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adopt-dog-topThe dogs shown below are just a selection of those that we have available for adoption. To discuss your requirements, please contact Sheelagh or Richard on 05 53 54 94 81 (please leave a message) or email them at

For adoption enquiries concerning the individual dogs shown on this page, please contact the Foster Carer, whose details are next to the animals’ write-ups below.

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FREYA – Female Terrier X born July 2017

Hello my name is Freya and I am a very small cross terrier girl of approximately 3 months of age. There isn’t anything I can tell you about the very beginning of my life as I, along with my sibling Kenzie, were found and taken to the SPA – where Phoenix came to our rescue and allowed us to spend our fourrier time in a foster home.

My sister was snapped up and adopted on the day that her fourrier time finished, but as I am probably the runt of the litter (or possibly even younger than 3 months), my foster mum said I had to gain weight and confidence before I could find my forever home.

I do love to play and I always win with the big girls, so I am really happy if there are other dogs in the home where I end up. I haven’t met a cat yet but as most of them will be bigger than me and providing they like me, then I can’t see there being a problem.

At the moment I am on special meals (I weigh under 3kgs) which are yummy, and I get 3 a day which makes me special, and if I eat a good portion of my din dins (as mum is a bit heavy handed at times) then I am allowed a treat too. I really love treats!!! 

I wasn’t house trained when I arrived at my foster mum’s (I am a mere baby after all) but as each day goes by I am learning and getting better. I like to climb on the wood pile and pretend I am the Queen of the castle so I am really steady on my paws. Oh and I love toys, especially the ones to help my teeth fall out, but I haven’t been naughty like some I could name and shame and chewed things that weren’t mine.

I am really good for my quiet times too as I like my sleep and when it is bed time I can run up the stairs quicker than you can say “it’s night night time”!

I have been chipped, had my 1st vaccinations and been treated for worms and fleas. I am being fostered in Dept 87.

So if you are looking for a special kind of girl who will be about my size when fully grown, and that is teeny tiny, then maybe it could be me?

For more information on Freya please contact foster mum Yvonne on or you can call her on 06 02 38 20 70


MAYA – 6 month old Siberian Husky girl

This is what Maya’s foster carer writes:
Due to their beauty, Siberian Huskies are one of the most wrongly purchased breeds around. Many do not take into consideration their temperaments and particular quirks and are often left with an unruly, albeit beautiful, dog. Many Siberian Huskies are lost, killed, or given to shelters due to uninformed owners.

Maya is a very small Siberian Husky, although she still has all the instincts and attributes of a normal sized Husky.

We know very little about Maya’s background, apart from her having been ‘given up’ to the SPA… The story is that she was kept in an apartment and this was not suitable for her.


We do not think she has been abused but she has been neglected, both nutritionally and socially. The lack of proper nutrition in her early stages is likely to be a contributory cause of her small size but she is now on a healthy raw diet and we are seeing big improvements – she will never be normal size but she is filling out. At the time of writing she is 11 kilos.

Huskies do not cope with being left alone for long periods, or as in her case, even short periods. She has slight tooth damage (not her canines) due to her trying to eat her way out of some kind of confinement – she must have been desperate to escape and prepared to suffer great pain. The damage is not very noticeable and does not cause her any problems now, but it will be very important for her new owner to feed her correctly and not place her in a situation where she is confined and alone again.

After initial nervousness when she joined our existing Husky pack of two, Maya has shown herself to be well behaved, very affectionate and eager to please. Huskies are very smart and although this should make them easy to train, it doesn’t, as they are very stubborn and independent. However, every experience with a Husky can be a training opportunity and they love the interaction with their human that this involves.

Think of a cat crossed with a dog and you have some idea of a Husky’s personality and abilities, including climbing, prey drive and roaming. They are very clean dogs and spend a lot of time grooming themselves, plus, they do not get that wet dog smell!

What Maya needs to be happy and to thrive, is a family or an active solo person, who has done some research or has Husky experience. They need to be prepared to feed breed specific, be home and most importantly, have a fully fenced garden of a reasonable size. Huskies are so much happier when living with another dog. They love to play and they play rough compared to many dogs… it looks scary but it really is not, either another Husky or another active and friendly dog of a similar size would be perfect. If you have a very small dog then a Husky is not going to be an ideal companion, nor is a Husky suitable for a home with very small children or cats or other small animals and especially not free-range chickens!

It is recommended that your Husky remains on a leash outside of the home environment. So, if you are looking for a dog that trots alongside of you without a leash – a Husky is not for you.

Huskies are amazing dogs and if they are the right breed for your lifestyle they are incredibly loving and rewarding companions. Huskies are cute and goofy and endlessly amusing. Which sadly is why, so many people buy a Husky without researching the Breed and understanding what is involved.

