Granny Smith

Alexandra and GrannyGranny! Granny! Granny!

 I use to call out for you Granny.
How often that name has resounded in my house.
I would find you asleep on the sofa, cuddled up in the bed, running to me at sausage time with your dear companion Rosie.

But no more – You left us at 4 in the morning of 22nd November 2014, after twenty months spent together.
Mercifully a sudden death, just several days on medication for your weakening heart.
So much love in such a little lady.
My thoughts and love go with you forever –
Take them with you over the rainbow bridge.


“This is our beautiful kitten, she arrived back with us today, she has been lovingly looked after by Caroline Archer, and now she is being spoiled rotten here, Thank you, and to all who look at her, remember, she and many others need loving kind forever homes, open your hearts and rescue one of these very special cats, thank you.”




Words from Lynda Atkins, Cat Adoption Coordinator:

“Here are pics of Flora in her new home. She is doing so well and seems very happy. I am so pleased she has progressed from that scared little wretch to this happy girl in her forever home”

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“Just to let you know, Missy is doing grreat, her first evening went well.  I
have attached a few photos of her having cuddles with my husband Wayne.

Many thanks for everything, and I will keep you updated on her progress.


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Baxter & Ozzy

“We have just adopted these two rascals, first we took Baxter but he looked a bit lonely so we got him a playmate, Ozzy. They are settling down well together and are very funny playing and chasing each other for hours before collapsing exhausted for 5 minutes before starting again. Also the occasional fisticuffs to try to establish who is the boss – Ozzy by a short hair so far. Baxter is very good at catching balls, Ozzy has no idea (life has obviously been too serious up till now) but he is learning, their training continues!  Thanks to all at Phoenix for the great job you do, you make such a difference. 

Val and David”unnamed-1 unnamed unnamed-2


“This is Jago, adopted 2 weeks ago, a real live wire. He certainly has settled home here in the vineyards. I am trying to persuade my husband he needs a furry friend to keep him company  watch this space.”