Simba“Here is an update on the new arrival Simba who we adpoted a month ago from the SPA at Bergerac with Phoenix help.

He has been a slow burner at 4yrs old when we adopted him, he had been in the refuge 4 times bless him, he was thin docile and he is now beginning to show a more relaxed and very playful side to his personality, still tries to escape from time to time,that is common with Pyrenean Mountain dogs and Pyrenean Mastiffs but Paul has secured the garden well.We hope having had him sterilised will help with that in time.

He adores our Pyrenean Mastiff Maxi and as you can see Maxi is pretty relaxed and plays with him constantly. All in all first month is over and has not been too difficult,
(worrying when they went walkabout in the first few days we didn’t sleep much that night) , let’s see how they progress together .

Simba is on the left in the photo. Please let Richard and Sheelagh know how he is doing . It has been a positive experience for us so I hope people will consider adopting from an SPA” – Julia


BensonBenson became part of my family 3 months ago and even though having just had surgery on his broken back leg he has settled in really well. After a bad start in life he is now enjoying playing with my other dog Hatchi 24/7, eating me out of house and home, rolling in unsavory things and just getting the hang of walking on the lead. I think you could say he’s landed on all 4 paws. – Jo & family


Hi there,

joeyLittle did we know when we adopted Joe, the shepherd crossed with something or other puppy that we had adopted a little thief. 
This little cleptomaniac doesn’t have any boundaries. Shoes, dusters, clothing, phones, letters, cutlery, in fact pretty much anything he can lay his paws on will disappear only to be found in his basket sometime later. If you can find something ” have you looked in Joe’s basket.” Is the usual response. 
He is a little treasure however and even the cat is reluctantly starting to tolerate him. Slowly. Well, apart from when Joe assumes the cat doesn’t want his dinner so feels justified in finishing it. After barging him out of the way. 
The chickens…..not so tolerant.
He is a very tolerant pup, choosing to play with any dog he comes across, even the bad tempered ones and is also learning to walk quietly on a short lead when necessary. He knows he is not allowed on the furniture so always waits until he thinks no one is looking before sitting on his master’s chair. 
Thankyou to the Phoenix association for the wonderful work you are doing.
Many thanks,
Catherine & Mike

Izzy formally Cachou

Hello Christine and Jennifer,

At long last news of Izzy, formally Cachou.
Izzy has been an absolute delight since we adopted her last June.
She did make herself at home the moment she got here. She is a very inquisitive and intelligent little lady.
We thank you for the opportunity to let us share her life.

Kind regards,
Paule and Gerry


Update on Daisy (a.k.a Holly)

This is the growing up of Daisie (a.k.a Holly) Now 9 months old – the most charming and intelligent little person, Giving us immense  pleasure.
Regards Vicki

Jahli is now 1yr old


I can’t believe how time flies! Jahli is now 1yr old and a bundle of fun! We went on holiday to the Sables D’Olonnes and she had a fantastic time playing on the beach and in the sea! 
She’s still spoilt and has her own sofa and chair to sleep on depending on which room she is in! She has the most expressive ears and is such a joy to own 🙂 
I have too many photos of her from our weekend away so here are a few…well quite a lot really…!!
Hope you enjoy the updated photos!! 
(very happy owner of Jahli!)

Scruff was Curly

Scruff 2 - cat and dog Scruff 3 Scruff in the garden“This happy little chap is “Scruff”, originally Curly, and adopted by a lovely couple who were the founder members of a charity for elderly dogs in the UK.  He’s very happy now & certainly landed on his paws.”

Jackie, Phoenix foster carer


Choccy aka Burt update

Burt 0815Here is an up to date photo of Burt adopted in June 2014.

Janet writes “He’s grown into a beautiful boy, although a bit lonely at the moment since our Ruby passed over the Rainbow Bridge.”

Looks like you have found your place Burt!
We are so sorry to hear about Ruby.


