Dogs For Adoption – Bergerac SPA

Many of the more vulnerable dogs (and cats) are taken into Phoenix care from the Bergerac SPA Refuge. Sadly, we don’t have the foster space to be able to accommodate more than a very small percentage.

However, if you would like to adopt directly from the SPA pound, we are happy to join you and assist with the adoption. We may, in certain cases, be able to negotiate the tariff.

We can`t promise, as it depends on available foster-space, but we will also endeavor to rehome any dog adopted directly from the SPA pound if the adoption doesn`t work out. Returning it to the pound would be a difficult decision all round!

Please note that dogs adopted from Bergerac SPA are NOT sterilised unless indicated in the text. Currently, male cats are castrated, but female cats are NOT sterilised.

To view the entire selection of animals available at Bergerac SPA, please visit their website or email: or on Tel 05 53 27 27 50

If you would prefer an English speaking person to accompany you, please contact Jackie Briggs at

DOCK – an 8 yr-old Golden Lab X Retriever – Bergerac SPA n° 438

“Bonjour!  My name is Dock, and I am a very affectionate Lab X Retriever of approximately 8 years young!

It has been several months since I arrived at the SPA and I have to say that during this time I have started to gain a bit of middle age spread! I am not happy about this and would dearly love to be with a family who will be happy to give me the exercise I really need to get in shape again! I adore investigating everything around me on my walks with the volunteers and can be very playful too.  I respond well to basic commands, and would dearly love to learn some more! My current companion in my box is a female (Cosette), I get on well with all females ! but not really too keen on males. I have been castrated, am calm and composed, adore tummy tickles and will be a good friend, so please get in touch if you think you could offer me my forever home……I’ll be waiting …..”

If you’d like to meet Dock at Bergerac SPA, please contact Jackie Briggs at

Cosette – 6 year-old Griffon girl

COSETTE had a happy home for 6 years – then her mistress was diagnosed with serious illness and admitted to hospital.  Before she left, her mistress ensured that COSETTE was groomed and clipped, which was very touching and kind.
COSETTE is a friendly, gentle, an uncomplicated and kind girl, much loved by all the volunteers for her sweet-nature and gentle soul.  She is easy on the lead and sociable with other dogs.   But….COSETTE is beginning to work out that her mistress is not coming back….

It is up to us to be her voice and find her a home and family.

If you’d like to meet her at Bergerac SPA, please contact Jackie Briggs at

MAGIQUE-BENNIE – 5 year old male Fauve de Bretagne X (Wire/Rough Coated Bassett Hound)


magique-bennie-2Known to us as “BENNIE” this little chap has such a happy character. Friendly and affectionate, uncomplicated, willing and obedient.

He adores human company and loves to go out for a walk and is very easy to handle. Although he has been known to chase cats and chickens.

He doesn’t like to be left alone indoors, as he is used to living outside, so he’ll be happy to be left in a secure garden where he has shelter and a bed. However, he prefers to come in during the evening for his cuddles and curl up in his comfy bed and sleep until morning.

Bennie has been chipped and castrated and is currently in Bergerac SPA

If you’d like to meet him at Bergerac SPA, please contact Jackie Briggs at

MARCUS – 3 yr old Braque / Pointer

MARCUS is a friendly chap, always pleased to have company and is exceptionally affectionate and adores his cuddles. Marcus is sociable with the other dogs in his kennel run, and is easily handled, doesn’t pull on the lead (unless he is very excited!), His training is going well, however he will need to be taught not to chase cats!

MARCUS is the sort of dog who loves to stay close to his handler, always seeks cuddles and gives loyalty. If you would like to meet this super friendly and deeply affectionate boy, come and meet him at Bergerac SPA and take him for a walk, get to know him a little.

If you’d like to meet him at Bergerac SPA, please contact Jackie Briggs at

Dogs For Adoption – Marsac SPA (Périgueux)

If you are interested in any of the dogs below, please contact the SPA direct, quoting the dog’s name and reference number, you will find these details with each entry.

If you would prefer an English speaking Phoenix member to accompany you, please contact Gillian.

Marsac-Périgueux SPA ~
Gillian Email: or
Tel: 06 21 59 16 72, quoting the dog’s name and reference number.

Aramis -10-12yo largish “hunting dog” (Marsac SPA – Périgueux)

Aramis has been at the refuge for 4 years !!!! He’s gentle and loving, adores people and is in fine health. He walks well on the lead, though a bit “keen” to start with then settles down.
He would need a fenced garden. He so deserves to find a loving family.

Contact details:
Gillian Le Solleu
06 21 59 16 72

Oscar – a 8-10 yr-old Bruno/Griffon boy (Marsac SPA – Périgueux)

Oscar has been in the refuge for 2 years now! He is calm and listens well. Like all hunting breeds he is affectionate and loves people, he tries hard to do what you ask of him. He will still need some training but he is so willing to learn.

Contact details:
Gillian Le Solleu
06 21 59 16 72