milo“Here’s a recent photo of Milo.

 We had a scare with him a few weeks back when he had an episode with a processional caterpillar.

Fortunately, due to the good work by our vets, he has not suffered any permanent damage.

 He has turned in to a very good hunter, catching mainly shrews, up to two a day.

Not funny when you have a shrew running round the bedroom at 3am.

 All in all he is well settled and very happy.

 Kind Regards



We hear from Piper’s new mum Katie :

Piper1 Piper2 

Piper3“We have now had Piper for a week and we could not have chosen a more lovely dog to replace poor Rosie and Buster! He is just adorable. He has settled in so well, very affectionate, well behaved and a very quick learner!

Here are a couple of photos for you.
I will keep you updated on his progress!

Tessa (was Candy)

A few weeks ago our world fell apart when we had to have our beloved dog PTS. He was only 5.
Tessa 5It soon became clear we couldn’t live without a dog in our lives and after spotting ‘Candy’ on the Phoenix site we visited her foster carers Des and Eddie. It was love at first sight and although she was so settled with them at their lovely home she seemed to take to us and happily came with us.

Tessa 6We now call her Tessa and she is so loving & affectionate but she is also a little mischievous – however she is very intelligent and is already responding to several commands.
It remains to be seen how big she grows, not having her history, but one thing is sure she has won the hearts of us and our friends and we are so grateful this little girl has come into our lives.
Kind regards
Michael and Sue


PIP was adopted just over 3 weeks ago, he is doing very well, here’s what his new family has to say…

Pip basketPip is an extremely friendly, funny, intelligent dog, which must be in large part down to the excellent foster home we found him in. He’s very adaptable, no trouble at all and his liveliness and spirit have really enhanced our home. He was already well trained though only 4 months old, he’s sociable with other dogs, very sociable with people and has such a cute face and sweet nature no-one can resist his charms. We couldn’t be happier we adopted him from Phoenix.

Thanks so much,
Katie and Steve

Misty (was Ophelia-Fifi)

Misty2We recently adopted Misty (previously Ophelie) from Phoenix  and are absolutely over the moon with her. She is such a joy to have around, as we have had ‘oldies’ for years now – her new ‘sister’ is well on her way to 18, so doesn’t do playing, but has accepted Misty without any problems, she even uses her as her guide though she doesn’t like to admit it. Misty is a really clever girl who can roll over, dance on her hind legs and fetch – getting the fetched object back from her is a work in progress though!  She likes ‘helping’ me in the garden, although she hasn’t quite got the idea of where to dig. She pings through the long grass chasing butterflies – although when your legs are only 10 cm long all grass is tall. She sticks to us like glue, and confidently does our long walks off the lead. This is certainly another Phoenix Success Story as it is mutual adoration all round! 
MistyWe are very grateful to Phoenix for taking her in, her lovely foster-carers Kay and Ron and all those who work behind the scenes to make re-homing possible for these animals. We will be supporting Phoenix in whatever way we can in future.
With grateful thanks
Alison & Peter

Murphy (was Timmy)

Murphy1“Murphy was adopted by my parents for my birthday. I was a surprised that they were thinking of getting a dog for my birthday because only a couple of months before my mum said that she would never adopt a dog, especially while our cats were still around. In fact it was my mother who suggested adopting a dog and now she has fallen in love with Murphy, so much so that she now says that he is never ever going to leave us. I am over the moon with my first pet dog and he is so well behaved and he is settling into our home very well. We take him for walks three times a day and he has been absolutely spoilt with the amount of toys he has been given.

Kind Regards


Murphy2 Murphy3 Murphy4 Murphy5 Murphy6 Murphy7

Jake, the Lion Heart

Here is the latest on Jake the three legged cat who seems to have landed really well on his 3 paws!

Jake1‘Hi Caroline

Jake thinks he has gone to Heaven – living the good life and with everyone around his little finger (claw).  He took the stairs on the first day like a cat with four paws, and once he’d got the technique and confidence, was not much daunted by coming down.

At first he spent every moment that he couldn’t be on top of me hiding inside the bottom of a Lazyboy chair.  Now he stays in his chosen sunny spot when I leave the room and is only jumpy for sudden noises, but doesn’t much care for my hairdryer or sewing machines.  When, however, he decides that he wants to be totally undisturbed for several hours, you can turn this house upside down and won’t find him ….. then suddenly appears out of nowhere, like a real McCavity. The biggest breakthrough is that he is now playing, chasing paper balls noisily, slipping and sliding on the wooden floors; pouncing even, and sits up like a squirrel to be able to smack things with the right paw.  The first time was fascinating:  he wanted to smack, tried to use the missing paw (I could see all the muscles where it use to be joined working), recalculated the odds, and adapted his position accordingly.

Jake2He is a huge eater, knows exactly when meal times are – I’m trying to keep him mainly on crunchies with wet food for treats, and am glad that he uses his energy bursts in play because, of course, we have to watch that he doesn’t carry excess weight. He told me  that you spoilt him with goodies from your table, by leaping onto the table and sticking his face in my plate because I seemed a bit slow on the uptake there, but you are forgiven .



Rosie, Buster & Stevie

From Katie & Mike who lost everything and worse of all, their beautiful animals in a fire a couple months ago…



“We came across the wonderful Phoenix Association in 2011 when walking down the high street in Morzine where we spend the winters and got chatting to a young couple who had a lovely pup with them. It turned out that they had got the pup from Phoenix, this was Maggie. We immediately went home and got on the internet and looked at the web site as we were told there was one of Maggie’s siblings still available. So there on the screen staring at us was Rosie. We called Linda Atkins who was the lovey fosterer and coincidentally she happened to live in the same village as some friends of ours, so we thought fate had struck and we reserved Rosie immediately.

Rosie-b1She was one of the naughtiest puppies ever! But at the same time was so lovely, pretty, stupid!!! After a year we decided that maybe she should have a play mate. I spoke to Sheelagh who said she had a “project”. The project in case was poor Stan (soon to be known as Buster). Stan had been terribly badly treated and starved and when we went down to see him immediately fell in love with this little sack of bones. Sheelagh and Rik had already been amazing with him. After not too long of coming to live with us, he got stronger, bigger and all his eating problems left him. He turned into the most wonderful, intelligent dog with oodles of character. Rosie and Buster together were the best best of friends. Buster could not be without Rosie at any time.



Stevie2So when we found we had lost both of them in the fire that burnt down where we were living for this winter, it was unbearable. We are also remembering Stevie Wonder, our wonderful black blind cat, although he was not a Phoenix cat.

The hole left by losing all three is a big one. However we have decided to give another lovely dog a chance and are looking forward to giving Piper a lovely home very soon. ”

Rosie Buster2 Stevie

Bam Bam


Here are some pictures of me settling in, yesterday mummy and daddy had a Sunday roast and when they had finished and went into the lounge with a coffee, I thought I would help tidy up the kitchen, they heard a bang, it was me jumping down from the table with the roast, I was on my way upstairs with it in case mummy wanted a midnight snack, however they took it away and now I am banned from the kitchen.

I have a new best friend Holly who loves me and wants to be with me all the time. I hope you like the pictures, I am having a lovely life here.

Lots of love Bam Bam.