BILL – 10 year old Beagle X

Currently in Bergerac SPA, BILL is offered for adoption “don libre” and also benefits from the Phoenix Association Veterinary Voucher of 500€ to help finance any future healthcare.

It’s heart-breaking as Bill is just one of so many hound breeds that end up in the SPA, and at 10 years old we doubt he will even get a second glance, especially at this time of the year when the kennels are overcrowded.

Bill’s even got an ID chip, but his owner hasn’t reclaimed him, so he’s now classified as abandoned, which is a difficult position for an older dog to deal with. Initially Bill was rather unsure of his new surroundings at the Refuge, however, he’s settled in and making the best of it.

He’s a handsome dog, fit, alert and in good condition. He easy going and therefore gets along well with all the other dogs in his kennel run. He’s a sociable boy and enjoys human company and stays close by, making handling easy.

We believe Bill deserves our help to give him that little extra advantage of adoption, hence he’s been awarded the Pensioner’s Plan.

If you’d like to meet this super boy, please contact Sue Rees 

CHABA a 10 year old female Great Dane

CHABA was abandoned at the SPA along with her companion Drako when their master could no longer care for them. Fortunately Drako was soon adopted, which of course meant poor old Chaba was left behind without her friend. Phoenix has now taken Chaba into foster care, and you can see from this video link how happy she is to be out of a cage and how well she greets other dogs unknown to her!

Here is what her new foster carer, Sharon, says about her.

‘Chaba is an absolutely delightful girl, her gratitude and gentil nature are abundant. Her tail hasn’t stopped wagging, and she is a real glue pot. As yet, she’s met lots of other dogs, and has shown no signs of dominance or agression to anything. She was definitely wary when Juna went to say hello, but just gave her a bit of a sideways look and then moved away. I wouldn’t think a fenced garden was particularly necessary, she is never far from you and her recall is excellent. She is delightful and I think she would love to live with another dog, but would probably suggest an older, calm male.’

Her adopter will benefit from a 500E contribution towards vet bills paid by Phoenix!

Chaba is chipped and fully vaccinated. If you’d like to meet her, please contact foster carer Sharon on 06 45 47 10 84 or 05 53 60 73 11 or Chaba is in Nontron Dept 24

Phoenix Pensioner Plan

Stif, our first Pensioner. Sadly,  he has passed  over the Rainbow Bridge.

We at Phoenix hope to encourage people to consider adopting an older dog. It is so sad to see older dogs abandoned or left behind because of family illness or other reasons. Yet these animals have so much to offer, so it really is worth considering an older animal, particularly if you are of a similar age in human/dog years!

Phoenix is aware that an older dog may have special needs and that is why, in April 2016, we introduced the Phoenix Pensioners Plan. We are actively encouraging the adoption of those vulnerable ‘oldies’ that might otherwise be left ‘un-chosen’. Young pups are often seen as being more attractive and are adopted for their youthful bounciness. The middle
 aged and elderly with their soulfull, faithfull, trusting appearances can often get missed. These animals are often (but not necessarily) less energetic than the young pups and may be more suitable to an older humans lifestyle. That is not to say that these animals would not fit into a young family, on the contrary.

Phoenix is committed to protecting the “oldies” and promoting their adoption through the Phoenix Pensioners Scheme which offers a 500€ Veterinary Voucher on their adoption from the SPA in Bergerac.

Scroll down the page – you will not be disappointed.

MARIUS (304AB) a 10 year old male German Sheppard

Currently in Bergerac SPA ~ MARIUS is offered for adoption “don libre”. He also benefits from the Phoenix Association Veterinary Voucher of 500€ to help finance future healthcare.

Marius was abandoned at the Refuge (reason unknown to Phoenix).

At the ripe old age of 10yrs Marius is certainly not a youngster, so he’s in much need of Phoenix finding a loving family so that he can enjoy his retirement.

MARIUS prefers a calm, quiet home, not too much activity or sudden loud noises, because with the age and lack of mobility he becomes a little anxious. ~ So if you have a quiet corner of your home to offer MARIUS, the time and patience he deserves, he will be a devoted companion. Marius isn’t keen on cats so a home without cats would be favourable.

If you would like to meet MARIUS with the view of adopting him Please contact Bergerac SPA direct,

Please remember to ask for the Phoenix 500€ veterinary voucher details should the staff forget. There are English speaking volunteers that maybe available to meet you at the refuge.


Smiling STIF!

STIF 1STIF was still smiling, knowing  he had good friends who helped him to find a new life and to adopt a new family.

Stif has sadly died but at ten years old, he was a prime example of an older dog at risk in the SPA.

Phoenix is committed to protecting the “oldies” and promoting their adoption through the Phoenix Pensioners Scheme which offers a 500€ Veterinary Voucher on their adoption from the SPA.

Keep smiling in doggy heaven, STIF!

STIF on his holidays by the poolPhoenix President, Rik writes,

“My partner in old bones, Stif, and I give our thanks for giving Stif a second chance to finish his days with bounce.

If you are thinking of buying a dog please think first of adoption and then of the satisfaction of giving some care and love to an oldie.

Go boy go!”