Phoenix Book Fair – April 29th 2017

The Spring Book Fair 2017 will be held on Saturday 29th April at the Salle Municipale in Campsegret (24140), on the RN21 between Bergerac and Perigueux.

Doors open at 09:30 am (09:00 for people with a limited mobility card) and close at 3 pm.

  • Children and dogs are welcome.
  • Entrance and Parking are free.

Donations that are very welcome on the day:

  • Books, CDs, DVDs and vinyl records
  • Home-made baking for the catering team to sell
  • Bric-a-Brac contributions
  • Tombola gifts – any unwanted gifts in good condition – also wine, chocolates, home-made Chutneys or Jams
  • Pet and other animal accessories (blankets, towels, food).

The Food Counter in the Hall will offer a true banquet of home-made cakes, savouries, buns, pastries, cup cakes, samosas, scones, muffins, buns and sandwiches, as well as wine, tea, coffee and soft drinks!

In the village green behind the hall, a special stand will offer an excellent array of antiquarian books, classics, collectors items, first editions, newly published books and well loved but now rare books from bygone eras!

There will also be stands with well over 2 000 categorised DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, childrens’ books and toys for all ages, an excellent and varied assortment of good French books (in category), a large Bric-a-Brac stand with good quality goods and a take-a-chance Tombola stand with lovely prizes.

All the above items will be for sale from one euro and up.

The Phoenix stand and that of the Bergerac SPA will help you with all animal-related questions you may have regarding adoption or becoming a member.

All the proceeds of the Book Fair will go to the Phoenix Association to continue their work in saving, caring for and rehoming abandoned, abused and unwanted animals.

Please check the Phoenix Book Fair FAQs for more information on donating items.

The Biannual Phoenix Book Fairs – FAQs

Donating items

For logistical reasons, we prefer to receive your donations on the day of the Fair itself as transport and the manpower is available on these Fair days to handle the weight and bulk of books and other donated items. However, if you are leaving the country or for some reason can’t come to the Fair, please contact us to see if we can find another way to transfer your items.

 We gratefully accept fiction and non-fiction, all sorts of CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and other items. All antiquarian books are also very welcome; we always find enough interested people for these.

Please give us books that are in a condition that you yourself would like to buy. Broken, tatty and/or mouldy books as well as scratched or copied CDs and DVDs unfortunately do not sell.

 What we love (in good condion) are:

– Fiction books

– Non-fiction books (especially Cookery, Gardening, History, Military History, Biographies etc)

– All antiquarian books

– All older series as Lady bird books, Observer’s books etc

– First editions

– Signed editions

– Children’s toys, bears or other fluffy animals

Jig saw puzzles, games

Animal and pet items such as baskets, blankets, duvets, coats/rugs, tackle and leads, food (within the sell by date).

 As there’s no market for these, please DO NOT donate:

x Readers Digest series of any sort

x Mills and Boon series

x Encyclopedias, atlasses

x Cassette tapes

x VHS tapes

x Unusable, broken or mouldy items

x Clothes and shoes.

 Wish to help?

Why not become a member of the Book Team? We meet every Friday at our sorting barn for several hours in a village just north of Bergerac. Here all the books are sorted and put into category and or alphabet. The donated goods for the Bric a Brac, the puzzles, the toys and the prizes for the Tombola and the thousands of DVDS and CDS sorted here too and made ready for each Fair.

Perks – we still pay for the books like everyone else, however, we have access to them all year round!

For further general inquiries please contact Christine at