Eh hem! Yes, I am over here​! A very polite, calm and gentle male hound, 8 years of age but still eager to enjoy life with my new owner. We could enjoy peaceful country walks, I am easy when on a lead, and am not perturbed by cats or small children and enjoy the company of other dogs (I am not castrated though). I would love some quality time with lots of cuddles and I will behave myself impeccably. Life at the SPA is a bit hectic at the moment and I am finding it all a bit confusing, so if you feel you want a lovely-natured companion to keep you company, who will be responsive to training, I would love for you to come and see me to have a chat ………….. soon? 

See more details from the SPA in Bergerac

If you’d like to meet him please contact Sue Rees

Dogs For Adoption – Bergerac SPA

Many of the more vulnerable dogs (and cats) are taken into Phoenix care from the Bergerac SPA Refuge. Sadly, we don’t have the foster space to be able to accommodate more than a very small percentage.

However, if you would like to adopt directly from the SPA pound, we are happy to join you and assist with the adoption. We may, in certain cases, be able to negotiate the tariff.

We can`t promise, as it depends on available foster-space, but we will also endeavor to rehome any dog adopted directly from the SPA pound if the adoption doesn`t work out. Returning it to the pound would be a difficult decision all round!

Please note that dogs adopted from Bergerac SPA are NOT sterilised unless indicated in the text. Currently, male cats are castrated, but female cats are NOT sterilised.

To view the entire selection of animals available at Bergerac SPA, please visit their website or email: or on Tel 05 53 27 27 50

If you would prefer an English speaking person to accompany you, please contact Jackie Briggs at

BILL – 10 year old Beagle X

Currently in Bergerac SPA, BILL is offered for adoption “don libre” and also benefits from the Phoenix Association Veterinary Voucher of 500€ to help finance any future healthcare.

It’s heart-breaking as Bill is just one of so many hound breeds that end up in the SPA, and at 10 years old we doubt he will even get a second glance, especially at this time of the year when the kennels are overcrowded.

Bill’s even got an ID chip, but his owner hasn’t reclaimed him, so he’s now classified as abandoned, which is a difficult position for an older dog to deal with. Initially Bill was rather unsure of his new surroundings at the Refuge, however, he’s settled in and making the best of it.

He’s a handsome dog, fit, alert and in good condition. He easy going and therefore gets along well with all the other dogs in his kennel run. He’s a sociable boy and enjoys human company and stays close by, making handling easy.

We believe Bill deserves our help to give him that little extra advantage of adoption, hence he’s been awarded the Pensioner’s Plan.

If you’d like to meet this super boy, please contact Sue Rees 

Dogs For Adoption – Marsac SPA (Périgueux)

If you are interested in any of the dogs below, please contact the SPA direct, quoting the dog’s name and reference number, you will find these details with each entry.

If you would prefer an English speaking Phoenix member to accompany you, please contact Gillian.

Marsac-Périgueux SPA ~
Gillian Email: or
Tel: 06 21 59 16 72, quoting the dog’s name and reference number.

Cyrus – 10yr old boy – (Marsac SPA – Périgueux – ID 1958)

Cyrus is an older dog but fit as a fiddle. He is full of energy, maybe a little anxious but then he’s finding it hard to adjust to the refuge at his age. Chest x rays & blood tests are all normal. He’s a lovely faithful soul. Come & adopt him & give him a chance of a peaceful retirement.

If you are interested in giving Cyrus a home, please contact
Gillian Le Solleu
Tel: 06 21 59 16 72

KENZO, a gorgeous lab cross, around 6years old – (Marsac SPA – Périgueux – ID 01224)

This lovely boy arrived at the pound having been found wandering lost and never claimed. KENZO, a gorgeous lab cross is medium sized, around 6years old.

He adores people and loves his walks, he is good on the lead once he gets over the initial excitement of freedom from his pen. He thoroughly enjoys play-time and would be a great family dog. Castrated and waiting adoption.

Kenzo has already spent 2 years in the refuge, so we are giving him an extra push to find him a loving family,

If you think you could give Kenzo a place in your heart and home, please contact
Gillian Le Solleu
Tel: 06 21 59 16 72