Joop (was Bandit)

Joop (2)Hello Caroline,

Here some photo’s of little Joop.
He’s doing very well and is a happy little cat.
He’s playfull and talking all the time. Outside he is curious but he stays with us and is exploring the world on our side.

Kind regards,
Ben, Sonja en Joop

joop3 Joop

Merlin & Fleur

Dear Cilla and Caroline,
DSC01870Here are our first pictures of our adorable Merlin and Fleur.  They are settling in together superbly well, they took one look at each other when they met and rushed towards each other and spend every day playing together or sleeping.  They now both call us when we are not in sight. They don’t like us to disappear and shout loudly for us. They sleep downstairs and take themselves off to bed at the first sign of bedtime. They both spurn the lovely brand new beds we have bought and sleep on chairs underneath the table!  We have had no more accidents from Merlin but we have had some near misses, averted due to our vigilance, Fleur is a bouncing ball always sweet, with a huge, ready purr. Merlin is softer but being a little larger is taking charge.


DSC01866  DSC01859


DSC01855We have discovered how difficult it is to photograph Merlin if you don’t just want a silhouette, hopefully we shall get better at it.

We are absolutely delighted with them both. They adore each other and us, providing constant entertainment and a lot of love which we return tenfold. We could not wish for more.   We will keep you updated.
Best Wishes
Audrey & John


Binkie June 2015This Binkie in her paddling pool which we made for her so she could keep cool in this heat. She is such a lovely dog and she is really doing well. It’s almost one year ago since we adopted her so I thought you would all like to see her.
Best wishes Sandra and Binkie