Bertie’s Holiday!

Bertie hols-1


From the SPA, where he was thin and covered in sores, to having a loving family and going on holiday! We think Bertie looks pretty pleased with himself.



Thanks to Roz & Danny for adopting him.




Joyce may


Poor Joyce, pictured here shortly after she was found, homeless and exhausted on the side of the road, was rehabilitated by our wonderful Foster Carers and re-homed in August 2013.





Scooped out of the SPA by Phoenix, this tiny weeny puppy didn’t last more than a week in foster care before she was snapped up in August 2013!


GINGE. the 10 year-old cat had been stuck in the Bergerac SPA for a year. One of our friends from Hope Association advertised him and Stella the ad and knew she had to have him!

Phoenix assisted Stella by collecting Ginge from the Bergerac SPA, organising the papers, and then driving him part-way to Stella’s home. 

Here is the latest update from Stella:

“Hi everyone, just to let you know how Ginge is settling in. We picked him up from SPA 24 only a week ago and he’s definitely part of the family. He was with us sunbathing on the sun chair while the men were fishing, then he was with me while I was horse poo picking in the stable!

He sleeps on our bed with us each night and if we try and close the door he just howls outside till we let him in. He gets on great with all the other dogs and cats now so everything is good here. Feel very lucky to have him come and live with us all”.

This was a great team effort between Hope, Phoenix and most of all, Stella and her family, who have given this golden oldie the most wonderful home.

Update on Bonnie!

DCP_4831Here is Bonnie (right) with sister Belle, enjoying her new home, one year on from when a distressed Phoenix Member found Bonnie being touted for sale at a market!

Thankfully we had a space in foster care at the time and we took her in. Bonnie was very quickly snapped up

Update on Sam

Here is Sam, on the right, with his coach, Eco.

Sam was found tangled in wire and had to have his leg amputated. The vets who cared for homeless Sam decided to keep him. They have been progressively training him in water with a harness and lifejacket. Today, here he is for the first time without either!

Well done Sam! xx



Here is a picture of our boy Baloo who left us yesterday.






He came to us from Phoenix via Sharon Lee-Chappel a couple of years ago, and we feel privileged that we were able to make his twilight years happy and peaceful for him.

The picture is how we want to remember him before his illness, a beautiful boy, and such a gentleman. A real black beauty.



Pepsi (was Arwen) & Max (was Frodo)



“The kittens are doing great, we renamed them Pepsi (Arwen) and Max (Frodo) and they know their names now and come running along, although that may be the food tin being rattled. Here’s a pic we took a few days ago, as you can see Max is licking our other male cat Sizzle and they are stealing the adult food out of the bowls.



IMG_20130807_165927Max is wary of Bonnie (dog) but she is great with them, saying that one minute Max is hissing at her and the next trying to play catch with her tail, Pepsi is a little purr monster and is often found in Bonnie’s bed, Bonnie’s more frightened of them at the moment.

They both have grown we think and Max’s tail has fluffed out a bit, I struggle to know which one is which when I catch a glimpse and can’t see their ears (I know Pepsi has hair on hers) and the kids say no mum, that’s Pepsi or that one is Max.”




Thank you for all your help with our dog Bonhomme, he’s well on his way to being healthy and a lot happier due to your kind help and advice. What a wonderful Association the Phoenix Association is and what a helpful guy you are Richard. Many many thanks. Chris and Celine Cowman.




“This is Tomi, formerly known as Sprat. He came from Phoenix via PoorPaws in the Lot with me in april 2007.
He was a skinny little dog that did not play and was afraid of everything and everybody.


Now he is already for more than six years my big little friend, wants to retrieve balls all day. He is a very happy and lovely dog!”

Christa Vierhout

Madison. Meisha, Mitsi and Adam



Madison had a litter of kittens who were all on death row at the SPA. Phoenix saved them and brought them up.






Meish & Mitsi turned out to have “wobbly cat syndrome” so we were worried about their chances of being adopted.

A lovely gentleman came along and adopted all 3 of them, and also took lovely Adam too! IMG_6139


That’s the sort of adoption we like!







Toy was in Phoenix for a long time, but he has been adopted by lovely people and he has a canine brother to play with all day long!