Just an update on how Alli is getting on. We are finding out her temperament and she is very loving and very head strong. We have found that she doesn’t retrieve a tennis ball, she buries it; very funny it was to see her do this as we didn’t know what happened to the first one that went missing. Still loving having her in our lives. She is still a bit nervous with some things but every day we see a change with her.

Regards, Mike & Gaye.P1010417



Baz, left, at Phoenix.

Baz, left, at Phoenix.

Baz came into Phoenix as a tiny, terrified kitten at the end of 2012. Slowly but surely, he became less and less afraid, and was then adopted by Steve, along with Max and Molly, two of Baz’s playmates.

Tragically, Baz passed away in May 2014, way too young.


Steve his owner, said:

unnamed“Baz had kidney problem & the vet also said his lungs were not 100 percent.He was doing really well with medicine but suddenly went downhill. I spent a couple of hours sitting craddling him & he passed away in my arms. Max & Molly came to Baz about 10 min
before he passed away & gave him a nuzzle & lick,they must have known.
They will not leave each others sides & of course mine, they are a great comfort.”

RIP Baz, you were very special and you’ll never be forgotten.




“Just sending a few pics of Misty, who I’m sure you remember? Nearly a year now but she is really a happy pony! She has her pal Ziggy and is fine with the big girls.









She is such a character, a real joy to have. I am so pleased to have given her some happiness after the awful past she experienced. She walks pretty well now, will never be perfect but nearly there. She puts herself to bed if I’m running a bit late and looks as if to say “what time to you call this?” Bless her.”


Marlie & Guinness

unnamed“We adopted “Poppy” (who we have renamed “Marlie”) from Phoenix on 23rd April.

She was one of a litter of 8 golden/black labradors abandoned at the SPA centre
in Bergerac. We got to hear of them on Facebook and made contact with the foster
family. We had been thinking about having an addition to the family since
losing our 15 year old cat last summer.

We already have our dear old Guinness
(10 year old black lab)who we inherited about 7 years ago from a lady returning
to UK and couldn’t take him with her.

unnamed-1When we saw the labs – we instantly fell
in love and having a bit of a preference for blackies – Marlie was an easy
choice! We have had her nearly a month now and how should I put it, her and
Guinness are finding their levels! He seems to have renewed bounce – playing
with toys and being generally livelier than for a long time, although he can be
a bit grumpy when she’s at her most playful!

We adore our new addition and
thank Phoenix for all their hard work.”

Alison Williams.


unnamed“My darling Flynn , run free,  pain free , your time with us short but u got into my heart from the moment we met , we miss you , our time together far to short but very sweet ! You will never be forgotten ! God bless you my Gorgeous Boy ! RIP. Le môme , fils et Willow plus le chats .xxxx.”

Rose Mary Ray








“Thank you so much Phoenix Association – France for the opportunity to give a loving home to Réglisse!! He is quite adorable and already giving us great joy! Xxxx”

Caroline Beecroft