“Flossy (previously devil dog) wants to be a success story now. Adopted from Phoenix as a puppy –  5 this july and now well behaved (nearly).”





“Our Tootsie is now 11 months old. She was neutered last week and is feeling great already, just like nothing had happened ! She’s still adorable and very very dynamic !”



“Hi Phoenix
Dinky is lovely – he has settled in very well, especially with our other 9 year old cat. He loves playing “fetch” with a scrunched up piece of paper. He looks longingly through the windows at the great outdoors and following his second vaccination last week we will be letting him explore the garden (jungle!) soon.
Jeanette & Julian”

Baker & Barney

unnamed“Hello I’m Linda, Bill’s new mummy. He has been renamed Baker and we adore him,he is very happy in his new home and we are so lucky to have him.

He is such a good boy and loves spending time with his brother Charlie who is now renamed Barney.

We take them both for lovely walks and love watching them play together in the garden. We want them to have as much contact with each other as we can.

A big thank you to Baker’s foster parents – what a great job they do. I will keep you updated on his progress”






“Thank you so much for my Archie (Réglisse)! He is an awesome puppy and has settled in with my pack extremely well!!! Love him so much!! Xxx”



Hi Phoenix,

Just thought we let you know that Brownie (or Barnie as we call him) is chilling out in his new home.

unnamedKind regards,

Ian & Lis 



Here is a lovely and fun video of Robby before he passed away.



When Phoenix came across Robby, he was tied up in a barn. This was no life for this sweet old boy. It wasn’t long after he was put up for adoption that Nicola Dolman and family adopted him, and added him to their own pack.

Robby passed away in July:





Our lovely sweet old boy Robby passed away on Saturday. He was running around in the garden like a puppy and his heart gave up. He turned 14 years old last month.




He had three bouts of pancreatitis while he was with us and for the last month had been incontinent at times but he was seemingly fit and well in all other ways even though he was old and doddery at times but at other times he was like he was 14 months old.


Rob in bedI miss him so so much, we had him with us for less than a year and a half but during that time he didn’t leave my side.

He’s the first dog that we’ve lost and although I expected to feel bad I didn’t expect it to hurt this much. I feel absolutely gutted by losing him.

Thank you to Phoenix for rescuing him and for introducing him into our lives. I know that Robby knew that he was very loved for the last 16 months of his life and I can only hope that he knew that I was there with him as he slipped away from us.”


Toby, Thomas & Tessa







“After a hard evening playing..all crashed..loving the sofa!!
Lots of purring and meowing playing with the toys..
Toby is so funny he grunts when he fights with his white mouse!!
They have met Twinkle & Milly and they all ignored each other!!
Thank you Annabel for allowing me to be so privileged to adopt this gorgeous trio.
I will keep posting picture updates …..
I can’t stop smiling”


Thank you Twilight



As you all know, Phoenix works closely with Bergerac SPA and Twilight (the retirement home for dogs).

On a recent visit to Bergerac SPA, Phoenix’s Richard & Sheelagh were upset to see two old doggies in there, Naomi and Peggy, and they determined to help them.

We know that Twilight are always under pressure and full to the brim of old and sick dogs, but we asked them anyway. Leeanne and Mike, who run Twilight, agreed to find a space.

Poor Peggy, tied to the gates at the SPA.

Poor Peggy, tied to the gates at the SPA.


Poppy at Twilights.


In Sheelagh’s words, here’s what happened when Richard & Sheelagh went to collect the two oldies from the SPA to take them to Twilight:



“When we went to the SPA, we went just to get Peggy and Naomi. Nobody told us Naomi had been abandoned with her friend, a terrified spaniel with no name. Could Leeanne take THREE?!!!! The quandary was awful. Everyone looked distraught, even the SPA staff. Then ‘Poppy’, as we called her, settled everything by taking her courage in both hands and making a leap of faith into the back of the van to hide behind Naomi.
We have to make dreadful decisions sometimes….thank God we have Leeanne, Mike and Twilight!!!!!”

If you’d like to find out how they are getting on, please visit Twilight’s website. 

Mercedes Destiny

Success stories don’t come much stranger than this:

md1 md2







Phoenix was contacted on Friday night by a lady who said that a friend of hers had discovered am albino ferret under her husband’s car in England. They thought it had gone off into the bushes and he set off for Le Mans Classic in the middle of the night whilst she had been ringing round local vets to see if anyone was missing this pet.

The man arrived at Le Mans he discovered that the ferret had gone with him!! A google search led them to Phoenix. We provided advice about trying to find the former owner, and if that produced no results, we advised about re-homing the ferret.

This lucky girl is now safe and sound and in a lovely home with 17 other rescued ferrets thanks to a more local ferret rescue centre in Rennes.

It was Mercedes Destiny’s lucky day!


10526090_665379703536692_6612945730393115096_nThis is Goldie from the Banana Bunch. As you can see she is having a hard life Lol. She is loved to bits by my friends who gave her a home. She came to our home on Monday to have a good play with our dog Katie. Such a sweet natured puppy , very intelligent. Last time I looked on Phoenix, her brother, a black & tan puppy, still needed a home.. Someone must want him, chances are he is just as sweet as Goldie.