ROONEL was brought into Phoenix care after his owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Luckily Roonel has now been happily re-homed.


My name is Debbie Beesley and I just wanted to share with you the total joy that my adopted ‘baby’ Harry brings to our family.
We adopted him on January 25th 2013 from foster mum Julia Butcher, he was 3 mths old. He is a cross lab/bouvier bernais.
He has settled in sooooo well and now it’s like he has always been here with our other 2 labs Rolo and Jet.
I hope you like the photo, keep up all your fabulous work with ALL the animals. It’s a privilage to own a ‘phoenix adoptee’.
Best regards
Debbie x


In memory of our lovely Penny who succumbed to her illness after such a short time with us. We miss her every day with her enthusiastic jumping at feeding time! Her doggy friend Tasha misses her too – we all have a Penny size hole in our hearts. Rest well little one….(The Goslings)

“When the body that lived at your single will
When the whimper of welcome is stilled (how still!)
When the spirit that answered your every mood
Is gone–wherever it goes–for good,
You still discover how much you care
And will give your heart to a dog to tear.”
Rudyard Kipling


“Just to let you all know that Willow who we adopted from Pheonix a few years ago along with her soul mate Bracken lost her life to a twisted gut having just made her way back to full health – we all miss her very much R.I.P.”

Shirley Spencer


We adopted Sammy from Phoenix in the summer of 2011. We have since added to the family and he has proven to be the sweetest and the softest of big brothers. Thanks Phoenix !
Hannah Cervantes

Phoenix Guides

At Phoenix we are often contacted by people who need advice on rehoming their pets or asking what to do if they come across stray or abandoned animals. As a result, we have devised a number of guides, giving full details of what to do and who to contact.

Each guide is produced in PDF format and can be viewed, printed or downloaded by clicking on the link below.






We hope that you find our information guides to be useful.

Remember SAM?



Remember SAM? This poor lad was not only homeless and unloved, he was tangled in wire for 3 days until he was rescued! His leg had to be amputated at the vets.




The vet contacted Phoenix for assistance in re-homing Sam. But in the end, the vet and family fell in love and kept him!


Pearl came to live in my home a few weeks before I moved in 12 years ago.So it was like I was her guest and she was very gracious about it.
She`s been a really good friend ever since; minding her own business in a cat-like way while keeping an eye on my lap.
Now she`s gone after a rapid decline through cancer. She died quietly at home a few days ago and is greatly missed by both myself and her doggy friend Timmy.


Roxanne is no longer with us after 6-years of total complicity with Phil her carer.
Saved from certain euthanasia at Bergerac pound, she went on to destroy 2 adoptive homes as she could not bear to be alone. So she was never alone with Phil
for all those years.
She will be much missed by Phil and by all the children at the kids centre where they spent lots of their time.



Will anyone with tilt-open windows PLEASE make sure your cat or dog cannot suffer the same dreadful fate as our Georges (we have since heard of another cat who suffered in the same way).
23rd April (?) to 24th September 2011
Dear Georges
We don’t know where you came from as you were found wandering the roads and fields with two of your siblings.
You must have been a survivor because by the time your rescuer returned for you, you were the only one to be found.
You couldn’t stay with your rescuer because her cat didn’t accept you so it was our good fortune that you came to us.
Even on your first day with us, when we took you to the Vet for a check-up, you were fearless and curious.
We fed you and loved you, and you loved us in return, as you grew from a six-week old kitten into a slender and elegant cat.
Ellie tolerated you, even though you followed her around, ate her food and after a while you two became companions – despite her injured leg she could keep pace with you (who was chasing who, we think you took it in turns?)
After your injections you became free to explore the garden, and we learnt that you had no fear – instead of running away from a car you would run towards it, or even inside it.
It was a big day when we watched you climb up the fence into the neighbours’ garden, but we had to let you have your freedom. When you didn’t come back after a while I went to look for you and found you cowed up a tree a few doors away, chased there by a neighbours’ dog. That only subdued you for a day or so.

