zowieHi Indya
We’ve had Zowie now for just over 2 weeks and he’s settled in as a member of the family !  He’s lively, funny and enjoys his walks.  His appetite is strong and now he’s had his stitches out he runs around like the puppy he is.  He’s a real joy and we’re looking forward to many years of fun.

Attached is one of many photos already taken, as he’s so photogenic 😉
All the best !

Eros (re-named Jacques)

ErosDear Indya
I have had Eros (re-named Jacques) for 3 weeks now and am so pleased I gave him a forever home.  He is an absolute sweetheart and has learned to walk to heel, fetch a ball, sit and stay and has no problem with the change of language!!  We are working on his recall as, once he is off the lead, the Jack Russell brain takes over.  We’ll get there.

Thank you for such a superb pet.