Update on Benny

BennyHere’s Benny in his new home. His new owner, Ian says:

“He is settling in well – relations with Gizzie, our cat, are a bit problematic as she refuses to have anything to do with him and retreats behind the child-proof gate we installed before he arrived. We were heartened last week to receive a photo from friends showing their cat and dog sitting together peacefully on the sofa – it had only taken eight months for that to happen so there is hope yet!

Otherwise, he eats well, sleeps well and loves walks although we have to be careful with his heart condition not to let him overdo it. It is certainly interesting living with a dog! – and very enjoyable. Whoever trained him did a first-class job, and has made our lives considerably easier as a result, as he is very obedient – although latterly we have noticed a tendency to try to push the boundaries!”


BENJI (formerly Piggie)

Benji January 2014 007Here is an update on Benji, who was formerly known as Piggie:

“He’s settled in really well and is happy. We go for long walks every day and he’s still got more energy than me at the end! He has been sleeping in the kitchen for several weeks now which works well for both of us!

My worst problem with him is that he keeps digging up my plants and eating them! I’ll win with that one given time!



Bobby & Beattie

Bobby janBeattie jan



These 2 cuties were adopted in February 2014!




(update from Beattie’s new mum: “All is very well with Mimi she is intelligent and a real delight. We are all happy and deeply in love. Thank you Phoenix for this wonderful gift”)


DSCF4180A quick update on Millie who has been with us since 29th December and has grown like a veritable weed! At last count she had put on 4kg. since we got her. Her manners are improving daily but footwear, plumbing materials and firewood (or anything else for that matter) are still not safe from those razor-like little teeth.

Here’s a pic of Millie in the process of out-growing her bed. Well, there’s still quite a bit of bed-space but her sleeping positions are odd. If she was in my bed she’d be ‘spooning’ and snuggling as close as possible. but in her own bed she prefers a little more space 🙂

Millie’s as a bright as a button, her manners are improving almost daily and she is a source of constant delight. So pleased that we found her.

Thanks for all your hard work.

All the best,
Jo Wiles