So, if you are still interested in meeting the beautiful Maya then please contact her foster carer who will be very happy to discuss everything with you, arrange a meeting and help you to make the right decision for you and Maya. Available for adoption after 28th Oct.

Maya is chipped and will be sterilized. She is fully vaccinated and is up to date with worming and flea treatments. Maya is being fostered in 24140 Montagnac la Crempse.

Please contact Marilyn & Kevin on or 06 12 50 28 40



BEAR – 5 year old German Shepherd X girl

Bear is a 5 year old German Shepherd mixed breed medium sized girl. 

Due to exceptional circumstances Phoenix has stepped in to help find Bear a good home, Bear’s adoption papers will be completed by her present owner. 

Bear comes from a loving family who have rescued and fostered many dogs in the past, however due to their personal circumstances they find themselves having to make the heartbreaking decision to find Bear a new home. 

This is what Bear’s owners have to say about this lovely girl…

“Bear enjoys the outdoor life, and loves her walks. Her recall is a bit hit and miss as it all depends on the scents that she picks up.

In the house, she likes to go into her cage (her quiet space). She’s lived with cats, however she can be quite selective with other dogs. Bear has never been around children and as she can be rather boisterous, we think she would be better suited to a family with teenagers or just adults. For some reason and we don’t know why, but Bear hates going to the vets, although she travels well in the car. 

She is house trained and has some basic commands. Unfortunately, her training has lapsed during the past months, so she will need some additional training.”


Bear was born 31st January 2012 and she weighs 24 kilos. She is being fostered in 23270 Betete.

Bear is healthy and is chipped, sterilised, fully vaccinated and has a full European passport. 



If you’d like to meet Bear please contact her carer Leanne Berry on or 05 55 80 42 47 

CHABA – a 10 year old female Great Dane

Chaba is a Phoenix Pensioner, meaning that her adopter will benefit from a €500 contribution towards vets bills, paid by Phoenix.

Chaba was abandoned at the SPA along with her companion Drako when their master could no longer care for them. Fortunately Drako was soon adopted, which of course meant poor old Chaba was left behind without her friend. Phoenix has now taken Chaba into foster care, and you can see from this video link how happy she is to be out of a cage and how well she greets other dogs unknown to her!

Here is what her new foster carer, Sharon, says about her.

‘Chaba is an absolutely delightful girl, her gratitude and gentil nature are abundant. Her tail hasn’t stopped wagging, and she is a real glue pot. As yet, she’s met lots of other dogs, and has shown no signs of dominance or agression to anything. She was definitely wary when Juna went to say hello, but just gave her a bit of a sideways look and then moved away. I wouldn’t think a fenced garden was particularly necessary, she is never far from you and her recall is excellent. She is delightful and I think she would love to live with another dog, but would probably suggest an older, calm male.’

Chaba is chipped and fully vaccinated and is being fostered in 24300.

If you’d like to meet her, please contact foster carer Sharon on 06 45 47 10 84 or 05 53 60 73 11 or

PUPS – Born July 2017 – 2 boys & 1 girl – Lab X Collie – ALL ADOPTION IN PROGRESS




All the pups are growing up well and are settled and enjoying exploring the wider world.  Very intelligent, inquisitive, active and responsive. They are also affectionate, gentle and love human company. Not house trained when they arrived, but learning quickly!  They answer to their names and are quick to come to call. All pups are a lovely mix of their gentle labrador mum, but also have the quick intelligence and loyalty of the border collie dad. They will make excellent family pets, but an enclosed garden is essential.  Also, they will need an active life style and a family who is prepared to include them in their activities.

They respond well to training and are very keen to please. They have excellent potential to perform well to obedience training and later, agility classes.

They are confident amongst our own dogs and quickly learning how to interact in a bigger group.

MAX – Max is the bigger pup of the three and is the most relaxed of the group. He adores his play and romping with his siblings, but he loves to sit at your feet to watch and listen to you. He is obviously highly intelligent, but is also calm and gentle. He is super little boy, full of character, fun and love. He has the sweetest ears which reflect his sweet and happy nature. 

TOMMY – Tommy is similar to his brother in many respects but is slightly smaller. He too loves human company and his cuddles, but he also adores to be part of a pack and the rough and tumble of a game. He is always happy and is developing his confidence quickly. 

LIZZIE – Lizzie is the only girl of the group and is as sweet as they come! The smallest pup of the group but she joins in with everything her brothers do. She is probably the most affectionate and adores to snuggle up to you.  Lizzie is very pretty with delicate features and lots of white on her chest and four white socks. She can be shy at first, but not for long and is very confident with the larger group. Also very intelligent and quick to learn, she has it all!

The pups are tick and worm treated and have had their first vaccination. They will be chipped before adoption and are being fostered in Dept 47 Laparade.

