Zula (was Janie)

Zula02-640x445“Hi, can’t really type as being harassed by a small, loving purry thing but think you could say she is now part of the family! (3 out of 4 of which are courtesy of Phoenix!) Think she’s probably planning a take-over as boss!
Jim is now won over too! and the cat sized hole in my life is more than adequately filled!”
Zula01A-640x514 Zula1

Jinty aka Dolly

Jinty one of the Super Dupers adopted in January. 

“First let me say that we love her to bits. I think that she is super intelligent (because I am her mum). She now weighs 7 kilos and that was at her 12 week check. Yesterday she managed to open the door to let herself out to do whatever….and then she came in and did it behind the settee. Fortunately she sleeps quite a lot. I wouldn’t change her for the world.” – Christine

Super Dupers Jinty aka Dolly 2 Super Dupers Jinty aka Dolly 3Super Dupers Jinty aka Dolly 4



“Our delightful Jeeves came to us in January, he is the most wonderful, extraordinary cat and has fitted in with all our other animals, chickens,horses, a dog and two other cats and is a joy to everyone he meets.”

– Judith

J Edgar aka JJ “Stinky”

“IJJ2n 2005, we adopted a strange, shy puppy who was named Perky….Big soft ears, big feet, short legs….we think he was the unlikely offspring of a Border Collie and a dachshund. On the way home from Phoenix, we decided to rename him J. Edgar….But that quickly got shortened to JJ…none of poor French friends could ever get used to saying JJ…it became GeeGee or even a more exotic middle eastern sounding Djzai Djzai….but I usually called him Stinky.  He grew to be a very good looking dog and I have to admit, he was the very best dog I ever was friends with. He taught me much more than I could ever have taught him. Smart, active, loyal and totally trustworthy. I live surrounded by forest and we spent many hours on hikes. I never worried about what he was doing….He would take off and chase things, I could keep on walking and he would find me in the forest no matter where I was. He was very affectionate with my wife and very gentle. He was very active and always in good health, but unfortunately, he died very swiftly last June as a result of drinking from a ditch where my neighbour farmer had drained a tank of pesticide. It was very traumatic for me as he really was my best friend.

Here is a picture of J Edgar, JJ, Stinky as I would like to remember him:


What a guy he was!”

– Patrick

Romeo (was Zorro)

“We recently adopted a doggie from a foster carer through Phoenix. He was part of a litter found abandoned near Cognac. We saw them on the Phoenix website and drove up to meet them last month. They seem to be a mix of Jack Russel and Griffon….feisty little dogs. They were all adorable, but there was one little fellow that immediately decided that he was the one. His name at the time was Zorro, but within a few days, he became Romeo. He chose us as much as we chose him. We think he is about 5 months old now and really a strong willed little guy. We have a lot of room here for him to run around and he is getting bigger by the day. He is almost house broken, at least he tells us when he needs to go out! Alternately a little demon and a little angel, but aren’t all puppies like that? We lost 2 dogs last year and it took a while to get over it and were going to try to take out time to find the “right one” when we were ready, but as I said, Romeo chose us as much as we chose him….Here is a picture of the little rascal:

You can see why he won our hearts immediately! :


We’ll keep you updated on Romeo as he gets bigger…..now I have to paint hot sauce on every thing we hold dear to stop him from destroying rugs, curtains, furniture etc…etc….if you ever need the ultimate hot sauce to create doggie no go zones, I recommend an American brand called Dave’s Insanity Sauce….It works!

– Patrick

Nell (was Annie)


“Eddie’s growing into such a handsome boy. We have his sister Nell ( was Annie) and she is the best. She too has the odd eyes and is the shaggy haired version of Haribo. She is very calm, happy to just get on doing puppy things, very friendly and loves people and cats. Nell is our 1st dog & we thought long & hard about having one. We have not been disappointed, she is already one of the family and I hope that Eddie can find a family too very soon as he is gorgeous.” 

– Sian

Sophie and Rosie

sophie-rosieSisters Sophie and Rosie (adopted two years ago 5 weeks apart as Rosie had been spoken for) enjoy their favourite non-activity–sleeping!
As I look at our rescue cats, Sophie and Rosie, I think of Phoenix and the joy you have given us.

