Hi there,

joeyLittle did we know when we adopted Joe, the shepherd crossed with something or other puppy that we had adopted a little thief. 
This little cleptomaniac doesn’t have any boundaries. Shoes, dusters, clothing, phones, letters, cutlery, in fact pretty much anything he can lay his paws on will disappear only to be found in his basket sometime later. If you can find something ” have you looked in Joe’s basket.” Is the usual response. 
He is a little treasure however and even the cat is reluctantly starting to tolerate him. Slowly. Well, apart from when Joe assumes the cat doesn’t want his dinner so feels justified in finishing it. After barging him out of the way. 
The chickens…..not so tolerant.
He is a very tolerant pup, choosing to play with any dog he comes across, even the bad tempered ones and is also learning to walk quietly on a short lead when necessary. He knows he is not allowed on the furniture so always waits until he thinks no one is looking before sitting on his master’s chair. 
Thankyou to the Phoenix association for the wonderful work you are doing.
Many thanks,
Catherine & Mike

Izzy formally Cachou

Hello Christine and Jennifer,

At long last news of Izzy, formally Cachou.
Izzy has been an absolute delight since we adopted her last June.
She did make herself at home the moment she got here. She is a very inquisitive and intelligent little lady.
We thank you for the opportunity to let us share her life.

Kind regards,
Paule and Gerry