ULK – 13 yr-old Groenendael/Belgian Shepherd boy – Adoption in Progress!

ULK was found living on a balcony, where he had been for two years, no exercise, no bed and no shelter. He was fed and watered, but clearly insufficient for his needs. He was in a desperate state, with matted coat and is very thin and under-muscled.

The SPA team rescued him and have brought him to sanctuary. What a wonderful, kind, forgiving, gentle boy he is. We have groomed him and found a chain-collar completely matted into his fur. There is more grooming to be done, he has a magnificent coat – and he absolutely loves it being groomed, he loves to be stroked and cuddled and his dear old tail just wags gently in sheer pleasure and relief.

We will give him all the love we can, and gentle exercise to help him recover some strength. What he needs most of all is a patient and caring family to give him what little time he has left, in comfort and warmth, surrounded by love.

He benefits from a 500€ Veterinary Voucher for his healthcare, after adoption.
The adoption fee is “don libre” = zero, or any donation the adopter wishes to make.

If you would like to meet this gentle boy, please contact
Sally Dingle
05 53 58 28 62

Smiling STIF!

STIF 1STIF is still smiling! He knows he has good friends who helped him to find a new life and to adopt a new family.

At ten years old, STIF was a prime example of an older dog at risk in the SPA. Phoenix is committed to protecting the “oldies” and promoting their adoption through the Phoenix Pensioners Scheme which offers a 500€ Veterinary Voucher on their adoption from the SPA.

Keep smiling STIF!

STIF on his holidays by the poolPhoenix President, Rik writes,

“My partner in old bones, Stif, and I give our thanks for giving Stif a second chance to finish his days with bounce.

If you are thinking of buying a dog please think first of adoption and then of the satisfaction of giving some care and love to an oldie.

Go boy go!”

The Phoenix Pensioners Plan

STIF has plenty to smile about – today he is the proud bearer of the very first Phoenix Pensioners Plan Award.

The Award will provide a Veterinary Voucher to a maximum value of 500€ for each of the eligible dogs adopted from the Bergerac SPA.

Richard Johnson, President of Phoenix, was delighted to be approached to sponsor this scheme:

“This is exactly what Phoenix is about – helping animals in need, to find homes. The older dogs are so rewarding but often need a bit of extra help to be adopted, and this scheme should certainly improve their chances. We look forward to helping many more “Pensioners” find their new families.”

For details of the Phoenix Pensioners Plan, please contact Sally Dingle: sallydinglephoenix@gmail.com

STIF at Bergerac SPA:  Ref: 062  Griffon (medium)  11 years oldStif 1n

Stif 2n 

Le Plan Phoenix Retraités

STIF a beaucoup à sourire – aujourd’hui, il a été attribué le premier Plan Phoenix Retraités Bon.

Le prix sera de fournir un bon vétérinaire à une valeur maximale de 500 € pour chacun des chiens éligibles adoptés de la SPA de Bergerac. Pour être admissible à un prix, les chiens doivent être âgés d’au moins dix ans, bien que l’examen sera donnée aux chiens de moins de dix, qui sont dans le besoin spécial.

Richard Johnson, président de l’Association Phoenix, est désireux de voir cette initiative générer un nouvel intérêt pour l’adoption de chiens plus âgés:

«Ils ont beaucoup à offrir et nous espérons que cela encouragera les adoptants potentiels à envisager un chien plus âgé, sachant qu’ils auront cette aide supplémentaire ».

Pascal Rosenplac, directeur de la SPA de Bergerac, a exprimé sa gratitude à l’Association Phoenix

«La SPA de Bergerac et de l’Association Phoenix ont travaillé ensemble pendant de nombreuses années et cela est une initiative très généreuse de la part de Phoenix dont nous sommes sûrs augmentera de façon significative les chances d’adoption pour nos résidents plus âgés ».

Pour plus de détails du plan Phoenix retraités, s’il vous plaît contacter Sally Dingle: sallydinglephoenix@gmail.com

STIF Ref: 062 Griffon (moyen) 11 ans

Stif 2n Stif 1n