Rollo joins Chabbi to keep him company

rollo2 rollo

Rollo, a cross lab/berger? has brought immediate happiness to us and more especially to our existing dog, Chabbi, a Phoenix rescue , who came to us in 2013. Chabbi originally had the company and support of Jess our Labrador who unfortunately died aged 14 last year. Without company, Chabbi seemed unable to forget his difficult times on the streets of Bergerac and reverted to being almost traumatised by any human company or noise outside the house. We decided to see if the company of a puppy would help him and he, plus us, immediately fell for the bundle of activity that was Rollo when we met at Shirley and David’s house. Rollo, originally Rikki, joined us permanently in January and Chabbi has taken on the role of mother, brother and playmate without hesitation. So we have two successes and two very happy dogs, who play endlessly……Rollo being very aptly named!
Thank you again Phoenix.,



Arrival photo….

Our story began with a 2hr drive in October to Angouleme ” Mornac SPA “, we met our dog, then named Fredy, He was in a sorry state. Sickeningly underweight, downcast, bewildered, anxious and exhausted, Most poignant was his reluctance to look at people.

We took him for a walk in the spa woods, knew he was coming home. He was travel sick all the way ! What with kennel cough, severe gastric infection, fleas & worms etc.

We took him to the vet. We had been told he was 4, but soon concluded he was much younger (we didn’t really want a puppy !) Our vet agreed, he was barely 2. He was terrified of everyday noises, hysterical at being left at night, we realized he was much more settled if we left the internal Kitchen door open. Nervous even to go into the garden, we now can’t stop him! Tricky with the cat still, but we are getting there.

We had quite a tough time for the first few weeks. He now clearly enjoys his life (as we do, sharing it with him) He is funny, affectionate and, somewhat amazingly trusting. Most rewarding is that he openly looks at you.


Last week ! – Happy days


Physically & emotionally healthy, he is the happy result of being loved & safe.
‘ Fredy’ doesn’t really suit him. Although boisterous, there is an elegance about him too, so for the moment he is “Misty”

Best wishes, Jackie


This is Lily we bought her from Phoenix 4 years ago now although she was a very nervous dog at the beginning and used to run away from strangers, after time she started to become much braver and rarely does that now. She is a very loving dog and gets on well with our papillon Jet and seems to get on with all animals she regularly has contact with other dogs, cats, horses and chickens, as you can see from the photo the cat is Olive who belongs to my sister in law. We are so grateful to Phoenix for finding her for us.

Regards, Mavis

Lily Lily2

Hogan and Patti

Hello friends,

Hogan-PattiThis is our story, two years ago, our new mummy was looking on the internet to home a new cat, as she sadly lost her boy tom to cancer. First she saw me, my name is Hogan, I am a very gorgeous boy – so mum keeps telling me – I am a large tabby with lovely green eyes, I am a bit of a shy boy, but you get lots of cuddles which is good.


a barrel of beauty,and comfort


My mum scrolled down to look more and found Patti, she is grey with black markings. Patti was my friend so we were so happy when we went together.

three chair

A trio of catisfaction

A lovely man called David Marker, a driver for Phoenix, very kindly took us both to our new mums as it was a long drive. We had another friend, Misty a beautiful girl (she is 11) plus Jackson the hound, we soon put him in his place. There are chickens and a duck, we have fun chasing sometimes.

We hope that all our friends we left behind will very soon find a new mum to love and hug you. Good luck everyone.

Our mum’s name is Aldeen.


mouche“I adopted Mouche in October when I came to the book fair at Campsegret. 
She is a dear little dog, obedient and affectionate and wonderful company.  She turned out to have very bad arthritis in her back legs which showed up about a week after I brought her home.  A month of weekly vet visits for injections and tablets and she runs, jumps and plays with no problems now. 
I just watch for any future problem.  It took a bit of time, but she now accepts the cat coming and going though I remain wary with the poultry. 
But otherwise, she is a most attractive little dog.”

– Caroline

Thomas (was Topaz)

Tom Thomas Topaz close up“Thomas brings much joy into our lives and makes us laugh, he gets up to all kinds of mischief and seems to enjoy charging through the house. We cannot imagine life without him, thank you Phoenix. “

Lorna and Cliff