Lulu kept us all amused with her antics, and she’s now gone to a new family whom she can entertain every day! Adopted in September 2013.



Tegan IMG_6951(left) was born to a stray cat who had just been re-homed. Nobody knew she was pregnant! Luckily there was room at Phoenix and Tegan was happily re-homed in September 2013.





Polly was slung into a bin as a kitten, but thankfully was rescued and brought to Phoenix, from where she was happily re-homed in September 2013.

A Slight Different Success Story – About A Tiger!

By Doug Jennings, Phoenix Supporter:

Tiger's First day

Tiger’s First Day

For more than a year we were plagued, well, plagued is too strong a word for the nocturnal visits by a scruffy, dusty, cat, who at best we could only glimpse as he ran off, but he certainly became a nuisance, spraying in our kitchen and eating our other cats’ food. So we decided to take action.

We sought advice from Richard at Phoenix who suggested capturing our bad cat, neutering him, which at least should cure the smell problem, and then, as the cat appeared to have adopted us, to make him our charity cat but feed him outside.

So we set to work and borrowed a cat trap from Phoenix and with bowls of food, gradually lured the cat towards the cage, until one morning, at breakfast, we found we had captured him. We were distressed to see that the cat had damaged his nose when he tried to make an escape, so we quickly covered him with a blanket and drove to a vet in Bergerac where he was neutered and tested for feline Aids; predictably, he proved positive. Otherwise the cat, though in a grubby condition, was in good shape physically, and we took him home and released him into our garden, which is surrounded both by a copse and a large field, into which our yet unnamed cat vanished.

Yes I think I'll make this my chair

Yes, I think I’ll make this my chair!

We put bowls of food out for him and provided a stout, weather-proof shelter, so he had somewhere safe and dry to sleep. The food disappeared but so too did the cat for nearly two months.

Until one morning, when my wife called me into the kitchen and pointed at the utility room, where our scruffy invader was calmly having his breakfast and looking remarkably relaxed about his life.

I think it was then that we decided to formally take care of him, that he could make our house his home, that it was safe to come and go as he pleased. We took him to our vet for a check-up, who gave him a thorough medical, vaccinated him, and pronounced him fit, though, of course feline Aids positive, reminding us that his life could be quickly curtailed (good word for a cat, I think) if he became ill.

Then we took him home and after skirmishes with the other cat, he decided he liked our house and garden and opted to stay for good.

Tiger & Doug

Tiger & Doug

What has miraculously emerged from this scruffy, dirty, damaged, cat, is the most beautiful, muscular, tabby cat, whose vivid stripes, colours and striking, sad, face, have slowly appeared as the effect of our food and love took effect.

Though not very large, he weighs in at more than six kilos. He has white paws and white hind legs and has the walk of Robert Mitchum. And what is very strange is that he now follows around our other cat: they are always together. In the evenings he prefers his usual armchair, whilst the other cat is on my lap, but outdoors they like to find the shade and sleep within feet of each other.

We can only guess at his past. He’s now clean and house-trained, uses the cat-flap, responds well to affection and seems to understand a family environment. But what a ferocious appetite! This may be as a result of living rough for so long.

His name, what else could he be called but Tiger-Tiger?





Bertha was one of the litter of “Portia’s pups”, Portia being a mum who was sadly in the pound, where the outlook for all of them was bleak.

Luckily we had space to take them in, and Bertha was the first of the pups to be adopted.


Vera was found abandoned with her brother, Jack.

She was lucky, as Jack was found first, and it was only because of his crying that they found her. She was happily adopted in September 2013.

Cal & Pals

P1000330Hi All at Phoenix

Three Phoenix pals meeting up for summer holidays – Callie, LiLi and Loopy (visiting from the UK) and having a really wonderful time.


Julia & Loraine




Leela was one of many kittens who were abandoned this summer before they were weaned. Lovingly hand-reared by Lynda and Trevor, she grew into a healthy and pretty young girl and was happily adopted in August 2013.


IMG_6895Cleo is a dainty little thing, and really didn’t deserve her nick name of “gorilla paws”, but it kind of stuck after her massive paws used to grip the feeding bottle when we were hand-weaning her.

She was happily re-homed in August 2013.


Lacey2Lacey was one of a litter who were dumped at the vets. Luckily, it was a case of “right place, right time” as Phoenix were there at the same time!

She was a grubby little thing, but blossomed into a beautiful girl, who stole the hearts of her new owners.


Hello to everyone at Phoenix

This is me & my new friends Buster the Jack & Luna the Lab cross! Luna was also rescued from Phoenix. She didn’t like me very much when I first arrived but I think she likes me now!! Buster and I, on the other hand, hit it off straight away, I also have three cats, Anna (Phoenix rescue) Diesel & Megan!! All in all it’s pretty mad when we all start charging round the house!

Thank You for letting me come to this mad house. It’s lots of fun!!!

Lots of licks

Baylee x