MITCH – a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier X boy. ADOPTION IN PROGRESS.

Mitch was found wandering and evidently abandoned. He was so sad, and covered with fleas! Luckily for him, we were able to take him into foster care rather than him ending up at the SPA pound. His coat was so bad because of all the fleas that much of it had to be cut-off, so he’s now looking somewhat moth-eaten! But it’s growing back though, as you can see from the photos.


All Mitch wants is to love and be loved! He’s fine with dogs, cats, all and everything, but he mostly just wants to be with his beloved ‘human’. He’s gentle, sensitive soul who longs to be someone’s very special friend.  Mitch is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. He’s fine in house and car – in fact he’s no trouble at all! – and deserves to find that special someone very soon!

If you would like to meet Mitch please contact Sheelagh on 0553549481 or on

ZAC – 10 month old Labrador X boy. ADOPTION IN PROGRESS.

Meet ZAC, who has decided he likes raspberries – as you can see from the
photos. Yum, yum!  

Zac was overlooked at the SPA most probably because he was black and of indeterminate breeding, but Shirley and Dan, his foster carers, were
fortunately able to see his silver lining!
Here’s what they say about him:


“Zac was in the SPA for nearly 2 months, which is such a shame as he’s a lovely dog and has no problems at all. His temperament is like a Labrador, as he is happy just being in the garden or going for a walk. He is obedient, very calm in the house and never makes a fuss about anything. His recall is excellent, he already knows ‘sit’ and is learning ‘ No’.

House training hasn’t been a problem as he has never had any accidents in
the house. He likes a walk, but doesn’t go far from you. He’s learning to walk nicely
on a lead, but needs more practice at this. Zac is affectionate, lives happily with our two dogs and never shows any aggression to other dogs or animals. We don’t have a cat, but are sure he would not harm a one.

We think the car was an unknown to him, but he is getting used to it. He is fully grown as he is about 10 months old. He weighs 20 kgs so is a medium-sized dog and would need a garden.

Anyone who adopts him will find him very easy going and a pleasure to have,
as he is a very laid back pooch! We have loved having him as he is no

Zac is chipped, vaccinated, neutered and tick and worm treated. He is being fostered in 46340.

If you would like to meet him please contact Shirley and Dan Thomas on 05 65 37 00 75 or email

TEDDY – an 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier boy. ADOPTION IN PROGRESS.


We found Teddy is an overcrowded cage at the pound. He’s a great little chap, calm, affectionate, house-trained and good in the car. He adores his ‘humans’, but also loves the company of other dogs and is good with cats, chickens and trustworthy with very young children. He can be barky at times, but stops if he’s told not to.


















He’s very loyal and loving and will follow you anywhere for a cuddle. But if left to his own devises, he loves to roam, so will need a fully-fenced garden or an electronic collar/fencing system. As soon as his castration kicks-in, his curiosity in the far yonder should diminish considerably!

Teddy is chipped, vaccinated and neutered and is being fostered in 24100.

 If you’re interested in meeting Teddy please contact foster carer 
Sophie Nicol on 05 53 73 91 13 / 07 78 21 13 55 or on

DJANGO – a 6 month old Black Labrador X pup. ADOPTION IN PROGRESS.

Phoenix took Django into care because his previous owners realised that a young dog didn’t fit with their lifestyle… they were just too busy to educate and care for him.

His foster carer has put a lot of time and TLC into him and is very pleased with the way he’s developing. Here’s what she says about him:

“Django is a great dog! He’s lively and still in need of training, but is basically a very loving and affectionate young fellow. He loves a good romp with people or other dogs, but he’s not always on the go –  he can be calm too.

He will bark to warn you that someone is coming, but just that… he never barks for the sake of it! He’s fine with dogs, cats and children, though with young children, you’d have to watch he didn’t knock them over because he’s still young and bouncy.”

Free-range chickens are out, though, because they tend to end up in his mouth (he doesn’t kill them, but he is a Labrador Retriever after all!).

All in all, this young pup will grow up to make a perfect family friend!

You may wonder the reason for his name, particularly if you are familiar with the film. However, it is firstly a Romany term meaning “I awake” and is best known as the nickname of Belgian jazz guitarist Jean Baptiste. The D is silent.

Django is chipped, vaccinated and neutered and is being fostered in 24100

If you’re interested in meeting him, please contact foster carer Sophie Nicol on 05 53 73 91 13 / 07 78 21 13 55 or on

Ashley, now renamed Amelie

Amelie1 Dear Indya
Please find attached photos of Amelie since she arrived home.
Amelie came to us after having a long wait organised by Sophie.
We had seen her on Facebook in early February while we still lived into the UK and fell in love with her. She sounded a feisty, independent cat and we knew we wanted to give her a home. She was reserved for us and once we arrived in France in April we arranged to meet Sophie in St Emilion to collect her. She had been on a train and was now put in a strange car with strange people. She settled really well for the journey.

