Here is a picture of Izzybelle (who was Ficelle when we adopted her from Phoenix last August). She is 1 year old today and although we had some initial problems with her and the boys she has now settled in and shows who is boss. She is 1 year old today.

Regards, Sue

Alkof & Daisy

“Hi Sheelagh and Richard, I hope you remember me and Bill, we adopted Alkof and Daisy 2 ex trotters a few years ago now. Just to let you know they are still with us and doing well.Im posting a couple of pics in the hope you remember them. lots of love, Ingrid and Bill the dogs and Alkof and Daisy xxx

Ingrid Nemitz”

Alkof & Daisy2

Alkof & Daisy





Alkof & Daisy

Alkof & Daisy


“Thought you might like a photo of when we got him and what he is like now.  He is the most friendly dog I have ever come across without a bad bone in his body which must be down to the wonderful Phoenix team who raised him from 2 weeks old.



Puppy Elvis


Elvis now.


“Bonsoir je vous remercie beaucoup grâce à votre association nous sommes très heureux d’avoir adopté notre petit chiot labrador que nous avons appeler Junior il est adorable. Je vous joints des photos de notre petite merveille.”



A happy Twilight ending for Pimms

unnamedPimms was found wandering and was taken to Bergerac SPA. He is tattooed, but his owner was untraceable. Pimms is 14 years old and pretty arthritic, so euthanasia was on the cards. However, he’s such a lovely, affectionate boy we couldn’t let that happen, so we appealed to Leeanne and Mike of Twilight and a cosy corner has been found for him there.

As with all ‘Phoenix dogs’ at Twilight, Phoenix will support him financially for the rest of his life.

Here he is with Leeanne, “Mummy Twilight”.

To find out more about the work that Twilight does, Visit Twilight’s website 

Daisy & Lucy



“We initially went to visit Lynda & Trevor Atkins to take a look at Lucy, a 10 month tabby and white female cat. Whilst there, Daisy, a 12 month black and white female cat made an appearance. She was very talkative and affectionate to us. Lucy and Daisy had been together for quite a while so it seemed the obvious choice was to take the two of them.
They have settled into their new home very easily. They have a large secure garden to play in and have ventured up trees and made friends with the cat next door. Daisy is an expert mouser too.



Lynda & Trevor (Phoenix Foster Carers) have helped us enormously, answering all manner of questions (we have never had cats before), and they have obviously done a fantastic job looking after Lucy & Daisy before they came to us. Wonderful people & wonderful cats.”

Sue & Steve Ball

Hector (was Sioux)

Hi everyone at Phoenix

We adopted SIOUX 2 weeks ago from Patricia & Antonie who’d been taking great care of him for a couple of months since he was abandoned. It’s incomprehensible that wasn’t wanted but whatever the reason it’s turned out to be wonderful for us. Having him as part of our lives is beyond words – he’s just the perfect companion. The only thing we wanted to change was his name so now he’s HECTOR Thanks to everyone at Phoenix who cared for him – especially Patricia & Antonie – and helped us to find him. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love from Jean, Andy & Hector




Lola and Charlie

“Lola was adopted 5 years ago, age ‘about 5’ and was a very timid scruffy mutt who we were later told is an apricot miniature poodle. We took on Charlie a year ago, he’s an old, scruffy mongrel with a heart murmur, more than half blind, a bit unsteady on his feet and has some behaviour problems. Both were lost dogs and had obviously been badly treated. Though they will never forget the bad times, they get plenty of food and affection and seem pretty happy now.

Regards, Maz Todd”




unnamed“It’s my fourth birthday today. Mum and I took a bag of birthday dog biscuits to the park to share with some of my friends who were there this morning. Actually I can’t remember, and Mum doesn’t know the exact date of my birthday, but I adopted my forever family exactly two years ago today when I was about 2 years old. It was Friday 13th of April, 2012. My Mom says Friday 13th is a lucky day for her and Papa as one of my human sisters was born on a Friday 13th too.

I’m sending you a photo of myself enjoying the sunshine today, on the terrace, with my favourite toy. The ball has a hole in it that makes a whirring sound when it is thrown, which makes it easier for me to find as my eyesight will never be really good.

Thanks for rescuing me Phoenix.
Love from Elsa”

Toast & Marmalade

selfies (1)“I’ve attached a couple of photos of the wobblies – their own ‘selfies’ They are such fun and we are so privileged to be part of their lives – love em to bits!

Best wishes


selfies (2)(Toast and Marmalade were born with “Wobbly Cat Syndrome, which means, quite literally, they wobble.

Phoenix were worried they might not be adopted, and then Sue came to see them!)


10152513_10152050179978061_555190529367706_nThis is PADDY who was saved from a very cruel death 3 years ago. We advised he’d be a small-medium dog. But this is what Michele, his owner says:

“Paddy was supposed to be a small to medium dog. Paddy is now 3 and weighs about 38/39kg and I love the bones of him ! lol”


unnamed“This is little LOUIS, one of the three teckel boys. He was adopted by my sister in England, so he came to stay with us until he was allowed to travel. He settled in so well with Nessa and Lulu and was an absolute delight. He is such a good boy – playful, affectionate and fearless. And loads of stamina for such a little chap – he loved going for walks with the big girls!








He’s now in his new home in Shropshire, making friends with my sister’s two labradors. He’s adorable, and we all miss him terribly, but at least we know we’ll get to see him again on family visits!

If it wasn’t for Phoenix, Louis and his siblings would be no more – they were going to be dispatched by the breeder. We would then have missed out on this happy little chap, who brings a smile to everyone he meets. Keep up the good work, Phoenix ….”

Kate x

Callie & Loopy

France summer 2013-329


“Loopy is a Phoenix dog. My daughter and family fostered her the year before last and took her back to England. The pictures were taken last year when they all came over for a holiday and all three dogs and kids had whale of a time in the sunshine.”



France summer 2013-322










Julia & Loraine





Freddie was found by a holiday-maker when he was a kitten in 2013. He was in Phoenix foster care for some time, but was re-homed in March 2014.