Dogs For Adoption

adopt-dog-topThe dogs shown below are just a selection of those that we have available for adoption. To discuss your requirements, please contact Sheelagh or Richard on 05 53 54 94 81 (please leave a message) or email them at

For adoption enquiries concerning the individual dogs shown on this page, please contact the Foster Carer, whose details are next to the animals’ write-ups below.

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Our Phoenix Pensionners are now available for adoption.

Interested in foster caring? If you are interested in fostering one or more of our dogs (or cats) please go to our Foster Caring page for more details.

NEWTON – a Siberian Husky pup – Approx. d.o.b. 4/1/17

Newton was handed into Phoenix care because his owner couldn’t keep him any longer. In his current foster home, he’s living with cats, other dogs and even a baby, so he’s getting the very best education and socialisation possible for a Husky.

Initially, he can be a bit timid, but he soon gains confidence and is proving to be a gentle and loving. He’ll run after chickens, though in fun rather than anything else, but he is a Husky and they rarely mix well with poultry!

Between play-times, he’s calm and will choose between the sofa, a dog basket and a crate. He should train quickly to a crate, should his new owner wish.

He travels well in a crate in the car and is virtually house-trained, the only recent ‘accident’ being when it was raining hard outdoors all day (so where are his genes for sleet, snow and howling gales!!)

Newton is chipped, vaccinated and neutered and if you’d like to meet this affectionate, well-balanced and beautiful boy, please contact
Sophie Nicol
Tel: 05 53 73 91 13
Mobile: 07 78 21 13 55
Dept. 24 Bergerac

MIKA – 2 year old Male Fox Terrier X

Mika is very playful and loves other dogs. He’s fostered in a home with other dog, is buddies with all of them and is totally non-aggressive. However, he is inclined to chase cats. He travels well, although needs to be tethered so he can’t sit on the drivers lap or jump out unexpectedly!

He is house-trained, sits nicely and mostly comes when called, but requires some more training on his recall and will need a home with a secure garden. He is extremely affectionate and loves a cuddle, but also has loads of energy.

He’s small to medium and weighs about 12kg.

He’s not at all happy being left on his own, but is perfectly OK being left with another dog, so would really suit a home with another youngster for company; otherwise a home where he could always be with somebody.

Mika is chipped, vaccinated, castrated, wormed, tick and flea treated. If you are interested in adopting this lovely young boy please email or call Jackie and Andy on 05 53 52 06 23 for more information.

MILLIE – a one and a half year-old Griffon Fauve de Bretagne

Kind-hearted carer, Pat, took in a terribly thin, small griffon-type girl who had been scavenging in bins and compost heaps etc for several weeks. She wormed, de-flead and fed her.

Millie, as she is now called, seems to have got over her trauma and has turned into a great little dog! She’s affectionate, house-trained, walks well on a lead and loves her home comforts…she’s cute as a button!

Millie is brilliant with children and other dogs. Though Pat has cats, they’ve kept out of Millie’s way and Pat wouldn’t trust her not to chase them.

Left to her own devices, she will follow her nose, so she needs a fenced garden or a huge estate!

If you’re interested in this delightful young ‘scruff’, please contact Pat Lee on 0553573944
Millie is chipped, sterilised and fully vaccinated with rabies and a

JOOP – a 2 and a half year-old Gascon Nivernais X

This beautiful and gentle boy was taken on by a hunter after his owner died. Joop, however, does not hunt, so his new caretaker took him to the vet to be PTS! The vet refused and Joop was taken into care by foster carer Sharon Lee-Chappell.

Joop has subsequently been castrated and is proving to be an absolutely delightful dog. Kind, affectionate, easy-going and biddable he’s good with everyone and everything and although he’s never met any children, we’re sure he’d be fine with them as he hasn’t an ounce of malice. He’s brilliant will all other dogs and adores a good romp. Like the majority of hunting breeds, he would need a fenced garden.

Joop is chipped (and tattooed), vaccinated with rabies, so he has a PASSPORT! And is parasite-treated.

If you’d like more info on this big softie, please contact Sharon
Tel: 05 53 60 73 11 / 06 45 47 10 84
Dept. 24300 Dordogne

SITA and DENNIS – Mixed breed pups – approx.D.O.B. March 18th – Adoption in Progress!

Sita and Dennis were found abandoned and in need of lots of TLC. We are assuming they are litter brother and Sita, though possibly they had different fathers.

Here is what their foster carer, Suzy, says about them:


“Sita is a delightful little girl who is probably Border Collie/Pointer.  As such, she is elegant, very pretty, dainty and extremely intelligent.  She loves to play and run, but also adores her cuddles and is very affectionate.  She is almost fully house-trained and is learning other commands very quickly.  She will suit an active family and preferably one with other dogs, as she is very sociable. In the week she has been with us, she has made the most incredible progress and is ready to start life with her forever family.  She is as sweet as they come and will be of medium size when fully grown. She will need to be with a family who enjoy outdoor activities as she is in her element in the field.”


“Dennis is totally gorgeous, and full of fun.  He is probably Border Collie/Springer cross and is adorable!  He is fluffy, cute, with all the intelligence and character of the Border but with the sweet mischief of a Spaniel.  He loves to be at your feet and is always listening and watching what you do.  He is a boy who will enjoy being with his family and learning.  He too is an active little boy, but is just as happy to curl up at your feet or snuggle for cuddles.  Also pretty much house trained and learning quickly.  This baby is super special and has amazing potential.  He too enjoys the company of other dogs and will love to be with a family who are home a lot of the time and who will include him in their days out.”

Both pups are chipped, vaccinated and worm, tick, flea-treated and if you’d like more details, please contact Suzy Tompsett, their foster carer, on
Tel: 05 53 84 83 43
Dept. 47260 Laparade

KIKI – one year old Bichon Frisé X boy – Adoption in Progress!

This little darling was taken into foster care rather than leaving him in the SPA. Here is what his foster carer says about him:

Kiki is a very loving cuddly dog who is just perfect!

He can be left alone, without any worries of him causing harm of damage. He’s very sociable with cats and dogs and absolutely loves young children.

 He is due to be castrated soon.”

For more details please contact​ Sophie
Tel: 05 53 73 91 13
Mobile: 07 78 21 13 55
Dept. 24  Bergerac

SISSIE – a 4yr-old Yorkshire Terrier X – D.O.B. 8/6/12 – Adoption in Progress!

Sissie was the victim of a divorce. Neither of the couple wished, nor were able to keep her, and so she was dumped at the SPA pound, where she was completely terrified!

A timid dog, she has lived most of her life in an apartment and hasn’t had much socialisation. Murielle, her foster carer, initially found her nervous, jumping at loud noises, but over the short period of time she has been in care, she’s beginning to come out of herself and enjoy life! She loves playing with the other dogs, is fine with the cats, and is happy to cuddle up with her ‘humans’ on the sofa.

She’s affectionate, non-barky, is now eating well and is clean and un-destructive in the house.

Sissie would be best in a calm, relatively quiet household, preferably without young children. She is used to living with another dog.

She’s chipped, vaccinated and sterilised and if you’d like to meet this gentle girl, please contact Sheelagh
Tel: 05 53 54 94 81 (leave a message)