CLIFF – an 8 yr old Beagle X male

Here is adorable and gentle boy Cliff, who desperately wants out of the SPA to find a warm bed and family he can call his own.

Sally writes:

“Cliff is as gentle as a lamb, quiet and friendly.  He LOVES to get out for a walk, and like all beagles, sniffing about for all the smells is top priority.  He does love a cuddle too and is very responsive to us – a big favourite with the volunteers because he is so easy going and affectionate.  Easy on the lead (we have not been permitted to let him off the lead).  

He never pushes himself forward, just sits and watches the world go by, and his tail never, never stops wagging when we come to his box and take him out for a walk.  So optimistic and uncomplicated.

When he arrived he had been rescued from neglect and abuse.  He is recovered now, we have restored his coat with appropriate treatment and he bears not a single grudge, he is optimistic and cheerful always. He loves people but never jumps up or becomes boisterous – just calm and friendly, the perfect gentleman.
He doesn’t ask for much, a warm bed and some good walks.  Because we don’t guarantee how he would respond to recall, we would advise a fenced garden, or a fenced compound for exercise.”
He has been castrated and his adoption fee is 160€ 

If you think you can give this sweet boy the love and home he longs for,
please contact Sally Dingle
Tel: 05 53 58 28 62

MAGIQUE-BENNIE – 5 year old male Fauve de Bretagne X (Wire/Rough Coated Bassett Hound)


magique-bennie-2Known to us as “BENNIE” this little chap has such a happy character. Friendly and affectionate, uncomplicated, willing and obedient.

He adores human company and loves to go out for a walk and is very easy to handle. Although he has been known to chase cats and chickens.

He doesn’t like to be left alone indoors, as he is used to living outside, so he’ll be happy to be left in a secure garden where he has shelter and a bed. However, he prefers to come in during the evening for his cuddles and curl up in his comfy bed and sleep until morning.

Bennie has been chipped and castrated and is currently in Bergerac SPA

If you would like to meet this happy chap or ask a question
please contact Sally Dingle
Tel: 05 53 58 28 62