Amelie2Once we arrived home after a long journey were worried in case she felt nervous being in a new home. Straight away she seemed relaxed and ‘at home’. She put the two dogs in their place with a hiss, growl and a swift box to their ears!! We put her food, water and litter tray in my bedroom so she knew she had a safe dog free zone. Ever since she arrived she has slept on my bed.
We have a walled garden here and she never goes out of the gate unless one of us is with her, she is definitely a home cat and we love her.
Best wishes

Our gorgeous Buddy

IMG_0058This is our lovely puppy Buddy (previously Choccie Chip) We adopted him from Phoenix in December when he was just 2 months old. He’s now 7 months and we wouldn’t be without him.
He’s settled in so well with our 2 other dogs and 6 cats, everyone loves him! He is our 5 year old daughters best friend, they eat, play and sleep together and everywhere she goes, he comes too!
I’ve attached a few photos of him, I have more on my old phone if you would like them! 
Please give Shelagh and Richard our best wishes and tell them we are so thankful for our amazing little buddy. 
Kind regards
Carly, Matthew and Maisie

(null)_1 IMG_0426

IMG_0592 (null)


We adopted Lola just before Christmas and from the moment she arrived it felt like she had been here forever. She has lost a little more weight and now climbs, runs and plays with no problems. She also lives with two rehomed chickens! Who’d have thought a jack Russell, cat and chickens! I think they know where their bread is buttered!
Kindest regards Lynne

Lakota was Sacha

Here is Lakota (was Sacha) – how adorable are they in their little trailer?! She was adopted about 2 months ago, and totally adored!
20160211_141326“Voici quelques photos de la petite Lakota… qui s’est très bien adaptée à la maison ! Elle a tissé un lien profond avec ma chienne Valkyrie et maintenant, elles sont inséparables ! Je la promène dans la remorque accrochée à mon tricycle en attendant qu’elle soit assez grande pour trotter à côté… Je suis très heureux de l’avoir prise et remercie l’association Phoenix pour la confiance qu’elle a placé en moi.
Amicalement, Rodolphe.”

20160404_161020 20160323_223717

Bowie (was Scott)

Bowie2Hello Indya,
We adopted Bowie (was Scott) from Hazel (his Foster carer) on 26th January 2016. He is now 4 months old and has settled in very well, he is so much a part of our family that we don’t  know why we didn’t get a dog sooner. He lives with our two children Olivia who is 7 and Reuben 2 and our 2 female cats Pixie and Khan. He has a wonderful nature and is very friendly towards people and dogs alike. He gets a lot of attention wherever we go because of his kind temperament and his fabulous markings. Our only regret is that we didn’t take one of his siblings for an extra play mate for him! He has brought us so much joy.
Many thanks,
Stephen and Candice


image6Here is beautiful Pebble, one of Ulysse’s little ones adoted by Julie, about a month ago:

‘She is a real delight, enjoys exploring – particularly climbing the trees. She loves to snuggle up to our labradoodle Lottie who is glad to have a new friend. They are double trouble and play together all day long! Luckily they both love treats and come racing in when called! We are so glad we adopted her!’

image5 image4



RubyCi joint une photo de Ruby pour les 8 ans de ses frères.
Elle est en bonne santé et très sage – Déborah


Here are photos of Louna in her new home. Sweet little thing, looks like she’s enjoying all the exploring. Her family say:  ‘We are very happy with her. She is so sweet and extremely smart.’



zowieHi Indya
We’ve had Zowie now for just over 2 weeks and he’s settled in as a member of the family !  He’s lively, funny and enjoys his walks.  His appetite is strong and now he’s had his stitches out he runs around like the puppy he is.  He’s a real joy and we’re looking forward to many years of fun.

Attached is one of many photos already taken, as he’s so photogenic 😉
All the best !

Eros (re-named Jacques)

ErosDear Indya
I have had Eros (re-named Jacques) for 3 weeks now and am so pleased I gave him a forever home.  He is an absolute sweetheart and has learned to walk to heel, fetch a ball, sit and stay and has no problem with the change of language!!  We are working on his recall as, once he is off the lead, the Jack Russell brain takes over.  We’ll get there.

Thank you for such a superb pet.


Simba“Here is an update on the new arrival Simba who we adpoted a month ago from the SPA at Bergerac with Phoenix help.

He has been a slow burner at 4yrs old when we adopted him, he had been in the refuge 4 times bless him, he was thin docile and he is now beginning to show a more relaxed and very playful side to his personality, still tries to escape from time to time,that is common with Pyrenean Mountain dogs and Pyrenean Mastiffs but Paul has secured the garden well.We hope having had him sterilised will help with that in time.

He adores our Pyrenean Mastiff Maxi and as you can see Maxi is pretty relaxed and plays with him constantly. All in all first month is over and has not been too difficult,
(worrying when they went walkabout in the first few days we didn’t sleep much that night) , let’s see how they progress together .

