Phoenix Pensioner Plan

Stif, our first Pensioner. Sadly,  he has now passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

We at Phoenix hope to encourage people to consider adopting an older dog. It is so sad to see older dogs abandoned or left behind because of family illness or other reasons. Yet these animals have so much to offer, so it really is worth considering an older animal, particularly if you are of a similar age in human/dog years! Phoenix is aware that an older dog may have special needs and that is why, in April 2016, we introduced the Phoenix Pensioners Plan. We are actively encouraging the adoption of those vulnerable ‘oldies’ that might otherwise be left ‘un-chosen’.

Young pups are often seen as being more attractive and are adopted for their youthful bounciness. The middle
 aged and elderly with their soulful, faithful, trusting appearances can often get missed. These animals are often (but not necessarily) less energetic than the young pups and may be more suitable to an older humans lifestyle. That is not to say that these animals would not fit into a young family, on the contrary.

Phoenix is committed to protecting the “oldies” and is actively promoting their adoption through the Phoenix Pensioners Scheme which offers a €500 Veterinary Voucher on their adoption from the SPA in Bergerac.

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