unnamed-4Hi Christine

Frankie has settled in very well – and he is absolutely no trouble! Follows me around the house and the garden and has already established his favourite hiding places, and sleeping places. He is eating well and seems very content and relaxed even with visitors. We have become good pals in a very short space of time and I am delighted. Attached is a photo I took very shortly after he arrived. He looks all ‘grown up’ and confident in his new surroundings and seems very happy.

Kind regards


FLORIAN (formerly Peewee) and HECTOR (formerly Sioux

Hello Phoenix,

Attached are a couple of photos of Florian (previously PeeWee) who we adopted 2 weeks ago from Sue Fairweather. In the background of one of them is Hector who joined our family in April, also adopted via Phoenix.


Below are a few words about Florian.

This is Florian du Moulin – a grand name for a rather grand boy. He’s a sweet, affectionate kitten who’s mildly affected by ‘wobbly cat syndrome’ – not that it seems to inhibit his activity in any way. We’re thrilled that he’s joined our family of 1 dog, 2 humans & 3 cats. He’s now firm friends with Hector the Swiss Shepherd (also adopted via Phoenix) and Vincent, our year-old cat. Many thanks to Sue who was Florian’s foster parent and of course to Phoenix who continue to do an amazing job.

Cheers, Jean



Hi All at Pheonix

unnamedLili and Callie have a new friend called Twinkle found under a bush
outside the bank in Tocane cold, wet and shivering having spent two
days and nights outside.  Someone saw the Gendarmes with a cat basket
collecting the mother and rest of the litter but we think this one was
hiding and got left behind. Took him home put him on a hotwater bottle
and off to the vet the next day as he looked poorly.  Cat flu,
temperature, worms and fleas, and had to give him injections for five
days so I think you could say that Callie and Lili are doing their bit
for the cat population!!

Kind regards

Julia & Loraine


10468354_10152933784384908_4177673037506694221_nWe can’t believe Mollie is nearly a year old already ( born early July ).
How lucky was she to have caught the eye of Sheelagh and Rik, along with her mum and siblings …..
This is Mollie a couple of days ago, enjoying Wimbledon!
I think it’s safe to say Mollie may have landed in the poo very early on, but came up smelling of strawberries and cream thanks to Phoenix.
We love her so much – thank you Phoenix x


This is Phoebe (was Chica) how lucky we have been to find her, she has been a delight, very funny and fits into our lives a treat. Talking of treats this is a photo of Phoebe running off with the treat pot I take out on walks, works well for recall! Now I need to teach her not to run off with the empty container……
Thank you Phoenix for all your hard work, Julia and family for doing the fostering, we often talk of the lovely day out when we picked her up, what a great set up you have – many thanks again.


10433304_859270624100567_5007671156520800821_nRemember “The Braque Pack 2013” – It is now a year since we adopted Molly. She has grown into a beautiful, elegant and very athletic young lady. She has been very quick to learn and is a truly funny and adorable companion. She is calm and sociable in the house and loves to lie on her back displaying her spotty tummy and manipulating a chewy bone with her paws. Outside she is a relentless hunter, chasing down lizards, beetles and bunnies and protecting her garden from wandering cats. Her turn of speed is awesome! Like all pointers she needs lots of country walks and she is certainly keeping us fit.
We love her to bits and would like to say a big thank you to Phoenix for saving her.

Regards, Wendy


10371510_402795856530331_7438130557208245921_sRemembering Sim, one of the first dogs who went from France to Holland with Lady’s Rescue Dogs:

Do not know if Lisa from lady’s rescue told you the sad news.

But 27th of May we lost Sim, he wasn’t very well the last couple of months but everytime we could get him on his feets.

# days before he died he wasn’t well again and stoped eating, he was tired and his body gave up, he passed away in my arms.

10461945_402796169863633_6785412801975244171_nSim was with us for almost 3 years and was one of the first dogs that Lisa brought to Holland.

We miss him alot and will never forget him.”

Brigitte Caro




Didou was abandoned alone in a house, and finally ended up at Bergerac SPA, very sad and confused, and with a bad eye to boot.

We launched an appeal for her, and now, re-named Cherry Pie, she’s living with Wendy and some new friends, including Yacco (bottom left), for whom some of you may remember, we launched a similar appeal a few months ago!