Our gorgeous Buddy

IMG_0058This is our lovely puppy Buddy (previously Choccie Chip) We adopted him from Phoenix in December when he was just 2 months old. He’s now 7 months and we wouldn’t be without him.
He’s settled in so well with our 2 other dogs and 6 cats, everyone loves him! He is our 5 year old daughters best friend, they eat, play and sleep together and everywhere she goes, he comes too!
I’ve attached a few photos of him, I have more on my old phone if you would like them! 
Please give Shelagh and Richard our best wishes and tell them we are so thankful for our amazing little buddy. 
Kind regards
Carly, Matthew and Maisie

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We adopted Lola just before Christmas and from the moment she arrived it felt like she had been here forever. She has lost a little more weight and now climbs, runs and plays with no problems. She also lives with two rehomed chickens! Who’d have thought a jack Russell, cat and chickens! I think they know where their bread is buttered!
Kindest regards Lynne