Tommy and Twinkle

dinner time with Tommy and TwinksQuality time with our six dogs first thing in the morning, three of which are new to the family. 
Tommy and Twinkle the two little black dogs, brother and sister who we adopted from Phoenix animal rescue. Tommy is very much part of the boy gang but does lose his temper every so often if Nico pinches a toy or stick.  Little Twinks just likes to be with me or is happy to be part of the group if they do not put her under too much pressure, and the latest addition Nico a young Malinois.
Sue and Tony
Foster Carer Jackie adds “I can’t believe, Tommy who was so dreadfully frightened has now completely changed and is jumping up at Sue for a treat – fantastic!”

Arthur and Tornade now Boomy and Storm





Both adopted the same day, they love playing together….


Boomy always on the lookout for new places to discover


image2Storm is very cuddly loves to have his picture taken

image3Boomy is always moving so best picture so far is when he’s having a rest!

image4Storm too!

image5Love my kitties! – Amy


Hello my name is Jack and I have a new home with Richard and Jeanette at Labarthe in Baleyssagues. I am very happy here but the weather gets bit hot. I have been given my own plunge pool which is great fun and super for cooking off!Jack


Bobby1When I saw Bobby on Phoenix facebook page on Friday night, it was love at first sight and I knew I had room for one more dog in our pack!

A good friend of mine offered to drive the 12 hour journey from Brittany to Dordogne to collect him. Bobby arrived here after midnight on the Sunday evening. After such a long journey, I didn’t want Bobby overwhelmed by my four Scottish terriers, so walked him around the garden by himself on the lead.

Bobby2 Bobby3

After lots of cuddles and reassurance, I placed Bobby in the living room with a nice cosy bed, water and food and left the light on for him.

Next morning, I woke at 6am and came down stairs to be greeted by him….too early for the Scotties, so they stayed upstairs! Me and Bobby went in the garden and explored the downstairs of the house before the rest of the pack woke up.

Bobby4Instantly, he bonded with the other dogs and loves to run around the garden. He loves to snuggle up to you on the sofa and the last few night has followed the rest of the dogs up to bed and has curled up at the bottom of my bed. It’s like playing TWISTER in my bed on a night trying to find a spot to put my legs and arms with 5 dogs, but at least they are only small dogs lol, and they are Family.

Bobby5I gave Bobby a bath and a haircut and he was so well-behaved…..he is such a sweet lovely chap and fits in great with our family.

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH PHOENIX you are doing a fab job!
Paula xxxxxx