“This is Dolly, we got her from Phoenix 3 years ago after she had been taken to the vets just a few days old to be put down I can’t imagine life without her she is SO loving and a great companion.”

Debbie Tuck.




I saw your status on facebook requesting successful stories and I would like to send you this photo of Minion, a kitten that I found beside the road next to his 2 siblings and mother, all dead. This was last September when he was 2 months old, now a very healthy, cute and cuddly 6 months old! Minion is VERY lively, destroying all the potplants, using the leather chairs as scratching post and constantly seeking the highest point in any room! He can’t wait to go outside now he’s had the operation. He has many fans on facebook who have followed his growing up with interest and believe he has been a very lucky cat!

We have truly fallen in love with him and it is amazing how our life revolves him now!! He truly rules the house!

I do realise he is not adopted but a success story nevertheless. I think you’re doing a fantastic job as there are so many neglected and forgotten cats (and dogs) out there!

Kind regards,

Iris Schiemann (and Minion)


Benji (was Piggy)

Male2“Benji (not Piggy anymore – he certainly isn’t a greedy dog) has settled in beautifully and we get on really well together.  He has his moments but generally he’s very good for a five month old puppy.  I’m fairly sure he’s a cross with a horse because he’s so big but we’ll be fine together!  We walk every day which we both enjoy but obiously it will be great when the muddy paths have dried up!

Kind regards



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Hello, my name if Pip and I’m a podenco X but no-one seems to know what I am crossed with. My mum thinks it must be a Tasmanian Devil. I don’t know what that is but I’m sure it must be a compliment!!! I’ve moved around a bit and this is my seventh change and I’m only just over a year old so it’s no wonder I’m a bit mixed up.


I think I have landed on my paws here as my new mum and dad are being very patient with me. I try not to be naughty but sometimes I can’t help myself. I am learning and hopefully I will become a well-behaved boy but I know I must try harder to get on with my two feline sisters as they have been here a lot longer than me.”










Bev and Biff Elliott helped Pip to write this, as Pip has no thumbs.



003Hi Jane,

‘ve attached a picture of our boy Bisto, we adopted him in 2009 from Phoenix. He’s wearing his Christmas party hat

Regards Elaine


SunnyHappy New Year.

I am sending this photo of Sunny (formerly Voyou,
on the left) with his new friend , Jack. He has settled in well and had a wonderful Christmas when my family arrived. Lots of walks and
a little bit of turkey!!

Thank you to all at Phoenix for rescuing this lovely little fellow.

Best wishes for 2014