Update on Daisy (a.k.a Holly)

This is the growing up of Daisie (a.k.a Holly) Now 9 months old – the most charming and intelligent little person, Giving us immense  pleasure.
Regards Vicki

Jahli is now 1yr old


I can’t believe how time flies! Jahli is now 1yr old and a bundle of fun! We went on holiday to the Sables D’Olonnes and she had a fantastic time playing on the beach and in the sea! 
She’s still spoilt and has her own sofa and chair to sleep on depending on which room she is in! She has the most expressive ears and is such a joy to own 🙂 
I have too many photos of her from our weekend away so here are a few…well quite a lot really…!!
Hope you enjoy the updated photos!! 
(very happy owner of Jahli!)