Simba is on the left in the photo. Please let Richard and Sheelagh know how he is doing . It has been a positive experience for us so I hope people will consider adopting from an SPA” – Julia


BensonBenson became part of my family 3 months ago and even though having just had surgery on his broken back leg he has settled in really well. After a bad start in life he is now enjoying playing with my other dog Hatchi 24/7, eating me out of house and home, rolling in unsavory things and just getting the hang of walking on the lead. I think you could say he’s landed on all 4 paws. – Jo & family


Hi there,

joeyLittle did we know when we adopted Joe, the shepherd crossed with something or other puppy that we had adopted a little thief. 
This little cleptomaniac doesn’t have any boundaries. Shoes, dusters, clothing, phones, letters, cutlery, in fact pretty much anything he can lay his paws on will disappear only to be found in his basket sometime later. If you can find something ” have you looked in Joe’s basket.” Is the usual response. 
He is a little treasure however and even the cat is reluctantly starting to tolerate him. Slowly. Well, apart from when Joe assumes the cat doesn’t want his dinner so feels justified in finishing it. After barging him out of the way. 
The chickens…..not so tolerant.
He is a very tolerant pup, choosing to play with any dog he comes across, even the bad tempered ones and is also learning to walk quietly on a short lead when necessary. He knows he is not allowed on the furniture so always waits until he thinks no one is looking before sitting on his master’s chair. 
Thankyou to the Phoenix association for the wonderful work you are doing.
Many thanks,
Catherine & Mike

Izzy formally Cachou

Hello Christine and Jennifer,

At long last news of Izzy, formally Cachou.
Izzy has been an absolute delight since we adopted her last June.
She did make herself at home the moment she got here. She is a very inquisitive and intelligent little lady.
We thank you for the opportunity to let us share her life.

Kind regards,
Paule and Gerry


Update on Daisy (a.k.a Holly)

This is the growing up of Daisie (a.k.a Holly) Now 9 months old – the most charming and intelligent little person, Giving us immense  pleasure.
Regards Vicki

Jahli is now 1yr old


I can’t believe how time flies! Jahli is now 1yr old and a bundle of fun! We went on holiday to the Sables D’Olonnes and she had a fantastic time playing on the beach and in the sea! 
She’s still spoilt and has her own sofa and chair to sleep on depending on which room she is in! She has the most expressive ears and is such a joy to own 🙂 
I have too many photos of her from our weekend away so here are a few…well quite a lot really…!!
Hope you enjoy the updated photos!! 
(very happy owner of Jahli!)


Hi Indya,

I noticed on the Phoenix Facebook page that you upload pics of animals that are been rehomed.

We were very lucky to adopt Bertie via Linda and I thought I would share some pics of Bertie settling into his new home. He is adorable and a very cheeky character.

I have also been keeping Linda updated on Bertie’s progress.


Tommy and Twinkle

dinner time with Tommy and TwinksQuality time with our six dogs first thing in the morning, three of which are new to the family. 
Tommy and Twinkle the two little black dogs, brother and sister who we adopted from Phoenix animal rescue. Tommy is very much part of the boy gang but does lose his temper every so often if Nico pinches a toy or stick.  Little Twinks just likes to be with me or is happy to be part of the group if they do not put her under too much pressure, and the latest addition Nico a young Malinois.
Sue and Tony
Foster Carer Jackie adds “I can’t believe, Tommy who was so dreadfully frightened has now completely changed and is jumping up at Sue for a treat – fantastic!”


Bobby1When I saw Bobby on Phoenix facebook page on Friday night, it was love at first sight and I knew I had room for one more dog in our pack!

A good friend of mine offered to drive the 12 hour journey from Brittany to Dordogne to collect him. Bobby arrived here after midnight on the Sunday evening. After such a long journey, I didn’t want Bobby overwhelmed by my four Scottish terriers, so walked him around the garden by himself on the lead.

Bobby2 Bobby3

After lots of cuddles and reassurance, I placed Bobby in the living room with a nice cosy bed, water and food and left the light on for him.

Next morning, I woke at 6am and came down stairs to be greeted by him….too early for the Scotties, so they stayed upstairs! Me and Bobby went in the garden and explored the downstairs of the house before the rest of the pack woke up.

Bobby4Instantly, he bonded with the other dogs and loves to run around the garden. He loves to snuggle up to you on the sofa and the last few night has followed the rest of the dogs up to bed and has curled up at the bottom of my bed. It’s like playing TWISTER in my bed on a night trying to find a spot to put my legs and arms with 5 dogs, but at least they are only small dogs lol, and they are Family.

Bobby5I gave Bobby a bath and a haircut and he was so well-behaved…..he is such a sweet lovely chap and fits in great with our family.

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH PHOENIX you are doing a fab job!
Paula xxxxxx