Hi Indya,

I noticed on the Phoenix Facebook page that you upload pics of animals that are been rehomed.

We were very lucky to adopt Bertie via Linda and I thought I would share some pics of Bertie settling into his new home. He is adorable and a very cheeky character.

I have also been keeping Linda updated on Bertie’s progress.


Tommy and Twinkle

dinner time with Tommy and TwinksQuality time with our six dogs first thing in the morning, three of which are new to the family. 
Tommy and Twinkle the two little black dogs, brother and sister who we adopted from Phoenix animal rescue. Tommy is very much part of the boy gang but does lose his temper every so often if Nico pinches a toy or stick.  Little Twinks just likes to be with me or is happy to be part of the group if they do not put her under too much pressure, and the latest addition Nico a young Malinois.
Sue and Tony
Foster Carer Jackie adds “I can’t believe, Tommy who was so dreadfully frightened has now completely changed and is jumping up at Sue for a treat – fantastic!”

Arthur and Tornade now Boomy and Storm





Both adopted the same day, they love playing together….


Boomy always on the lookout for new places to discover


image2Storm is very cuddly loves to have his picture taken

image3Boomy is always moving so best picture so far is when he’s having a rest!

image4Storm too!

image5Love my kitties! – Amy


Hello my name is Jack and I have a new home with Richard and Jeanette at Labarthe in Baleyssagues. I am very happy here but the weather gets bit hot. I have been given my own plunge pool which is great fun and super for cooking off!Jack


Bobby1When I saw Bobby on Phoenix facebook page on Friday night, it was love at first sight and I knew I had room for one more dog in our pack!

A good friend of mine offered to drive the 12 hour journey from Brittany to Dordogne to collect him. Bobby arrived here after midnight on the Sunday evening. After such a long journey, I didn’t want Bobby overwhelmed by my four Scottish terriers, so walked him around the garden by himself on the lead.

Bobby2 Bobby3

After lots of cuddles and reassurance, I placed Bobby in the living room with a nice cosy bed, water and food and left the light on for him.

Next morning, I woke at 6am and came down stairs to be greeted by him….too early for the Scotties, so they stayed upstairs! Me and Bobby went in the garden and explored the downstairs of the house before the rest of the pack woke up.

Bobby4Instantly, he bonded with the other dogs and loves to run around the garden. He loves to snuggle up to you on the sofa and the last few night has followed the rest of the dogs up to bed and has curled up at the bottom of my bed. It’s like playing TWISTER in my bed on a night trying to find a spot to put my legs and arms with 5 dogs, but at least they are only small dogs lol, and they are Family.

Bobby5I gave Bobby a bath and a haircut and he was so well-behaved…..he is such a sweet lovely chap and fits in great with our family.

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH PHOENIX you are doing a fab job!
Paula xxxxxx

Joop (was Bandit)

Joop (2)Hello Caroline,

Here some photo’s of little Joop.
He’s doing very well and is a happy little cat.
He’s playfull and talking all the time. Outside he is curious but he stays with us and is exploring the world on our side.

Kind regards,
Ben, Sonja en Joop

joop3 Joop

Merlin & Fleur

Dear Cilla and Caroline,
DSC01870Here are our first pictures of our adorable Merlin and Fleur.  They are settling in together superbly well, they took one look at each other when they met and rushed towards each other and spend every day playing together or sleeping.  They now both call us when we are not in sight. They don’t like us to disappear and shout loudly for us. They sleep downstairs and take themselves off to bed at the first sign of bedtime. They both spurn the lovely brand new beds we have bought and sleep on chairs underneath the table!  We have had no more accidents from Merlin but we have had some near misses, averted due to our vigilance, Fleur is a bouncing ball always sweet, with a huge, ready purr. Merlin is softer but being a little larger is taking charge.


DSC01866  DSC01859


DSC01855We have discovered how difficult it is to photograph Merlin if you don’t just want a silhouette, hopefully we shall get better at it.

