Very sadly, little Timmy has passed away.
5-years ago we found him at the SPA in a very unhappy state. He was then 10 years old and a no-hoper for re-homing. Since then he has proved a wonderful little friend… tough as nails and always ready for a walk or play. Woe-betide any big dog who invaded his space: he was fearless!

Finally though he suddenly became totally blind to add to his deafness. That left him frightened and bewildered and we had to have him gently put to sleep.
Thank you so much for sponsoring him. We’ll miss him too.

Bye Bye Mufty (passed away in 2006)

Mufty 2



Even at the very end the love light shone out through his eyes.

Mufty was the oldest and the wisest; the most loyal and the most energetic of our Gang.



“12 years ago he arrived at the bottom of our path exhausted and terrified.

It took an hour and a half to coax him up (through the rain) to our house.

Since then he has lit up and animated our life.

There was no-one better than Mufty for running and for catching. Positively indefatigable.

No one better either at being a friend to all people and animals

We are going to miss him a lot.

Thank you for supporting him and throw a last tennis ball in his honour.”

Richard & Sheelagh Johnson.


Minolta DSC


Little Suki arrived into foster care very scared. She has been adopted by very kind and understanding people who will provide her with the love she deserves.




Poor Gide, he was found straying with a badly injured leg.

Thankfully he found his way to Phoenix and was happily adopted in November 2013!

A Tribute To Sophie – A Very Special Horse

With much sadness we say goodbye to Sophie, one of our very first rescue horses and certainly one of our most successful rescue stories.



This is Sophie as we found her back in February 2007, totally emaciated, standing in a field of mud. No food and not a single blade of grass anywhere. We managed to contact her ‘loving’ owners, who were eventually persuaded to part with her.



Sophie now in pastures greenHere she is just 3 months later, transformed!…..plump and glossy at her Phoenix foster home.

Already elderly, gentle Sophie lived nearly 7 years in Phoenix care, teaming up with handicapped Gadget, who was to be her best buddy right up to the end.

Sophie’s last year was spent being lovingly cared for (with her friend Gadget!) by equine foster carer, Yvonne Jukes.

For several years her health had been fragile, but over the last few weeks, Sophie went into a rapid decline. With great sadness, Yvonne decided Sophie just couldn’t go on.

So adieu and fare thee well, sweet Sophie.
All who knew you love you. We will miss you, but are glad to have been part of your life.
And don’t worry too much about your good friend Gadget, because she is finding solace in the company of her donkey friends.


A message from Lily’s new owners:

“Thank you for your letter welcoming us to Phoenix. In fact, Lily was Princess originally, but she was Lily when we met her, so we kept the name !

Paloma & Lily relaxing togetherShe has settled in very well and she and Paloma continue to be the best of friends.

Lily went to the vet last Saturday to have her booster and rabies jabs. Our vet checked her out and said she was very healthy. He thought she was maybe just 5 months or slightly younger, judging by her teeth.


She has grown in confidence and is quite cheeky with Paloma and can already outrun her!

Paloma & Lily sunbathing


We will tell everyone about Phoenix. You are all doing a wonderful job.
I attach a couple of photos. In one you can see the ‘girls’ relaxing together indoors and in the other sunbathing outside ( we had a couple of nice days last week)


Thank you for Lily. She is a delightful addition to our family.”


“Sweet tiny Edith was so very old, but a real fighter.  Found wondering the streets of Bergerac, then rescued by Phoenix to us, this little bundle was just like a toast rack and likely not to last long. But that was 6 months ago, and with love and care, her tummy tumour was forgotten, her ribs became a weighty fluff bundle … And she may have been small, but had the character of an elephant size. We have all loved her dearly, humans and doggies alike.  She went down very quickly, likely the cancer reaching her brain. She died very peacefully in her sleep.  Thank you little one for letting us get to know you and for trusting us. Run free now precious girly xxx”

Leeanne & Mike, Twilight. mail

JESS (was Tessa)

Hi Jackie

007I meant to email you ages ago to give you an update on Jess, aka “Jess the pest”.
She has possibly every bad doggy habit you can think of, barks at everyone and everything, chases the cats, digs holes in the garden, chews the kids toys, pinches food and jumps up at everyone with muddy paws.


However, we love her to bits. She is such a softie and so affectionate, and very protective.

The kids adore her and often invite her up onto their beds for a snooze and a cuddle. She has a knack of being able to sneak up on my lap without me noticing sometimes. My husband is totally smitten with her, hence she follows his every command and ignores everything I say!
She is just wonderful, such a character and everyone says what a pretty face she has. She has settled in perfectly, as you can see, even the cats love her despite how much she chases them!






Hope all is well with you and your pups, I look at the facebook page quite often, it only make me want to adopt more dogs though! I think we have enough animals for the time being but I do mention Phoenix to everyone I know who may be looking for a dog or cat.

Take care,

Cheryl and Jess.”


Alli came into Phoenix as an abandoned doggie with her pups. She was a very sad girl….

….but not any more!!




Alli went on trial with a French lady who had recently lost her shepherd dog, and they are inseparable!!




“Here are some photos of little Lulu, as requested. She’s now living with Nessa, our 13-month-old German Shepherd (also adopted at 8 weeks from the RSPCA in North Wales) and our two rescue cats.












We brought Lulu home last Saturday and she’s settling in very well – she’s a sweetheart and is providing us with endless entertainment! She and Nessa get on really well, as you can see from the photos.

She gets desperately excited when she sees the cats, but they’re not ready to play with her just yet!



We run a bed and breakfast and there’s a restaurant on site, so she’ll get to meet lots of people and there will always be something going on to keep her amused.

Best wishes,


photo 2“Max has brought sunshine into our lives. He came home with us on the 21st October from his foster mum Yvonne. We knew he has a bit of a reputation as a escape artist and is able to open doors by pressing down on the handles. We were very security conscious from the start.


However, Max made no attempt to escape and seemed to be as thrilled with us as we were with him. After a few days we decided to see how he would react to being left alone for a short while. Sylvia went into the village, I hid outside and listened…not a sound, no barking, total silence. Then I saw the back door handle go down..locked of course! Again not a sound from him and he didn’t try again.

photo 3I then decided to go see what he was up to. I peered through the window, not a sign of him. I worked my way around to the front door, turned to put in the key and Max was standing right behind me wagging his tail like mad! I almost had a heart attack! What a clever boy we have! He opened our bedroom door, jumped on the bed, then across onto the windowsill, pushed the window open )we had left it a tiny bit ajar), jumped down and came to find us. Our relationship has really blossomed over the past two weeks, I just can’t believe how lucky we are to have him.

Max loves travelling in our motorhome so we are all excited about spending the winter months travelling around Spain.

Max would like to say a huge thank you to all the folks at Phoenix for caring for him so well and Sylvia and I would also like to add our thanks for all you guys do on a daily basis to improve the lives of so many unfortunate animals….Bless You”

Jim & Sylvia