Please help us spread the word – “Please sterilise your cats!”

If you are interested in adopting any of our cats, or would simply like to have some further information on them, please contact Sheelagh for more details. You can leave a message on 05 53 54 94 81 or email her at

Interested in foster caring? If you are interested in fostering one or more of our cats (or dogs) please go to our Foster Caring page for more details.

Dogs For Adoption – Bergerac SPA

Many of the more vulnerable dogs (and cats) are taken into Phoenix care from the Bergerac SPA Refuge. Sadly, we don’t have the foster space to be able to accommodate more than a very small percentage.

However, if you would like to adopt directly from the SPA pound, we are happy to join you and assist with the adoption. We may, in certain cases, be able to negotiate the tariff.

We can`t promise, as it depends on available foster-space, but we will also endeavor to rehome any dog adopted directly from the SPA pound if the adoption doesn`t work out. Returning it to the pound would be a difficult decision all round!

Please note that dogs adopted from Bergerac SPA are NOT sterilised unless indicated in the text. Currently, male cats are castrated, but female cats are NOT sterilised.

To view the entire selection of animals available at Bergerac SPA, please visit their website or email: or on Tel 05 53 27 27 50

If you would prefer an English speaking person to accompany you, please contact Jackie Briggs at

Dogs For Adoption – Marsac SPA (Périgueux)

If you are interested in any of the dogs below, please contact the SPA direct, quoting the dog’s name and reference number, you will find these details with each entry.

If you would prefer an English speaking Phoenix member to accompany you, please contact Gillian.

Marsac-Périgueux SPA ~
Gillian Email: or
Tel: 06 21 59 16 72, quoting the dog’s name and reference number.

Katie Rose

“Dear Phoenix,

I am enclosing a couple of pics of my friend Babs and her new yorkie Katie Rose.

Sheilagh e mailed me a couple of months ago to say did I know anyone for a little old Yorkie girl who had been chucked over the fence at Bergerac Spa, she was found there in the morning. She was 10 or 12 and had mammary tumours, sore eyes and a mouth infection due to bad teeth. I told Babs about her and after chatting to Sheelagh, she and her mum drove down the next day.

Happy endings, she follows Babs everywhere and sleeps with her now. She has had the rotten teeth out and her eyes and mouth are now better. She can eat for France and is a chunky, friendly little girl. Babs always wanted a Yorkie and as a pensioner herself wanted an older dog and so it has all worked out beautifully.


unnamed unnamed-2




“Joe was adopted in July, by my dad. He was in a banana box with 2 other dogs that my brother adopted. Joe is so loving
This is last night, the first time Joe has met me.”


Buster & Rosie

Our two are so lovely and so love each other,. Buster would be at a loss with his side kick Rosie!



Here is a pic of Buster enjoying one of his favourite pastimes, watching TV. And Rosie thinking eating chips could be one of her favourite pastimes!






And Rosie thinking eating chips could be one of her favourite pastimes!



Katie & Mike.


Lois was in the pound at Vergt (near Phoenix HQ) for weeks. Twice, the Vergt Cantonnier thought he had managed to re-home her, but it didn’t work out so she was sent to the SPA Bergerac.

Phoenix asked the SPA to chip and rabies vaccinate her and Lois travelled to Holland with Lady’s Rescue Dogs on Monday and then straight to her new home.

She looks very comfortable with her new family.

Thank you Lady’s Rescue Dogs!unnamed-2

unnamed-3 unnamed


unnamed-3“Since i adopted Binkie she has been a lovely girl. She loves her long walks we go on, also her playtime with her tennis and footballs. She learns things very quick but forgets sometimes. She has learnt a lot of new commands. She has never chewed anything except her chew bones and is well behaved.




I will admit though for a big girl she don’t like the dark, and if she wants to go out in small hours of the night I’m stood in the middle of the garden with lights on in the rain in my dressing gown and slippers
But bless her, I love her to bits.”


Hermione’s puppies

These puppies were born to mum, Hermione and they were all at risk of being put to sleep. Hermione was found as a pregnant stray and was taken to the SPA pound. We stepped in and saved them all. Here are the enchanting photos of them all in their new homes!







Albert & Tonks

Albert & Tonks

Molly with brother, Max

Molly with brother, Max





Ron with brother, Ollie

Ron with brother, Ollie



“Thought I’d share an updated picture of our James, who we adopted from Phoenix. He has been an amazing dog so far, helping us hand rear 3 newborn abandoned kittens last month. He was like their mother.



Here is 3-legged Cinnamon, happily getting around her new garden! She was shot with a wild boar gun and was suffering at the vets, at risk of euthanasia. Phoenix paid for her to be treated and for her leg to be amputated prior to her adoption.