“She was a puppy from Phoenix 14 years ago, very lively and strong willed, excessively friendly and the class clown at group training sessions. A brave, tolerant little dog, she leaves a gigantic gap in the home.”


Patouille may



Patouille’s owner died and he ended up scared and lonely in the pound. That is, until Phoenix rescued and re-homed him in May 2013!




This beautiful girl turned up as a stray at Gwenn’s house. He contacted Phoenix, and with our advice launched a publicity appeal for her, and hey presto, a lovely home was found.



Chipie has had a life full of ups and downs. She was rescued from a terrible start, and taken into Phoenix care, from where she was adopted into a lovely home.

Sadly, due to hew owner’s illness, Chipie recently came back into Phoenix, but has thankfully found a new home where she is very much wanted and loved again.


Suzia 5 may


Poor Suzie had been in the SPA for over a year!

We took her into Phoenix foster care, but not for long! She was visited by a lovely Dutch couple who were not expecting to actually make a decision on the day, but who nonetheless fell head-over-heels with Suzie and took her home!

They are all very happy indeed with the outcome!

A sweet little story about Johnny….

Johnny was adopted by Trevor & Jocelyn Bridge in 2006. He had mange and bald patches and had clearly had a hard life. Very deservingly, he was the winner of the dog groom, kindly donated to the Phoenix Spring Facebook auction by Linda Archer, Phoenix Member. Here he is, enjoying his pampering session….you deserved it Johnny!! xx

Johnny before his groom


Here he is, left, before his groom.




Linda says, “Johnny was a pleasure and a honour to groom, and one of my biggest challenges.
Johnny can’t stand for very long these days, so a lot of the treatment was done lying down…..”


Johnny after shop



And here is the handsome boy, four hours later!


“Voici Dior, la chatte noir sur la photo. Je l’ai récupéré dans votre association en octobre 2008 alors qu’elle était toute jeune ! Simplement pour vous donner des nouvelles ! C’est une chatte avec un caractère exceptionnel, trés caline et surtout intelligente. Elle coule des jours heureux avec la minette sur la photo. Vous faites un travail formidable avec votre association ! Continuez ainsi!”



RufusHello there

Finally got around to sending you a pic of Rufus aka Victor. He has settled down very well and is a loving loyal companion.

We have just completed a Dog Training Course with Polly at Miramont – he still pulls on the lead but with the help of a Halti we are working on it. He also needs to be in different environments such as villages, towns and ultimately cities so that he not so nervous out of his country surroundings.

Tomorrow he is going on a ‘Doggy Holiday’ to a kennels in Lauzun – we will miss him !

Thank you so much for what you have done for Rufus and all the other animals you rescue – if there were a Nobel Prize for Rescuing Animals …….

Please forward these photos to Philippe as requested – he is also great ! And feel free to publish this email.

Yours with thanks
Lis and John Mahony


photo-26Dear Phoenix

Patricia, Gonzo’s foster mum has suggested that I contact you with an update on Gonzo’s progress for Facebook, hope that’s ok.

Gonzo has fitted in extremely well with the whole family, our other two elderly dogs enjoy his youthful company.

Patricia must’ve spent a great deal of time with training him as his manners are impeccable.


His spirited personality, fills each day with energy and joy, he really is an elixir!

We feel extremely grateful to be able to share our lives with him, and that he is happy to do likewise.

Here he is on one of his few resting moments!!! He likes an afternoon nap before waking up again ready for another walk, we absolutely love him!

Many thanks to Phoenix for this fantastic opportunity.



Fionn & Heather

SAM_0511Dear Jane,
I have been referred to you, by Yvonne Anderson, who works with Phoenix as a foster mum, to send you a photo of our new border collie pups – now 4 months – Heather and Fionn.  They and their 2 brothers and 2 sisters, were found dumped in a container in the beginning of March.  Heather was my birthday surprise for my partner, Steve and then we went back for Fionn, who was the last of the pups to find a home, as he was very poorly, and twice on death’s door.    We called our vet when we took him home to his sister, and we gave him five different medications and now he is fighting fit!!!  We called him Fionn, after the legendary mythical leader of the Irish warriors!!
Fionn and Heather are inseparable, since they were reunited and are the most gorgeous natured, loving dogs. They are happy in their new home, in St. Symphorien sur Couze (87), with lots of enclosed land and forest, in which to play, and have the company of Sunday our old Fox Terrier and Lili, our tortoise shell cat, of just one year.
So please feel free to post the photo on your site if you wish.  I just thought I would share our story with Phoenix, who nurtured Heather and Fionn and brought them into our lives.
Kind regards
Kim and Steve
Heather, Fionn, Lili and Sunday


“Just thought you might like to see a couple of recent pics of Chips, he is very well, the bit of fur on his
tail tip even grew back! he weighs 16kgs now, he has settled in well with us both but is still very nervous of strangers and
still preoccupied with the birds when outside but comes when called inside. He loves playing with a ball he has so
much energy and never seems to tire.”

Best Wishes,



Théo’s owner went into a home, and so he found himself alone and bewildered at Bergerac SPA. SPA Volunteer, Joanne, took him home to foster him. As sometimes happens, one thing lead to another, and Théo is now a permanent member of Joanne’s family! All’s well that ends well.



Petal was dumped at just 6 weeks old and wound up at Bergerac SPA. Phoenix scooped her up and placed her in foster care, and predictably she was very quickly re-homed!

Etoile – now Lady Lou!

From her new owners:

“Etoile, renamed and chipped as Lou, is doing well, and has become the village heart-throb! Even the morning street cleaner expects his kiss…!

She seems to have already doubled her size, and we have discovered a nearby vet. so we hope to get her registered for a passport, and to have her desexed.

She has already had several walks through Monte Carlo, and seems to fit in well – takes it all in her stride….!?

Many thanks for the help of your association. We found the the fosterers extremely helpful and friendly.

I have attached a picture of Lady Lou having a bit of a nap.”

Bertie – adopted April 2013

Bertie came from Bergerac SPA where he had been abandoned.

He was fostered by Phoenix’s Margaret and Gary who found him an excellent home.

We think he’s landed on his feet somewhat! Good for you Bertie.