We are absolutely delighted with them both. They adore each other and us, providing constant entertainment and a lot of love which we return tenfold. We could not wish for more.   We will keep you updated.
Best Wishes
Audrey & John


Binkie June 2015This Binkie in her paddling pool which we made for her so she could keep cool in this heat. She is such a lovely dog and she is really doing well. It’s almost one year ago since we adopted her so I thought you would all like to see her.
Best wishes Sandra and Binkie

Darcey (Previously known as Missy)



Just to let you know how great Darcey (Previously known as Missy) is
getting on.  We love her so much, . And she fits in with our other two
cats so very well.  Its like she’s always been a part of our family.  I
have attached two of my favourite pictures of her that were taken at
Christmas.  She loved the Christmas tree – and the taking down of the
christmas tree.

Many thanks for recommending her.

Louise and Wayne

Basil and Primrose (Rosie)

Basil and Primrose  (Rosie) went to their new home a few days ago.

PrimroseHere is a photo of them settled in after just a couple of hours!
Jacquie and Ian, their new owners also mentioned how impressed they were with Phoenix services. Thank you for giving them a lovely home!

Kiki and Bramble (were Lily and Barney)

Lilly and BarneyHello,
I thought you would like to know that our adopted cats Kiki (née Lily) and Bramble (né Barney) are getting on very well. They’re a year old now, and Bramble has stopped clambering up our legs with his claws out (why he was named Bramble!) and has turned his attention to hunting mice with brilliant success. Kiki is definitely the lazier of the two and refused to go outside all winter – as a result she’s a a bit plump around the middle so now we are gently encouraging her to get out more and be a pussy cat! It was such a good idea to get two kittens, they bonded instantly are brilliant friends. They’re also firm buddies with our dogs, even using our male Bernese as a nice heated bed when it’s cold.
Thank you Phoenix!

Minty was Mindy

Mindy yawningMinty is a May Day Dog as we picked her up on 1 May.   She is enjoying her new life, rounding up bantams, running round the garden, meeting new people, and always behaving very well.  She is my shaddow, where I go, she goes, always looking for something interesting, enjoying the ponds in the garden and chasing the dragonflies.   It seems as if she has been here for years, she’s a smart cooky.   Frances

Mindy close up on sofa Mindy in bed

Jacky was Mork

A write up based on e-mails from Sharon who adopted Mork (Now Jacky and if you ask her 93 year old Mum is also called Ricky? Poppy is Sharon’s other white Spitz. She also had a male called Ben who they sadly lost so Poppy was feeling very sad.

Jacky settling in and he slept on the bed with Poppy. Poppy would never let Ben even get on the bed so it is definitely progress.  Jacky is a bit of a growler and I am still trying to determine when it is play growl and when it is not.  It was not play when I tried to take the cat food off him that he had pushed the cat of the way to get to!  He also finally discovered his voice yesterday, but he doesn’t see the point of barking at anyone passing by, an activity that Poppy finds so entertaining, but no doubt she will teach him.

 Jacky is all over the place on the walks and I have got an elasticated lead which makes it more comfortable for him walking as he jerks such a lot with his limp, poor boy.  I also tried the harness as Margaret suggested, which works fine.  I am wondering whether to get him  one of those little dog boots you can buy to protect his paw when we go walking on hard surfaces and in the rain and cold.

 Jacky sleeps like a log! and he thinks my Mum is wonderful. In fact he jumped up on the sofa and cuddled her till bedtime and then he went to bed with her.  He has not left her side all night.  I am wondering whether she reminds him of  his old owner?  My mum is 93 and poorly with her heart and bad arthritis and other things, so maybe his old owner was similar. 

He is doing fine bless him.  I have been doing the rounds, introducing him to all my friends in the village. 