You continued to grow, not only physically but from a kitten into a cat, you even seemed to settle down with Ellie, much to our – and of course her – relief.
You weren’t too grown up to sleep on our bed (when it suited you, of course) and would wake me up by gently washing me.
When I had a bad fall and was bruised and bloodied, you came and lay with me and comforted me.
We went out for a couple of hours and as usual made sure you were indoors, which we thought was the safest place for you – how wrong we were proved to be!
We returned to find you wedged in the angle of a tilt window which we had left open for ventilation – you must have tried so hard to get out and then to claw your way up to take the weight of your neck.
We got you down, you were still alive but died within a few minutes in our arms – were you waiting to say goodbye to us?
You are at peace now, you have a special place in a new flower bed in our garden for a special cat.
You had a short life but one full of fun and love.
Ellie was distraught after you had gone – she wandered around the house and garden looking for you.
We shall all miss you.
Alan and Barbara , Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure

PS – will anyone with tilt-open windows PLEASE make sure your cat or dog cannot suffer the same dreadful fate as our Georges (we have since heard of another cat who suffered in the same way).


Sweet Pim ,

You were part of our lives for 22 years and yes we know that that was quite a long time .
You were in great health , minor things maybe , but still not so bad for an old guy ; up until the day you died in your sleep. We had talked often times about what it would be like when you were not there any more .
The emptiness that we would feel in our lives . It seemed to us that that day would never come , but it has . The emptiness is even more than we ever imagined and we miss you greatly!

The smartest cat in the world . Do you remember when you stepped on the latch of the door to our balcony of our apartment locking us out ? Or what about having to tape the fridge door shut when
we left because we knew you would be in there in a sec ?
Or what about coming home late at night from work here in the Dordogne and you always waiting for us at the top of the drive ? We will never forget!

We are glad we were able to bring you from our apartment in the city in Eindhoven to the quiet Dordogne where you were able to run and play in the garden without us worrying about cars .
The last 6 years were certainly a great improvement for you ! That makes us happy .
We buried you here close to the house so that you are not that far away .

We love you Pim and you will always remain in our hearts .


After more than 17 years we lost our beloved rescue dog Sootie on Tuesday 15th February 2011. To us he was the best dog in the world. He had been beaten and left on the streets before coming to live with us. He was psychologically damaged. We were advised to send him back to the dogs home. How wrong they were. After much patience and a lot of frustration he became the kindest, lovable dog you could meet.
Six years ago Sootie came with us to live in France and he loved it. He will be remembered for his agility, love, friendliness, daftness and his cold nose, which was always getting him into trouble.
He followed me around everywhere and I have lost a loving shadow.
There are lots of pets, lots of dogs, but there will only ever be one Sootie. We were lucky he was part of our family, we will always miss him and never forget him.

God Bless

Sue, Les, Andrew & Donna xx


Our dear Buster died this morning, January 12th 2011. . Buster came to us from Trevor and Linda Atkins when he was just about 4 months old. Buster was a lovely dog even if he did drive us nuts. He knew more ways to dig holes in the garden than any other dog we have ever had. He also ate everything in sight. Which was, I think, his downfall in the end. He must have eaten the pesticide or poison that finally killed him, on his walk on Monday morning.

Buster would have been 1 year old on the 10th of February. Though a short life he had masses of fun, was well loved, even if there were times in the beginning when I wanted to hand him back. But he was beginning to calm down and becoming a very good and companionable dog. He will be greatly missed by us and all our friends who took to his mischievous nature.

Thank you for Buster. I am only sorry that his time with us was so short.
Tessa Thomson


It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Victoria crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She had been growing weaker and thinner in her old age and we knew that her kidneys and liver were failing fast. She hadn`t eaten anything since Friday morning and just spent her time sleeping in a corner. This morning I looked into her eyes and saw it was time. Her usual vet wasn`t there, but the older gentleman locum couldn`t have been kinder, if I had bawled on his shoulder he would have hugged me. He explained what he was going to do, asked if I wanted to wait outside the office and was obviously pleased when I told him I would stay. She passed gently and quietly in my arms. We will have her ashes in 2 or 3 weeks.

I think Bertie knows. He sniffed my hands and the cat carrier and meowed sadly. Gerry needed a hug and a kleenex, I needed many. We`ll miss our dear little Canadian cat.

