011-2Josie was discovered, almost dead, on the side of the road on a very rainy day by Phoenix’s Richard & Sheelagh Johnson in 2013.

She was taken into Phoenix and received much TLC and from there she was adopted by David.

She was an old girl, who had probably not had a very nice life and so thankfully she knew only love in her last months.

Sadly, Josie developed an aggressive form of cancer and passed away in March 2014.

As David’s daughter, Wendy says, “Josie absolutely adored Dad and would follow him everywhere. At least she had a lovely end to her life, but so sad she was with Dad for such a short time. 



Here’s a photo of her with from Christmas – you cas see how happy she was!”

Rest in peace, Josie xxx


My husband and I are devastated by the loss of our wonderful dog Rembrandt on Tuesday. We are trying to keep busy, but the pain is so great. his best pals Beethoven and Chanel, both rescue pets, keep looking for him and are very sad. He will be sorely missed.

Myriam & Gerry


1964984_794225523938411_1957740676_n” Hard to find a favourite photo of Benji (also known as Fiend and the Kamakazee Kid) as I’ve taken so many. Not sure why he was described as “timid” in the adoption description: he is a 100mph terrier who launches himself enthusiastically at anything living or inert that he wants to know more about – an optimist, who makes us laugh so much we wonder if he should be called Joie de Vivre? He loves gardening and has kindly taken most of the Busy Lizzies I’ve just potted for a trip round the garden. We are currently training him to dig holes where we want to plant things, instead of just amongst the mole mounds, and are confident the moles will leave us this year. He has killed all the socks in the bedroom and we’re both wearing odd ones at the moment. We hope Phoenix will rescue us from the men in white coats. We love our piranha-toothed teddy bear and feel like he has been with us forever. Thank you Phoenix for a dog full of character and affection. We couldn’t have found a better one at Crufts! ”



Dear Jackie
Just wanted to say that it was a year ago that we picked Max up from you and here’s a couple of up to date photos of him for you. I think he has come a long way since he was rescued and we really just wanted to thank Phoenix for rescuing him and you for fostering him and looking after him so well and giving him a real chance after his awful start in life and giving us such a lovely pet!
Hope you are all ok and enjoying the lovely weather.
Best wishes and thanks again
Julie and Genephoto 5

photo 2

Brandon (was Hobo)



“Brandon had his Little Operation yesterday, flew through it with no bother and was rigged up with a pink tee shirt to keep him from licking.  I’d really gone to town to make this nose-and-teeth proof with knots in the fabric to tighten it, plus a string to anchor it to his collar.

image003This morning he greeted me with it dangling on the floor attached to the string. He’d managed to remove the pansement that the vet was so keen he didn’t, but the site is clean and no swelling and now he’s got his sticky plaster off he doesn’t seem interested in the rest of it!
image001-2I’ve enclosed a very blurry photo of him in his nightshirt, one at the gate with the others and extra friends, and another one this morning, laid in the courtyard sunshine, looking so beautiful. He’s reached 27 kg, his new coat is growing out nicely, and he is such a happy chap, races about and plays with the others, and looks quite a different dog, as the pictures show.

Thanks so much for Brandon – he’s a darling.

Best regards, Chris”




This big boy, a breed called a Barzoi, was at the SPA, where big dogs don’t usually get adopted quickly. Phoenix did some advertising for him and he was quickly re-homed in March 2014.

Angus & Archie

“Just thought I would share that Angus and Archie have settled in really well with us and our Labs – after a week they are definitely in charge and enjoying their new home!! Thank you so much for the chance you have given us to look after these lovely boys”




CobWell….we all know about this little tinker! Just days after being re-homed, he decided to make a bolt for it from the car in the middle of Le Bugue. His new owners were frantic, as were Jackie & Andy, his foster carers. A search and rescue mission was launched.

After a few days of sightings but inability to catch him, Rik & Sheelagh, who founded Phoenix, set a dog trap for him at night, outside LIDL, one of the sighting points.

Lo and behold, the next morning, in it sat Cob. Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Thank you to everyone who cared enough to go and look for him.

Cob is now being guarded like the crown jewels. Possibly better!

The moral of the story is, please attach your dogs when they are in the car. Safety first!




Poor Charlie was abandoned. His owners moved house and left him behind!

He came into Phoenix and has since been happily adopted.





DALE – poor Dale was in Phoenix long-term, but his picture finally won the heart of a lady who adopted him in March 2014.





ISIA – we never knew what her parentage was, so we called her a teddy bear cross! She’s found a nice home to cuddle her forever!


Petal 1 feb



PETAL – this beautiful girl proved very popular so it wasn’t long before she found her forever home in March 2014.

Nanny Mac


Formerly known as YACCO, we appealed for a home for this poor girl, who, at 14 years old, was dumped at the SPA.

Thankfully, a little angel got involved and Nanny Mac is now in a lovely home.




Here she is arriving…….





and with hew new forever friends.