Jahli1I thought I’d give everyone a little update on Jahli! She has grown alot and now at 6 1/2 months old weighs 21kg! She has been on “box rest” for the last 5 weeks as she went lame all of a sudden for no actual reason, and the vet and orthopedic specialist thought that she bashed the growth plate in her knee which became inflamed and quite sore. She got the all clear but must have bashed it again (or she wanted to see her favourite vet again!!) as we had another trip to the vets on Monday. She is not lame anymore but has to stay as quiet as possible – quiet and puppy aren’t normally in the same sentence!



Jahli4She has the craizest ears ever, her own chair in my room otherwise she likes to think she is a lap dog and her own sofa in the lounge! Loves the cats, and if the alarm goes off and you don’t wake up….2 minutes later you are sure to be awake as she is on your head waking you up!!! However she isn’t a good guard dog (not meant to be!) as anyone can get in the front door of the house without her realising it!

I have too many photos of her but here are a few favourites from the past few months!
Love this little girl!!

Daisy (was Holly)

DaisyHere’s Daisy (previously known as Holly)
She’s been here nearly 2 weeks, has settled in so well, she is very intelligent and quick.
Tomorrow she goes for her second vaccination and rabies and then we’ll be out and about.
Rosie, who is 10, is not as impressed as we are.
Best wishes
– Vicki

Daisy2 Daisy3 Daisy4 Daisy5

Joey was Jamie

Jamie3 “Jamie from Bergerac SPA, so far thinking the world is good again .new bed, toys, kind female dog to flirt with & me & my husband to love & cuddle him. He is a sweet dog

Coming out of his shell, not so timid after two days sleep, enjoying the good things in life. A delightful dog. Enjoys his cuddles”

– Susan & Peter

Jamie2 Jamie


TristanJust thought I would write to let you know how delighted we are with our new addition, who has made our house a home again.

After losing our beloved Ulis in August (also a Phoenix rescue) we never thought we’d be lucky enough to find another friend as loyal & loving. How wrong were we! Tristan is so much more than we could ever have hoped for, he is intelligent, funny , loving & loyal, loved by all who meet him.

Our first few weeks were a little fraught, having been given a new name Tristan did not respond well or should I say,  not at all to any command. We have persevered, with love, patience & loads of cuddles & praise, he has become just so eager to please the transformation is absolutely incredible. Obviously we have little blips when his nose closes his ears, but these are becoming less frequent, & the pleasure & joy he brings us always overrides these occasions .

So once again a BIG THANK YOU to Pheonix for allowing us the privilege of having Tristan share our lives.

I attach a photo of him, on his beanbag where he loves to spend his time after a hard day, chasing around in the garden or going out for his many long walks.

With best wishes to you all at Phoenix

Terry & Barbara & Tristan


“Hi, just toElsa3 let you know that Elsa is doing great. We are very happy to have adopted her and she really is part of the family now.” Michaela



Here’s Elsa with her new loving family members, Lennon, and Tux, one of their two cats adopted from Bergerac SPA 11 years ago!Elsa1