Darcey (Previously known as Missy)



Just to let you know how great Darcey (Previously known as Missy) is
getting on.  We love her so much, . And she fits in with our other two
cats so very well.  Its like she’s always been a part of our family.  I
have attached two of my favourite pictures of her that were taken at
Christmas.  She loved the Christmas tree – and the taking down of the
christmas tree.

Many thanks for recommending her.

Louise and Wayne

Basil and Primrose (Rosie)

Basil and Primrose  (Rosie) went to their new home a few days ago.

PrimroseHere is a photo of them settled in after just a couple of hours!
Jacquie and Ian, their new owners also mentioned how impressed they were with Phoenix services. Thank you for giving them a lovely home!

Kiki and Bramble (were Lily and Barney)

Lilly and BarneyHello,
I thought you would like to know that our adopted cats Kiki (née Lily) and Bramble (né Barney) are getting on very well. They’re a year old now, and Bramble has stopped clambering up our legs with his claws out (why he was named Bramble!) and has turned his attention to hunting mice with brilliant success. Kiki is definitely the lazier of the two and refused to go outside all winter – as a result she’s a a bit plump around the middle so now we are gently encouraging her to get out more and be a pussy cat! It was such a good idea to get two kittens, they bonded instantly are brilliant friends. They’re also firm buddies with our dogs, even using our male Bernese as a nice heated bed when it’s cold.
Thank you Phoenix!

Minty was Mindy

Mindy yawningMinty is a May Day Dog as we picked her up on 1 May.   She is enjoying her new life, rounding up bantams, running round the garden, meeting new people, and always behaving very well.  She is my shaddow, where I go, she goes, always looking for something interesting, enjoying the ponds in the garden and chasing the dragonflies.   It seems as if she has been here for years, she’s a smart cooky.   Frances

Mindy close up on sofa Mindy in bed

Jacky was Mork

A write up based on e-mails from Sharon who adopted Mork (Now Jacky and if you ask her 93 year old Mum is also called Ricky? Poppy is Sharon’s other white Spitz. She also had a male called Ben who they sadly lost so Poppy was feeling very sad.

Jacky settling in and he slept on the bed with Poppy. Poppy would never let Ben even get on the bed so it is definitely progress.  Jacky is a bit of a growler and I am still trying to determine when it is play growl and when it is not.  It was not play when I tried to take the cat food off him that he had pushed the cat of the way to get to!  He also finally discovered his voice yesterday, but he doesn’t see the point of barking at anyone passing by, an activity that Poppy finds so entertaining, but no doubt she will teach him.

 Jacky is all over the place on the walks and I have got an elasticated lead which makes it more comfortable for him walking as he jerks such a lot with his limp, poor boy.  I also tried the harness as Margaret suggested, which works fine.  I am wondering whether to get him  one of those little dog boots you can buy to protect his paw when we go walking on hard surfaces and in the rain and cold.

 Jacky sleeps like a log! and he thinks my Mum is wonderful. In fact he jumped up on the sofa and cuddled her till bedtime and then he went to bed with her.  He has not left her side all night.  I am wondering whether she reminds him of  his old owner?  My mum is 93 and poorly with her heart and bad arthritis and other things, so maybe his old owner was similar. 

He is doing fine bless him.  I have been doing the rounds, introducing him to all my friends in the village. 

 Just a couple of photos to show how Jacky is settling in, which he is doing brilliantly.  I have never known a dog who is so little trouble, bless him.  He doesn’t like the rain though!  Won’t go out in it at all.  Well who does I suppose! His fur is growing back around his bottom though not so much noticeable around his neck and underneath.  I was worrying about the possibility of sunburn (when summer finally comes) but I have found some special doggie sunscreen, as human stuff is apparently bad for them if they lick it off.

IMG_0311 IMG_0315

I have ordered a special little bootee for his foot.  We had to send measurements, which was great fun!  My sister distracted him with bits of cheese while I measured his foot!  It probably won’t be necessary in the summer but might be nice for him in the cold and snow etc in winter.  

 Poppy and Jacky are both getting on fine together.  He loves to play and he brings a ball back, bless him. 

 Margaret says where would Phoenix and these dogs be without caring and loving people like Sharon who are prepared to give their love to them. Jacky loves life and it is a life that would have been cut short if he had not been rescued from the SPA. Have a long and happy life Jacky.