 Just a couple of photos to show how Jacky is settling in, which he is doing brilliantly.  I have never known a dog who is so little trouble, bless him.  He doesn’t like the rain though!  Won’t go out in it at all.  Well who does I suppose! His fur is growing back around his bottom though not so much noticeable around his neck and underneath.  I was worrying about the possibility of sunburn (when summer finally comes) but I have found some special doggie sunscreen, as human stuff is apparently bad for them if they lick it off.

IMG_0311 IMG_0315

I have ordered a special little bootee for his foot.  We had to send measurements, which was great fun!  My sister distracted him with bits of cheese while I measured his foot!  It probably won’t be necessary in the summer but might be nice for him in the cold and snow etc in winter.  

 Poppy and Jacky are both getting on fine together.  He loves to play and he brings a ball back, bless him. 

 Margaret says where would Phoenix and these dogs be without caring and loving people like Sharon who are prepared to give their love to them. Jacky loves life and it is a life that would have been cut short if he had not been rescued from the SPA. Have a long and happy life Jacky.


milo“Here’s a recent photo of Milo.

 We had a scare with him a few weeks back when he had an episode with a processional caterpillar.

Fortunately, due to the good work by our vets, he has not suffered any permanent damage.

 He has turned in to a very good hunter, catching mainly shrews, up to two a day.

Not funny when you have a shrew running round the bedroom at 3am.

 All in all he is well settled and very happy.

 Kind Regards



We hear from Piper’s new mum Katie :

Piper1 Piper2 

Piper3“We have now had Piper for a week and we could not have chosen a more lovely dog to replace poor Rosie and Buster! He is just adorable. He has settled in so well, very affectionate, well behaved and a very quick learner!

Here are a couple of photos for you.
I will keep you updated on his progress!

Tessa (was Candy)

A few weeks ago our world fell apart when we had to have our beloved dog PTS. He was only 5.
Tessa 5It soon became clear we couldn’t live without a dog in our lives and after spotting ‘Candy’ on the Phoenix site we visited her foster carers Des and Eddie. It was love at first sight and although she was so settled with them at their lovely home she seemed to take to us and happily came with us.

Tessa 6We now call her Tessa and she is so loving & affectionate but she is also a little mischievous – however she is very intelligent and is already responding to several commands.
It remains to be seen how big she grows, not having her history, but one thing is sure she has won the hearts of us and our friends and we are so grateful this little girl has come into our lives.
Kind regards
Michael and Sue


PIP was adopted just over 3 weeks ago, he is doing very well, here’s what his new family has to say…

Pip basketPip is an extremely friendly, funny, intelligent dog, which must be in large part down to the excellent foster home we found him in. He’s very adaptable, no trouble at all and his liveliness and spirit have really enhanced our home. He was already well trained though only 4 months old, he’s sociable with other dogs, very sociable with people and has such a cute face and sweet nature no-one can resist his charms. We couldn’t be happier we adopted him from Phoenix.

Thanks so much,
Katie and Steve

Misty (was Ophelia-Fifi)

Misty2We recently adopted Misty (previously Ophelie) from Phoenix  and are absolutely over the moon with her. She is such a joy to have around, as we have had ‘oldies’ for years now – her new ‘sister’ is well on her way to 18, so doesn’t do playing, but has accepted Misty without any problems, she even uses her as her guide though she doesn’t like to admit it. Misty is a really clever girl who can roll over, dance on her hind legs and fetch – getting the fetched object back from her is a work in progress though!  She likes ‘helping’ me in the garden, although she hasn’t quite got the idea of where to dig. She pings through the long grass chasing butterflies – although when your legs are only 10 cm long all grass is tall. She sticks to us like glue, and confidently does our long walks off the lead. This is certainly another Phoenix Success Story as it is mutual adoration all round! 
MistyWe are very grateful to Phoenix for taking her in, her lovely foster-carers Kay and Ron and all those who work behind the scenes to make re-homing possible for these animals. We will be supporting Phoenix in whatever way we can in future.
With grateful thanks
Alison & Peter

