Bobby 1 july


Bobby spent ALL of the first 7 months of his life stuck on a balcony.

Thankfully, he has been re-homed now and he is loved to bits!


Bella’s Story

“Hello all.

As you may already know, I was a Phoenix foster girl. I came to them not only once but twice in a matter of a week. How? you may ask, well I’ll start at the beginning…

Found by 2 ladies


I was found in a very unfortunate state by a couple of ladies who very kindly took me in and looked after me. I put on a bit of weight, was fed on a regular basis and had a nice warm bed to sleep in. I was a good girl for them, hoping that they would love me.


A week later, I was put into the car. I really didn’t know where I was going, but an hour later we arrived at a house in a village. I knew something was wrong as one of my mums was crying all the time. I met this lady and her young spotty dog who wanted to play with me. I was having none of it and stayed beside my mums.

A while later, my mums got up to leave. I thought we were all going home, but they kissed me and said good bye! I didn’t know what I had done or what I should do so I went into a bed and put my head between my legs as I was just so sad. The lady gave me my dinner but I couldn’t eat it. She asked if I wanted to go out, but no way was I going anywhere, especially with them. Eventually she left me in peace and I drifted off to sleep.

Later that night, the telephone rang and this lady was really happy and told me not to worry because I was going home tomorrow. I didn’t show how happy I was inside. My mums came back for me but then after 2 days, they decided to put me up for adoption again as they realised that it just wasn’t possible to keep me.

Waiting for my new mumI was taken to the vets for an operation so that I would not have any more babies, and when I woke up, there was a man waiting for me. I was a bit groggy so they helped me into a car and off I went again but this time I went into kennels. I was there for 13 days and did not like it, they were good to me but I was terrified. So, another man came for me – he had to catch me first as I didn’t want to go anywhere; I thought this was it for me and it was what I deserved. But they had other plans for me and later on I found out that I was going back to the scary lady with the spotty dog!

At dinner time, I was so hungry so I gladly ate. The lady was happy with me and sat down on the floor to talk to me. She put her hand out so I let her touch me. The spotty dog wasn’t bad either. I was still afraid of them but somehow I knew I would be safe. The next day I gladly went out the back garden with the lady and her dog, but as she still scared me, I didn’t come back in and we played chase in the back garden for ages. I did come in eventually but I could tell she was not happy with me but I didn’t care! I just went back to bed.

The next day we had a heart to heart. Well actually, she gave me a telling off and said if I didn’t want to come in after doing my business, she would put me on a lead and a long piece of rope so that she could reel me back in. I didn’t like that so I decided that I would go out and in on my own.

The scary lady told that I was smelly. She put my lead and collar back on, but this time she took me upstairs and into a shower room where she gave me a wash. I liked it, especially getting dried. She wasn’t that scary after all as she laughed all the time with me (and I did smell better!).

The spotty dog, Daisy and I got on well after that and we started to play more and more. I started to look forward to my meals, I hadn’t tasted anything like this before and the treats were great too even if some of them I was unsure of, but Daisy showed me what to do with them.

My foster mum said my rehabilitation took about 6 weeks until I could potentially be put up for adoption. In that time, I learnt to be house-trained, to play on my own and with others and I tried all sorts of food and loved it all except salad stuff – yuck. Now I was happy.

A few weeks later another foster girl arrived. She was very young and sweet, all three us would play together or cuddle up to mum and watch telly. She didn’t stay long because she was young, playful and full of life and was adopted very quickly. I was wondering why not me. The was one problem though, a big one, and that was that I didn’t trust men.

A dogs life


There were a few people who came to meet me, but they weren’t right for me. Mum said we would still keep looking as there was someone special out there for me, and that it would have to be a lady, but if not, I’d stay with her – I felt wanted at last. After four 4 months, I was getting a little better with people and even let the gardener touch me. Mum was in shock because I had not let a man touch me before this.


So to conclude my story, the good news is that a very special lady has come into my life. Her name is Dorothy and she said I was exactly what she was looking for. I was a little afraid of her to begin with, but with mums help, I managed to sit beside Dorothy and let her pat me. I liked this one, she was different; she knew my back ground and she still wanted me.

There may not be many fairy tale endings any more but there is for me. We took it slowly and I went on holiday to Dorothy’s house for a week to really make sure we were right for each other. It was a little strange to start with but I did try hard not to go back to how I was and I have learned you get what you give but in a nice way now. We go out for a walks together and also cuddle up on the couch, so happiness is finally here for me.

So my adoption is now complete and it may have taken a long time, but it was worth the wait.

Thank you to all of you who have been watching my progress and who have sent me kind words.

me posing


And finally, thank you Phoenix for looking after me all these months and for being determined to find me the right family. if it wasn’t for you and your fosterers, who knows where I and others like me would end up – probably still wondering the streets or not even here any more.




