10641303_10152767029061812_3624308656856917004_nThis is Joey who was adopted by my dad from you in July, he is now 5 months old and we have found out he is a Gordon Setter X Beagle. I am travelling down to see them both with lots of pressies from my dogs. Cant wait to see him, hes now 15kg. Doing very well with training and has become dad’s shadow. Joey is very affectionate and still goes to see his playmates that my brother also adopted the same day.



Simba was adopted 13th Dec 2013 at a ripe old age of 10 years old, and a quote from his mum “he is still very much young at heart and fit”.

Here is Simba enjoying his holidays. Old dogs also deserve a chance too.

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Hi Phoenix,

This is Arthur (formally Allan) whom we adopted from Lynda last Wednesday, he is such a wonderful little character and is settling in really well with his new big sister (Anna) and big Canine brother (Luca).

I have attached a few photos of the little guy for Happy adoptees album.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you all do!!

Thanks, Ange x

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Hi there some pictures of Fleur on her way to her new home yesterday and our Staffie cross making sure she was ok because she was squeaking to get on the sofa with hubby!





“Hello Phoenix,
We adopted Molly and she is settling in very well. We have been slowly introducing her to our 4-year old male, Bisquit, who is still wary of her but at least they can touch noses now without incident. She is a brave little thing and has taken very well to being walked on a harness and lead; we won’t let her out of the house on her own until she is sterilised in November. She loves being softly brushed, cuddled and, of course, coming when called for her meals. She is a little darling who will no doubt rule the house, including Bisquit, in due time. Here are some photos.
Kind regards, Janet & Tony Duignan”


Monty was found wandering at the age of 2, and Phoenix found him a happy home with an English couple. Sadly, the gentleman became ill and died, and his wife went back to England, to live in a flat where she felt that Monty would not be happy, so she bravely gave him back to Phoenix.

He has now found a home with Kathy den Breems and her family, and they absolutely adore him.

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