Smiling STIF!

STIF 1STIF is still smiling! He knows he has good friends who helped him to find a new life and to adopt a new family.

At ten years old, STIF was a prime example of an older dog at risk in the SPA. Phoenix is committed to protecting the “oldies” and promoting their adoption through the Phoenix Pensioners Scheme which offers a 500€ Veterinary Voucher on their adoption from the SPA.

Keep smiling STIF!

STIF on his holidays by the poolPhoenix President, Rik writes,

“My partner in old bones, Stif, and I give our thanks for giving Stif a second chance to finish his days with bounce.

If you are thinking of buying a dog please think first of adoption and then of the satisfaction of giving some care and love to an oldie.

Go boy go!”