This was the dog who you helped us with an appeal for, to transport him from France to Scotland. Thank you David Marker for making it happen.



“Moka has arrived in Aberdeenshire. He is tired out and has made himself at home. I can highly recommend David as a doggy transport.



Getting doggy kisses from my dog charlie on his arrival. Thank you for the help with finding David the doggy transport guy”

Laura Henry.




Hi Christine,

Ellie has settled in well. Journey back was a bit difficult for her – who knew how much sick there could be in one little dog! She is absolutely gorgeous and is bonding with Holly and Harvey (my friend’s 2 border terriers) and even the cat, George, is warming to her!

So she has quickly become part of the family.

Think she is claiming all the toys are hers now!

Thanks to Shirley for giving her a great start.

Kind Regards,





“Afternoon everyone  I would like you to meet the newest member of our family,Audrey. Rescued by the lovely people at Phoenix Association – France, she,along with her siblings, was dumped by a bin at just 3 weeks old. Now at 3 months old, were looking forward to giving her a loving home. xxx”

Louise Elsom.





Simba has been adopted from Yvonne, one of our Foster Carers, and is going to his new home in Paris!




Simba2Thank you Jennifer for adopting him and also for covering the costs of his teeth clean and groom. What a difference! He’s now set to rival Paris’ posh pooches.

Have a happy life Simba and Jennifer.

The Three Little Terrors

Hi Jane,
Here are the family,

Lily and Coco from Phoenix and Teddy our new arrival. He was found running around in the road at Carcason I think.He was in a very bad state and would have been run over eventually .
When his rescuers managed to trace the owner she said she didn’t want him. He is the lovliest little dog, Lily ignores him mostly but Coco is totally smitten, won’t leave him alone.

They get on really well as you can see.

They try to get us up at 5.30am so they spend the rest of the day snoozing.
Can’t look at any more lost little souls. I just wish we had a bigger place now.
Love ,




FINN – adopted from Phoenix in 2012.

This is his lovely owner, Marianne. She’s the designer on the Phoenix PR team don’tcha know?!










“It’s baby Tootsie’s second day at home and she’s loving it.. so are we ! Thank you Julia for being so kind to us and thank you Phoenix for giving us the chance of saving this lovely beauty ! It’s a new member of our family” Marie Slade.



Alfie (was Figaro)



“Here is “Figaro” now “Alfie” enjoying his new home with his new family, best wishes Lynn and Stu.”