BenjiBenji has just celebrated his second anniversary with me and Millie-cat here in the Charente. From terrible beginnings, he was fostered by Jackie and Andy who nurtured the wonderful dog that was buried beneath the fear.

Now he is loving, playful, gentle and loyal with an ever patient feline best friend.

He does wake up – sometimes!Benji2

Each time he goes to England he transforms easily into an urban dog, strutting his stuff up a busy street just loving the attention from admiring adults and kids who beam “Hey, Mum, it’s the dog off the Tele!”….? Not sure which dog they mean, maybe it is just his star quality.

Thank you Pheonix for rescuing him and thank you Jacky and Andy for your loving care.


Biscuit‘This is Biscuit, he has been with us almost a year now and we all adore him. He has slotted into our lives perfectly and is such a lovely little dog, can’t imagine ever being without him.’

biscuit3 Biscuit2


pip-petra‘Here is a photo starring Pip with his “sisters” and “brother”. He is doing very well and loves cuddling. Puk, the red cat, can’t do without Pip and is desperately looking for him when he is outside.’

– Greetings from Petra & family.


Words by Sally Dingle, Bergerac SPA volunteer:

….and now for a happy ending, we love happy endings!  
Little 811 (she had no name) was sad and lonely in SPA24 Bergerac, until Christine and Roel spotted her, right at the back of her cage avoiding all the chaos of the other dogs. 
They thought carefully about this adoption (they have two St.Bernards in the family already) which is exactly right, and on Monday, they became her new family.  
Christine says that she started out as “Muffin” but because she spends her time searching about and constantly looking for “things” – she is now “Google”, and responds positively to her name already. She has charmed the socks off the two St.Bernards (and Roel!), has settled into the household perfectly, and apparently is something of a flirt – who would have guessed it!

10934059_765365376873016_800632826161983044_n 10570373_765365986872955_3673018394788180059_n


unnamedHaving just renewed our annual subscription and sponsorship of Little Joe, here is an update on our adoptee.  We adopted Molly, a Griffon/Teckel cross, in 2003 when we lived near Duras.  She returned with us to the UK and has been happily living in cooler climes.  She has had a happy and healthy life apart from five years ago losing most of her tail with a malignant tumour, but the stump still wags. 

I’ve attached a photo of her in her favourite place, asleep on/in the bed!  Keep up the good work at Phoenix.



Hello and a very happy new year to you!

Just to let you know that Trixie is still thriving and will be moving to a life in the sun in the south of Spain next month, she wants to say a big thanks to you and Phoenix for saving her, as do we.
We wish you well for the future. Love Lita n Paul n trixie xxxx
IMG_0089-2 IMG_0090


10941028_982855518408743_203739981919671491_nRoxie has truly won our hearts, she has settled down really well. Here is a photo of her with our other dog Barney which is a cross Boxer – Malinois.

Elaine and Bev are hoping that by adding Roxie’s photo to our success album it will encourage others to adopt.

Sparky & Leo

The white and ginger cat is Sparky, our Phoenix cat/kitten who we have had for around 3-4 months, who has really taken to our latest adoptee, Leo, who was abandoned outside the vets.





This is our third girlie, Fay. She is the sweetest girl who loves cuddles. She also manages to sleep in the most awkward positions!”





This is our ginger princess, Doris. She’s rather chunkier than the other two and her nickname is dumpling. That’s when we don’t call her custard bottom! Here she is in here favourite basket, roasting said custard bottom by the log burner.



A very Happy New Year to you too! We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas.

Apologies for taking a couple of days to respond – lots going on in the Tucker household at the moment!

Yes, we were granted permission to take Guinness (his new name!) and he came with us to the Loire – he had a great time with Joss’ sister’s dogs (Toby and Gigi – who also came from Richard and Sheelagh!) In hindsight, we should have called you to let you know – sorry.

Guinness has settled brilliantly into life at Ferrieres – he loves the space and we’re quite happy to let him roam around the garden – we have had no cause for concern as he rarely ventures out of sight. He is walked off the lead, is no trouble at all, the kids absolutely love him (as does everyone who meets  him) and frankly, we couldn’t have wished for a better dog – he is wonderful!

I’ve attached a couple of photos below – he looks quite serious but they were taken whilst he looked out over his manor and I like to think it’s his proud face! You’ll notice his crossed legs in the second picture – did he do that with you? We think it’s hilarious! We’ll send more pictures as we get them but he is very camera shy and we’re struggling to get close enough to him to take better pics.

With very best wishes,

Mike, Joss, Max, Manny and Guinness

unnamed-7 unnamed-8


Just an update on Barney (adopted in July 2014, then Brownie), he has now had his first encounter with the sea and loved it. He’s obsessed with feathered animals and very good at finding and bringing back live deer in the forrest. We cannot imagine life without him now.

Thanks again to Phoenix Asso for the fab job they are doing.
Ian & Lis Poynter



“I am attaching some pictures of Gracie, she is doing well and she gets on well with her big sister Sasha, she loves walks around the lake at St Mathieu.
She has put on two kilos and she has had a checkup and she is perfectly healthy.
We love her to bits. She is very affectionate, but can be as deaf as a post when we call her back on a walk, but given her background it will probably take a while to adjust to her walks in the woods. She is very happy and has lots of toys which she loves playing with.
Best wishes
Pat Hutton”
unnamed-4 unnamed-5

Tommy Tufti

unnamed unnamed2







We adopted Tommy Tufti, a 3-4 year old poodle x terrier, in May 2013 after he had been fostered by Margaret and Gary White for just a few weeks.  He had been found running wild in Vergt, looking a bit like Bob Marley and scared of everyone and everything.  It took Phoenix 2 weeks to catch him.  

Tommy has been the most delightful, affectionate, funny little dog we could have asked for.  He has fitted so well into our family and adores us all as much as we adore him.  He has travelled to the UK and returned to France with aplomb, as long as he’s with us.

Being a poodle x terrier, Tommy is a smart, active little dog and can put on the most amazing turn of speed if allowed! Over the 6+ months he has been with us, we have built up something of a picture of what might have happened in his previous life.  He didn’t ‘speak’ French and had no apparent commands.  He was just like a puppy and has had no normal socialisation, is indoor trained, but hadn’t been out on walks before.  He hates and fears (and is quite aggressive with) walking sticks, shopping bags, bicycles and small white vans.  Tall men in dark trousers are a problem – you start to get the picture?  Tommy is missing half of one of his canine teeth and the end of his tail – kicked?  He has the funniest little trot, hopping and skipping along with his back legs – our vet can’t find any physical problem and it doesn’t seem to worry Tommy.
We have wonderful walks with Tommy, he loves to smell everything and anything, watering wherever he goes.  Being the bright dog he is, he has responded well to training and enjoys it a lot. He can now do the basics and walks off the lead and comes back when asked (unless involved in a sniff!).  People stop and talk to him because he is so cute.  He has commandeered the best chairs in the house, is always ready for a cuddle, sleeps like a log.  Good manners with some dogs and people are still a work in progress, as is leaving him for any period of time, but we are progressing.  
We couldn’t have asked for a better adoption – thank you so much Phoenix.
With kind regards and best wishes for the New Year,
Prue and Brian Baker




As you can see, the lovely Mabel, who has found kitty heaven. It’s on the bottom of our bed, with the electric blanket on, of course!

Victoria Thomas



This is “Louis” who we adopted in July (black & white) with his brother Barney on Christmas day. He is now 7 months, he has been castrated two weeks ago and we are enjoying an active life with our boys, Many thanks to Sheelah for letting us adopt our little boy.