Murphy (was Timmy)

Murphy1“Murphy was adopted by my parents for my birthday. I was a surprised that they were thinking of getting a dog for my birthday because only a couple of months before my mum said that she would never adopt a dog, especially while our cats were still around. In fact it was my mother who suggested adopting a dog and now she has fallen in love with Murphy, so much so that she now says that he is never ever going to leave us. I am over the moon with my first pet dog and he is so well behaved and he is settling into our home very well. We take him for walks three times a day and he has been absolutely spoilt with the amount of toys he has been given.

Kind Regards


Murphy2 Murphy3 Murphy4 Murphy5 Murphy6 Murphy7

Jake, the Lion Heart

Here is the latest on Jake the three legged cat who seems to have landed really well on his 3 paws!

Jake1‘Hi Caroline

Jake thinks he has gone to Heaven – living the good life and with everyone around his little finger (claw).  He took the stairs on the first day like a cat with four paws, and once he’d got the technique and confidence, was not much daunted by coming down.

At first he spent every moment that he couldn’t be on top of me hiding inside the bottom of a Lazyboy chair.  Now he stays in his chosen sunny spot when I leave the room and is only jumpy for sudden noises, but doesn’t much care for my hairdryer or sewing machines.  When, however, he decides that he wants to be totally undisturbed for several hours, you can turn this house upside down and won’t find him ….. then suddenly appears out of nowhere, like a real McCavity. The biggest breakthrough is that he is now playing, chasing paper balls noisily, slipping and sliding on the wooden floors; pouncing even, and sits up like a squirrel to be able to smack things with the right paw.  The first time was fascinating:  he wanted to smack, tried to use the missing paw (I could see all the muscles where it use to be joined working), recalculated the odds, and adapted his position accordingly.

Jake2He is a huge eater, knows exactly when meal times are – I’m trying to keep him mainly on crunchies with wet food for treats, and am glad that he uses his energy bursts in play because, of course, we have to watch that he doesn’t carry excess weight. He told me  that you spoilt him with goodies from your table, by leaping onto the table and sticking his face in my plate because I seemed a bit slow on the uptake there, but you are forgiven .



Rosie, Buster & Stevie

From Katie & Mike who lost everything and worse of all, their beautiful animals in a fire a couple months ago…



“We came across the wonderful Phoenix Association in 2011 when walking down the high street in Morzine where we spend the winters and got chatting to a young couple who had a lovely pup with them. It turned out that they had got the pup from Phoenix, this was Maggie. We immediately went home and got on the internet and looked at the web site as we were told there was one of Maggie’s siblings still available. So there on the screen staring at us was Rosie. We called Linda Atkins who was the lovey fosterer and coincidentally she happened to live in the same village as some friends of ours, so we thought fate had struck and we reserved Rosie immediately.

Rosie-b1She was one of the naughtiest puppies ever! But at the same time was so lovely, pretty, stupid!!! After a year we decided that maybe she should have a play mate. I spoke to Sheelagh who said she had a “project”. The project in case was poor Stan (soon to be known as Buster). Stan had been terribly badly treated and starved and when we went down to see him immediately fell in love with this little sack of bones. Sheelagh and Rik had already been amazing with him. After not too long of coming to live with us, he got stronger, bigger and all his eating problems left him. He turned into the most wonderful, intelligent dog with oodles of character. Rosie and Buster together were the best best of friends. Buster could not be without Rosie at any time.



Stevie2So when we found we had lost both of them in the fire that burnt down where we were living for this winter, it was unbearable. We are also remembering Stevie Wonder, our wonderful black blind cat, although he was not a Phoenix cat.

