Poor Cinnamon was found in a terrible state. Hundreds of euros and lots of TLC later, she was happily adopted, even though she now has only 3 legs!


unnamed“This is Gibbs our latest Phoenix adoptee with Bedwyr the Belgium Shepherd we adopted from Phoenix in 2009.
This is the closest Bedwyr will get to Gibbs as he does not do kittens, he usually runs away Lol. He is fine with adult cats though.

Although we have already posted a photo of Gibbs I promised Christine Endres I would try to get one of both our Phoenix adoptees together.
Best wishes
Jan, Wally & Beth.”




Monty was returned to Phoenix through no fault of his own, but was quickly re-homed to his new family where we are sure he will find forever happiness.


Here are some photos of Charli, first of all en route through France to his new home in Suffolk:







and in his new home, with playmate Hector and on his first day at the office!





Update from new owner, Petra, on 2nd August:

“After a stressful hour in the car for Pip (he slavered), he was quickly quite at ease and his first meeting with the dog went incredibly well. I wanted to try to find a playmate for the dog, but it had to be a cat, not easy, have to find the right one. Well, Pip, who never was directly in contact with dogs is THE ONE out of thousands ! Look at the pics, it’s incredible ! From the first second Pip began to nuzzle him, all naturally and purring all over. Spike began to wash him, he’s all happy. And when Pip has enough of it, he hides himself under the couch. He now is discovering the sitting room, the new sounds and things that move on the TV, etc…

It’s a good beginning, he hasn’t met our cats yet……

To be continued.”

and again on 16th August

“Two weeks later : Pip is doing very well and he grows really fast. He’s very at ease, loves cuddles and purrs a lot. He’s a cool and tough guy, independent, explores the world on his own, is scared of nothing (not even of the other cats), adores playing outside in the garden, climes into the trees and listens very well when I call him. He gets very well along with the dog. With one of our female cats it’s OK now, but the second keeps her distance. They moved into the garage in the beginning, because that little intruder was very scary! Now they are coming back little by little. Well I think Pip was made for us!”

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Where’s Benny?!


“The story behind the photo? Fran had bought a fleece at a recent craft fair and had washed it prior to spinning the wool. The fleece had been left to dry on the kitchen floor with the following outcome… ”



“Dear Verity

You did an amazing job. Creating such well balanced and sociable pups. He never leaves my side. My friends say he’s spoilt. Everyone offers to have him!!! This is a pic I took of him giving spooky his friend a hug while I was in the bath.
He’s been truly amazing. He dosent even bother with peanut my little limping deer that comes in every night. He’s just beginning to fill out… At 33kilos…:)




10445968_10203765355470113_6952668131636499563_n“Just to let you know Jonny-Ginger is still the same mischievous little fella he was when I got him from you… he’s pesky, naughty, funny and loving… wouldn’t change him for the world :)”


Two old teckels.

unnamed-5These are the two teckels who made 2 of the abandoned 10 small dogs who were brought into Bergerac SPA.

They have now been re-homed with Wendy, the marvellous lady who also re-homed Yacco, Cherry Pie & Aby. Thank you Wendy!


Snug as two bugs in a rug!




“She is a lovely dog and wonderful with me – my cats and my other dog are not too happy with a stranger in the house but I’m sure all will be sorted in time. She’s housetrained and obedient and after only three days, I don’t think I could ask for more!”