If you would like to meet them please contact Suzanne on 05 53 84 83 43 or on

SAXO – 3 year old Labrador X male – ADOPTION IN PROGRESS

This beautiful dog had spent far too long in the SPA pound. The SPA is full of apparently non-descript, black, male dogs and so no one was interested in Saxo. Which is such a shame, because he’s truly a wonderful dog. Gentle, very affectionate, well-trained and obedient, he understands all the basic commands and is attentive and biddable. He’s now in a Phoenix foster home, where he’s quickly become part of the family.

He’s fine with other dogs and is also good with cats… but he absolutely adores humans and his master is his universe. We haven’t seen him with small children, but can’t imagine there would be a problem. He’d probably lick them to death!

He’s about the size of a Labrador, but in shape is much more like a Pointer, slender with a seal-like shiny coat and he weighs just 27 kilos.

Saxo is house-trained and un-destructive. He also travels well in the car. Despite his faithful nature, he would be more secure in a fully-fenced garden.

Chipped, vaccinated and neutered, this boy will make a fabulous family companion!

If you’d like to meet Saxo or have any questions about him then please contact Sheelagh on or 05 53 54 94 81


Little Kenzie is a 3 month old 4.2kg cross terrier puppy who came into Phoenix care with her sibling to complete her fourrier time.

Luckily for Kenzie, another Phoenix member had also seen her photograph the day she travelled up to her new carer, and after the initial wait period and assessment, Kenzie was offered a forever home before being advertised for re-homing.

Chipped, wormed, de-flead and with her 1st vaccinations done this lovely pup has fallen on her paws.  

For more information on me please contact my foster mum Yvonne on or you can call her on 06 02 38 20 70

MIRZA – Female Miniature Pinscher/Ratier – ADOPTION IN PROGRESS

Mirza is a Phoenix Pensioner, meaning that her adopter will benefit from a €500 contribution towards vet bills, paid by Phoenix.

“Here I am and raring to go! Amazing isn’t it? 10 years old and still with the energy of a youngster! I haven’t been sterilised yet.

I was found wandering near Sarlat and taken to Bergerac SPA, where I am struggling a bit in my present environment with all the commotion that is going on around me. I can’t tell you anything about my history, but I feel that I would prefer be in a family with no cats, and probably somewhere without other dogs, although this could change later. I will definitely need an enclosed garden as I am very quick, despite my age! I love to be around people, am inquisitive and probably need some training! I am only little so wouldn’t take up much space so if you are looking for a little poppet to keep you on your toes, here I am! Did I tell you my name? Mirza, just so you know who to ask for…”

If you’d like to meet Mirza please contact Bergerac SPA volunteer, Sue Rees, on

Lucy – Born May 2017 – Cross breed pup – ADOPTION IN PROGRESS



Hello folks, my name is (Juicy) Lucy! I came to Phoenix after a lovely couple found me and just happened to know my foster mum. Meaning that I got to spend my fourrier time in a Phoenix home, so I am a rather lucky little girl.

I can’t tell you much about my past as there isn’t much of it and my previous owner never turned up to claim me. So now the wait is over and I am officially a Phoenix girl – lucky for me! Mind you I had some tough times to get through first as I was rather poorly for about 3 weeks, but with good medicine, and as my mum says, the will power to get through anything, well here I am!

I am a very happy lass who loves to play all the time. I am now 4 months old and no one seems to know exactly what breed I am so we will just call me the loving kind of breed, or a kissy breed as I do both all the time!! Eventually all agreed on a Cross Border Berger for my paperwork.

I am learning new things every day and I will answer promptly to my name but if I am busy playing then my foster mum says I will be as deaf as a post. Food is my great love and I can eat my dinner just as fast as the big girls and boys, so no worries there! I am also getting really good at toilet training and when I get really excited I love to bark and bounce around. I get on really well with the other dogs although I prefer the boys as they like to play with me and we so love a good old scrummage (I would have been good at American football) as I get stuck in. 


I do have to be told when it’s nap or my quiet time as I will just keep on going even when I need to sleep, but when my batteries are re-charged then yeah it’s time to have fun again or eat!!!

I haven’t been out on a walk yet as I only just got my vaccinations and it was too dangerous but now I can paint the town red with you by my side. I would need an enclosed garden as I would hate to get lost again.

I think I would probably like cats too as I met one at the vets and got to sniff her but as I sat wagging my tail she didn’t want to play with me (maybe she was sick). I have been told that some cats are mean, so would hit me on the nose but mum just laughs and says “yeah that is what you need”!! So if you do have them, then I would be willing to give it a try.

I have been chipped, treated for worms and fleas and had my 1st vaccination. I am being fostered in Dept 87.

So if you are looking for a special kind of girl who will be about medium size when fully grown, then maybe it could be me?

For more information on me please contact my foster mum Yvonne on or you can call her on 06 02 38 20 70