The hole left by losing all three is a big one. However we have decided to give another lovely dog a chance and are looking forward to giving Piper a lovely home very soon. ”

Rosie Buster2 Stevie

Bam Bam


Here are some pictures of me settling in, yesterday mummy and daddy had a Sunday roast and when they had finished and went into the lounge with a coffee, I thought I would help tidy up the kitchen, they heard a bang, it was me jumping down from the table with the roast, I was on my way upstairs with it in case mummy wanted a midnight snack, however they took it away and now I am banned from the kitchen.

I have a new best friend Holly who loves me and wants to be with me all the time. I hope you like the pictures, I am having a lovely life here.

Lots of love Bam Bam.





Jahli1I thought I’d give everyone a little update on Jahli! She has grown alot and now at 6 1/2 months old weighs 21kg! She has been on “box rest” for the last 5 weeks as she went lame all of a sudden for no actual reason, and the vet and orthopedic specialist thought that she bashed the growth plate in her knee which became inflamed and quite sore. She got the all clear but must have bashed it again (or she wanted to see her favourite vet again!!) as we had another trip to the vets on Monday. She is not lame anymore but has to stay as quiet as possible – quiet and puppy aren’t normally in the same sentence!



Jahli4She has the craizest ears ever, her own chair in my room otherwise she likes to think she is a lap dog and her own sofa in the lounge! Loves the cats, and if the alarm goes off and you don’t wake up….2 minutes later you are sure to be awake as she is on your head waking you up!!! However she isn’t a good guard dog (not meant to be!) as anyone can get in the front door of the house without her realising it!

I have too many photos of her but here are a few favourites from the past few months!
Love this little girl!!

Daisy (was Holly)

DaisyHere’s Daisy (previously known as Holly)
She’s been here nearly 2 weeks, has settled in so well, she is very intelligent and quick.
Tomorrow she goes for her second vaccination and rabies and then we’ll be out and about.
Rosie, who is 10, is not as impressed as we are.
Best wishes
– Vicki

Daisy2 Daisy3 Daisy4 Daisy5

Joey was Jamie

Jamie3 “Jamie from Bergerac SPA, so far thinking the world is good again .new bed, toys, kind female dog to flirt with & me & my husband to love & cuddle him. He is a sweet dog

Coming out of his shell, not so timid after two days sleep, enjoying the good things in life. A delightful dog. Enjoys his cuddles”

– Susan & Peter

Jamie2 Jamie


TristanJust thought I would write to let you know how delighted we are with our new addition, who has made our house a home again.

After losing our beloved Ulis in August (also a Phoenix rescue) we never thought we’d be lucky enough to find another friend as loyal & loving. How wrong were we! Tristan is so much more than we could ever have hoped for, he is intelligent, funny , loving & loyal, loved by all who meet him.

Our first few weeks were a little fraught, having been given a new name Tristan did not respond well or should I say,  not at all to any command. We have persevered, with love, patience & loads of cuddles & praise, he has become just so eager to please the transformation is absolutely incredible. Obviously we have little blips when his nose closes his ears, but these are becoming less frequent, & the pleasure & joy he brings us always overrides these occasions .

So once again a BIG THANK YOU to Pheonix for allowing us the privilege of having Tristan share our lives.

I attach a photo of him, on his beanbag where he loves to spend his time after a hard day, chasing around in the garden or going out for his many long walks.

With best wishes to you all at Phoenix

Terry & Barbara & Tristan


“Hi, just toElsa3 let you know that Elsa is doing great. We are very happy to have adopted her and she really is part of the family now.” Michaela



Here’s Elsa with her new loving family members, Lennon, and Tux, one of their two cats adopted from Bergerac SPA 11 years ago!Elsa1

Zula (was Janie)

Zula02-640x445“Hi, can’t really type as being harassed by a small, loving purry thing but think you could say she is now part of the family! (3 out of 4 of which are courtesy of Phoenix!) Think she’s probably planning a take-over as boss!
Jim is now won over too! and the cat sized hole in my life is more than adequately filled!”
Zula01A-640x514 Zula1