Thank you,


Stevie came to us from Phoenix in February 2010. His history was unknown; all that was known about him was that he was blind and too old at about 18 to be operated on. As the weather improved we made him a safe enclosure in the garden where he could feel the sun on his back and hear the twitter of the birds he could no longer chase. He had small accidents in the house but could find his way around and at the stamp of a foot would come to find his plate of food, which he always enjoyed. He died in my arms on 19th July, quietly and with dignity. It was old age that took him. There is a big gap in our lives left by a small but brave cat.

Liz and Milford Hindman


“Met her at a bin down in old Lacropte where the hunter came and he dropped her off
Oh my Lola la la la la Lola
Well she looked like a beauty and she loved like a dog, and we loved her and hugged her as hard as we could
Oh my Lola la la la la Lola
Well I’m not dumb, but I can’t understand how abandoning a beauty can make you a man
Oh my Lola la la la la Lola
Well we didn’t drink champagne or dance all night, but we tried our best to make her right
And she felt all that and she put up a fight, 12 weeks she stayed and graced our life did our Lola
la la la la Lola”

We love you Lola!
Lola left us for the ‘happy hunting ground’ on Friday Nov. 27th ‘09


Little Lola, I rescued you years ago from a life on a short lead tied to a tree 24/24. You repaid me daily with your adoring affection. However, you always kept a bit of the gypsey in your soul and had to do your own thing from time to time. You were crap at the Green Cross Code so it was inevitable how you would leave me. It`ll be a blue Christmas without you. Sleep well my babe.


131_11292009_114447We only knew Cookie for 2 and a half years of her life, but it seemed she had been with us for a lifetime. She was found wandering and howling through the streets of Issigeac .We couldn’t understand that a dog with such a lovely and placid temperament could have been abandoned by her owner. We took her in and she ended up becoming our princess. Understandably, she hated being on her own and accompanied us to most places we went. Our friends, too, were wooed by her good nature. She loved being outdoors and particularly playing with her little friend Wally (a miniature Yorkie). She loved going for a paddle in the water and racing up and down the beach and rolling in the sand. Her sudden demise is a great loss to us and we miss her terribly. We thank her for bringing us so much joy and happiness and for being such a faithful and loving companion.


Dear Cora, taken to the SPA in Bergerac when she was 11 years old because her owner had gone into a retirement home and there was no-one to care for her. Rescued from certain death there by Phoenix, Cora came to Poorpaws and lived happily with us for four years. She became the Grande Dame of Poorpaws, teaching young whippersnappers their manners and providing a comfy cushion for cats and kittens. Cora came on long walks with us every day and was very miffed if she was left behind, up to the day before her back legs gave out and she could walk no more. Sleep well my darling, perhaps you have found your owner who also loved you so very much.121_10052009_123418


Dear Petal is no more. She had been suffering from a nervous disorder for several months and finally grew too tired to go on. She was peacefully put to sleep on a bright, windy day earlier this month.

She was the waggiest, happiest and most relaxed dog you could wish to meet and was of immeasurable aid in giving confidence to frightened and insecure `rescue` dogs.

Life won`t be the same without her smile!….. She had had enough of her time here and is now welcoming all the newcomers to dog paradise.

TENZING – adopted March 2013


“Little Tenzing is now called Bertie. We live in a hamlet called Les Herbets……Herbert…….Bertie!
He is settling so well. To say he is so young and left his mum too early, he is a very sorted little fella. He goes through the whole of the night without any accidents. His favourite pastimes are helping me in the garden, stealing socks and licking ears. He has been with us just over a week and our other little dog, Daisy, finally played with him in the garden…..phew. He is an absolute delight, makes us laugh all the time and already is part of the family. Thank you to Phoenix for introducing us!” Kevin, Martyn, Daisy and Bertie


ROXIE – Adopted 2013!



“A pic of Rox, the sweet old collie, Lisa (Lady’s Rescue Dogs) took with her, she’s doing very well, she’s my shadow 🙂 her coat is recovering and she become weight, I love her, she’s a Dutch granny queen :),” from Simone.

ROBBY – Adopted March 2013


Robby had a sad story – dumped by his elderly owners, their daughter didn’t know what to do with him and so tied him up in a barn! Within 1 day of Phoenix advertising him for a new home, Robby was happily adopted, and here he is (middle) in his favourite bed with his siblings!