Happy new year to you all.
love from Sharon and Peter
unnamed-1Taro has settled down well and likes loads of cuddles and playing with his toys. We will send more pics when his sister arrives.
Taro likes the fire and prefers to sleep in front of it . . . not in his basket!
He also likes the washing machine


but most of all . . . he likes to look out the window!


unnamedIt’s Already 2 years Hector (ex Sophos) is with us!… And We love him to bits!!!… This is his favourite place where he sits/sleeps in the winter… a lovely warm digibox!… Cats really find the weirdest places to rest!… 
Thank you again Phoenix!!! 


MAXWELL (was Athos)
Adopted January 2013.  He and his three brothers were the four musketeers.  Well looked after by his foster carer Shirley Andrews.  We think he’s a Griffon Nivernais X Hound. He was black and white, smooth coated as a pup.  Now he is grey, brown and white with long hair. He thinks he’s a lap dog, which is fine with us.  As you can see, he does ‘relaxed’ very well. He loves to chase rabbits ….. erm…. why have they all suddenly disappeared ? His dream came true in the summer when he finally caught one, but he has a very soft mouth and it wasn’t harmed.  So he’s a big softy in every way and we love him. Thanks Phoenix. Happy Christmas. X
unnamed unnamed-1 unnamed-2


10868006_10153432407363662_8187151266256803372_n“One of the lucky 7puppies found abandoned. We adore her already, thank you to the couple that found them, Julia the foster mummy and Phoenix for allowing us to have her in our family now. Meet Katie.”


Jessie & Bonnie

“We got our wee Jessie from Phoenix, thanks to Verity Lineham who told us about her. She is everything we hoped she would be. Here she is with her wee ‘sister’ Bonnie who came to us thanks to Marcella Sally Wyatt Birnbaum who arranged for her to be delivered from Spain via Home From Home Transport. I can’t thank all of you enough. Here are some photos.”


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From bewildered and down on his luck at the SPA, just look at Charli “at work” with David  in Sussex! (to where he was driven with an overnight stay in a chateau hotel!). 



Bisto & Max

unnamed“Here is our boy, Bisto, (on the right) with his big brother Max, who we adopted from Phoenix 6 years ago.

He is the most lovable and loyal boy and we love him to bits

Fifi Trixibelle (was Topaz)

Here is little Fifi Trixibelle (was Topaz) who was adopted by the Roberts family, along with Jaya, adopted the same day from the SPA. 

Here is Fifi (the smaller one) sharing a bowl with Jaya, for the first time. 


Here is Fifi with big brother, Zing, who is getting used to her being around!


And finally on new family member, Rhiannon’s knees!