Yours forever, and now in a forever home


p.s. This is my story, written for me by my foster mum, the first person who really loved me.






In May, a man called Gwenn had a stray female dog turn up at his house. This dog was Samah. Gwenn would love to have kept her, but couldn’t.

 . .


He asked us what we could do to help. We put the PR machine into gear, advising Gween on what he could do in terms of advertising for a very good home for Samah, and we did some publicity for her ourselves. A lovely home was found for this girl, and we also now have a new Member of Phoenix, Gwenn.

Here is the update today from the new owners:

“Bonsoir, un petit message pour vous dire que tout se passe bien, la chienne est en pleine forme.Et voila le bébé, 30 kg elle se porte bien,je me suis renseigner au prés d’un bon vétérinaire elle a environ un an c’est un labrador couper de américain staff.Elle est toujours aussi adorable c’est une chienne qui s’attache vite.”


DIGITAL IMAGEFREDDIE and new “Dad” Andrew.

Margaret, Freddie’s Foster Carer, says:

“Freddie has settled well in Normandie with Andrew and Irene. They breed horses and have a stud farm with loads of land.


Freddie now has 2 older sisters and Lottie the spaniel sometimes loves him then next minute can’t be bothered with him. Sounds normal to us.



His other sister is a German Shepherd who can’t move very fast. Irene says that if it has wheels Freddie is on it. He goes with Andrew on the quad bike,tractor and in the car.



He is active all day and when he comes back to the yard is looking for Irene for his cuddle. He love his cuddles on the sofa with Irene. She says he isn’t going back to the SPA and they are lucky to have found him. Freddie has also gone over the bridge over the pond. He wouldn’t go over bridges here.



We are both so pleased and miss him so much. So happy he has all the space he needs to be healthy and active whilst being safe and well loved.”




Announcement from Richard & Sheelagh Johnson, founders of Phoenix:

Pandy“It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce to all Pandy’s friends and supporters that she has gone for her final long sleep.
Pandy has now entered the happy hunting dog grounds in the sky.
We miss already her sense of humour, her games and above all her singing.
She was our eldest and wisest of friends. Over 15 years in our home.
No one who met her could fail to be touched by her particular personality.
Please send her a smile in your thoughts.
She is still smiling in ours.”

Pandy was THE first Phoenix dog, and lived in Vergt with mum and dad, Richard & Sheelagh. Despite serious health issues in 2012, resulting in an amputated leg, she celebrated her 15th birthday with balloons and cake on 18th January 2013.

R.I.P. Pandy, you are a legend. xxx



From Leeanne at Twilight:

IMG_1204“Meet Edith.

Look at this little poppit. Not 3kg, this tiny might was found wandering
the streets of Bergerac, and thanks to Phoenix, has come to enjoy Twilight

Pinscher … sort of. This lady is thought to be around 17 years old, and
her heart is so weak the vet thinks she has been dead at least a week! But, she is a game girly, has enjoyed wondering the garden here and has attracted the heart of the horny little Batman – who now spends all his time with her.

She was riddled with fleas, and has needed antibiotics to just ‘clean’ her
up a whizz. No teeth and a little bit blonde in her behaviour … she loves
a cuddle and eats heartily.

Welcome little one – you are the tiniest just now!”

Oodle The Poodle!

Oodle Before


Oodle The Poodle

You probably remember we did an appeal for a home for Oodle, who was in a sorry state at the Bergerac SPA. Here he is “before” ….


……and here is an update from Leeanne at Twilight:

“Meet old Ooodle the poodle.

This old fella was found wondering the streets of Bergerac about six months
ago, and in a bit of a mess, and taken in by the great SPA at Bergerac. He
stole the heart of Sheelagh of Phoenix, and now this special little man is
at Twilight.

Unfortunately when dirty ears get left they create the grimiest bacteria
infections. Poor Ooodles ear is bad, he went under anaesthetic this week
for a clean, but as his heart is very weak he couldn’t have a full dose.
However, the outcome has shown that he has no ear drum, and if the steroids
do not help him and the pain remains, he may need to have specialized
surgery … Mmmm, something to wait and see……

……..thought to be at least 12, another sad problem … if you do not castrate your boys, it is highly likely they will develop testicular cancer.



Ooodle’s tumours were large and he had to have both testicles removed in full. He is though, less than 24 hours on – wondering the house and garden on a full explore, and has exposed his tummy for a cuddle and seems very happy. Well done Phoenix for finding this old pained soul – methinks he is going to be a treasure.”



Follow Oodle’s progress on


“Dear Phoenix, here is my darling Babette I adopted from Phoenix about 5 years ago.
Here you see her in action and relaxation…
What a life.
Good luck with all you do for our animals, best regards, Constance”

foto 3foto 1 .