a cage and how well she greets other dogs unknown to her!

Here is what her new foster carer, Sharon, says about her.

‘Chaba is an absolutely delightful girl, her gratitude and gentil nature are abundant. Her tail hasn’t stopped wagging, and she is a real glue pot. As yet, she’s met lots of other dogs, and has shown no signs of dominance or agression to anything. She was definitely wary when Juna went to say hello, but just gave her a bit of a sideways look and then moved away. I wouldn’t think a fenced garden was particularly necessary, she is never far from you and her recall is excellent. She is delightful and I think she would love to live with another dog, but would probably suggest an older, calm male.’

Chaba is chipped and fully vaccinated and is being fostered in 24300.

If you’d like to meet her, please contact foster carer Sharon on 06 45 47 10 84 or 05 53 60 73 11 or

Phoenix Pensioner Plan

Stif, our first Pensioner. Sadly,  he has now passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

We at Phoenix hope to encourage people to consider adopting an older dog. It is so sad to see older dogs abandoned or left behind because of family illness or other reasons. Yet these animals have so much to offer, so it really is worth considering an older animal, particularly if you are of a similar age in human/dog years! Phoenix is aware that an older dog may have special needs and that is why, in April 2016, we introduced the Phoenix Pensioners Plan. We are actively encouraging the adoption of those vulnerable ‘oldies’ that might otherwise be left ‘un-chosen’.

Young pups are often seen as being more attractive and are adopted for their youthful bounciness. The middle
 aged and elderly with their soulful, faithful, trusting appearances can often get missed. These animals are often (but not necessarily) less energetic than the young pups and may be more suitable to an older humans lifestyle. That is not to say that these animals would not fit into a young family, on the contrary.

Phoenix is committed to protecting the “oldies” and is actively promoting their adoption through the Phoenix Pensioners Scheme which offers a €500 Veterinary Voucher on their adoption from the SPA in Bergerac.

Scroll down the page to see our Phoenix Pensioners.