Amelie and Romy (Marie and Margot)

the babiesHere Amelie and Romy (Marie and Margot) snuggling and having fun, hapily adopted 5 weeks ago…
These two sisters have already become part of our family.  Amelie is the leader and Romy follows.  They’ve made our house a home.

love games snuggling

Buck was Bear


We adopted Buck (formerly known as Bear) in May 2016.
As you can see on the photo by know he has completely settled within our family.
Best regards,
Nicole and Guido

Ashley, now renamed Amelie

Amelie1 Dear Indya
Please find attached photos of Amelie since she arrived home.
Amelie came to us after having a long wait organised by Sophie.
We had seen her on Facebook in early February while we still lived into the UK and fell in love with her. She sounded a feisty, independent cat and we knew we wanted to give her a home. She was reserved for us and once we arrived in France in April we arranged to meet Sophie in St Emilion to collect her. She had been on a train and was now put in a strange car with strange people. She settled really well for the journey.

Amelie2Once we arrived home after a long journey were worried in case she felt nervous being in a new home. Straight away she seemed relaxed and ‘at home’. She put the two dogs in their place with a hiss, growl and a swift box to their ears!! We put her food, water and litter tray in my bedroom so she knew she had a safe dog free zone. Ever since she arrived she has slept on my bed.
We have a walled garden here and she never goes out of the gate unless one of us is with her, she is definitely a home cat and we love her.
Best wishes


MayaWe adopted Maya on the 24th of May this year and we adore her. Everybody does. 

You can see on the photo she gets on fine with our old lab Bimba. And this photo has been taken on the 26th. She is happy and so are we.