Dogs For Adoption

adopt-dog-topThe dogs shown below are just a selection of those that we have available for adoption. To discuss your requirements, please contact Sheelagh or Richard on 05 53 54 94 81 (please leave a message) or email them at

For adoption enquiries concerning the individual dogs shown on this page, please contact the Foster Carer, whose details are next to the animals’ write-ups below.

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Our Phoenix Pensionners are now available for adoption.

Interested in foster caring? If you are interested in fostering one or more of our dogs (or cats) please go to our Foster Caring page for more details.

Jack – a Jack Russell x pup

Approx d.o.b 01/01/17

Originally abandoned by gypsies, this young chap has quickly become the darling of his Phoenix foster carers, learning the ropes as any quick-witted JR can.

‘Jack’, as we’ve called him, has everything going for him! Smart, lively, gentle and affectionate, he adores people and other dogs and is used to living with cats.

He’s house-trained, good in the car and fine on the lead. He has excellent recall, so he can also be walked off-lead without a problem. Jack currently weighs about 5 kg and will be a small dog when fully-grown.

Any down-sides? Well, he’s frightened of the sound of the vacuum cleaner, so if you use a brush and dustpan, there should be no problem! Lol.

Jack is chipped, vaccinated and neutered.

If you’d like to meet/adopt him, please contact Sheelagh on
Tel: 05 53 54 94 81 (leave a message)

NALA – semi rough coated Terrier x Griffon (maybe!) pup

 Nala was born approx 01/04/17 

Perky Terrier X, Nala, was abandoned with her other sisters at 7 weeks-old. All were skinny and timid. She is now living happily with cats, other dogs and a young baby.

Her socialization and basic training are coming on well and she adores her foster carers and particularly loves the company of other dogs.
She also loves water, and is taking full advantage of it in this hot weather!
Nala is crate-trained and sleeps there at night without having any ‘accidents’.

Adventurous and lively, Nala would love a home with another ‘doggy-companion’, but could easily be led astray, so a fenced garden would be a must.

Bright as a button, she will be a small to medium dog when adult and is chipped, vaccinated and de-parasited. (In one of the photos, she’s with Newton, who is a husky pup, not a full-sized husky!)

Nala is chipped, vaccinated and de-parasited and if you’d like to meet her, please contact Sophie on
05 53 73 91 13
07 78 21 13 55
24100 Bergerac

Sita and Dennis – (Dennis adoption in progress) Mixed breed pups – approx. D.O.B. March 18th

Sita and Dennis were found abandoned and in need of lots of TLC. We are assuming they are litter brother and Sita, though possibly they had different fathers.

Here is what their foster carer, Suzy, says about them:


“Sita is a delightful little girl who is probably Border Collie/Pointer.  As such, she is elegant, very pretty, dainty and extremely intelligent.  She loves to play and run, but also adores her cuddles and is very affectionate.  She is almost fully house-trained and is learning other commands very quickly.  She will suit an active family and preferably one with other dogs, as she is very sociable. In the week she has been with us, she has made the most incredible progress and is ready to start life with her forever family.  She is as sweet as they come and will be of medium size when fully grown. She will need to be with a family who enjoy outdoor activities as she is in her element in the field.”

DennisAdoption in Progress

“Dennis is totally gorgeous, and full of fun.  He is probably Border Collie/Springer cross and is adorable!  He is fluffy, cute, with all the intelligence and character of the Border but with the sweet mischief of a Spaniel.  He loves to be at your feet and is always listening and watching what you do.  He is a boy who will enjoy being with his family and learning.  He too is an active little boy, but is just as happy to curl up at your feet or snuggle for cuddles.  Also pretty much house trained and learning quickly.  This baby is super special and has amazing potential.  He too enjoys the company of other dogs and will love to be with a family who are home a lot of the time and who will include him in their days out.”

Both pups are chipped, vaccinated and worm, tick, flea-treated and if you’d like more details, please contact Suzy Tompsett, their foster carer, on
Tel: 05 53 84 83 43
Dept. 47260 Laparade

Tyler – Adoption in Progress

Tyler is a one year old male Mini-Pinscher X.  This little sweetie is very active, agile, and playful; he loves people and other dogs and is friendly and loving. He travels very well, although needs to be secured/tethered in the car to stop him “exploring”.

Being so affectionate he loves to be with somebody, follow them around and have a fuss. As a typical Mini-Pinscher he is a brave and confident little dog. He arrived totally untrained, however, now in foster care he is house-trained, sits when told and is learning to come when called, in fact he’s bright and is learning everything very quickly!

He’s a small breed dog and weighs 6.5kg.

Tyler is now chipped, castrated, first-vaccinated, wormed, tick & flea treated. If you are interested in adopting this lovely boy or would like more information please email or call Jackie and Andy on 05 53 52 06 23.

TAMMY – an 18 month-old Fauve de Bretagne X – Adoption in Progress!

A stray Fauve de Bretagne turned up at a French couple’s house….and stayed! Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep her, so we took her into Phoenix foster care and called her ‘Tammy’.

Her fosterers have only good things to say about his young girl. She’s Little Miss Perfect. Very gentle and loving, she’s good with young children, dogs, cats and all other animals, including chickens. She loves playing with other dogs, is totally non-dominant and also always up for a game of catch the ball with her humans.
She’s clean and undestructive in the house, has excellent recall, travels well in the car and – well, what more can we say!

Weighing about 12 kilos, she’s long in the body and short in the leg. She may even have some wire-haired teckel in her.

Tammy is chipped, vaccinated, sterilised, de-parasited and if you’d like to meet her, please contact Sheelagh on 05 53 54 94 81 (leave a message)