Pip – 14 yr-old girl

Please let me introduce you to Pip. Pip is fourteen years young which is 72 in human years, no age at all.

Pip’s family have a terrible dilemma, illness has struck and they have to return to the UK for an unknown duration. They are unable to take Pip with them for reasons beyond their control. It is unimaginable for them to leave her but their choices are limited.Here is where we can help. 

We are looking for a lovely person (s) to take Pip into their home and into their hearts and love and care for her. She likes an easy life – as we all will do at her age! Snoozing by the fire with the occasional mouse hunt in the great outdoors. She is used to dogs, only recently has her sibling doggie died and she has missed his company.

She is no trouble, sterilsed, chipped and fully vaccinated including rabies protection.
If you are that special person please contact me on 07 81 27 86 51 / 05 53 89 59 35 or jennatphoenix@gmail.com. Pip is currently with her owners near Vergt and can be visited by arrangements. 

FIZZ – a (nearly) 7 yr-old Rouge de Bavière girl – d.o.b. 16/5/10

Ficelle – Fizz for short – was adopted from Phoenix 6 years ago. Due to the husband’s ill health, the couple cannot keep Fizz any longer as they are unable to give her the exercise and attention she so desperately needs.

Fizz is very calm and affectionate, though she can be quite lively at times! Clean and un-destructive in the house, she’s used to being left in a large porch with access to an enclosed garden when her owners go out.
She’s great with kids and other dogs, but is untested with cats as there are none around where she lives.

She loves her walks and is good on the lead. On her favourite walks round the woods, she will come when called and is generally pretty obedient.

This beautiful young lady – who looks like a cross between a Beagle and a Dachshund – badly needs a new home and is chipped, vaccinated and sterilised.

If you’d like to meet her, please contact Penny Roscoe on 05 53 82 60 34 penny.roscoe@gmail.com 24190 St Germain du Salembre

Cosette – 6 year-old Griffon girl

COSETTE had a happy home for 6 years – then her mistress was diagnosed with serious illness and admitted to hospital.  Before she left, her mistress ensured that COSETTE was groomed and clipped, which was very touching and kind.
COSETTE is a friendly, gentle, an uncomplicated and kind girl, much loved by all the volunteers for her sweet-nature and gentle soul.  She is easy on the lead and sociable with other dogs.   But….COSETTE is beginning to work out that her mistress is not coming back….

It is up to us to be her voice and find her a home and family.

For more information, please contact Sally on
Sally Dingle
05 53 58 28 62

JESTER – a 1 yr-old small Spaniel X Pointer boy

Jester was overlooked in the SPA pound because of malnutrition, badly infected eyes and prolapsed tear ducts.  However, once in foster care with medication, feeding-up and a delicate operation on both eyes, he is absolutely flourishing.

He looks really big in the photos, but in fact he’s a small boy, currently just over 10kg.

This little fellow is extremely affectionate, playful and very gentle-natured.  He travels well, doesn’t bark at passers-by and gets on fabulously with other dogs. He was tested with cats at the SPA pound and was gentle and polite.  He can be a little bit naughty, though and tends to steal things, although he is responding very well to training and will happily sleep in a crate if necessary.

His recall is generally good, though he does have a stubborn streak if there is something more interesting engaging his attention (usually food!), so he still needs more training.  However, most of the time he very much wants to be with people and really does have oodles of personality, hence his name.

Jester is chipped, castrated, wormed, tick and flea-treated and now ready for adoption. 

If you are interested in meeting this lovely young dog please email Jackie.Axford@gmail.com or call Jackie and Andy on 05 53 52 06 23 for any more information.

IZZY – a Beauceron X girl puppy – approx. d.o.b. 1st December 2016

Izzy, a Beauceron X Lab (we think, as she will smaller than a Beauceron when fully-grown), has been frightened quite badly in her short life and is a bit nervous of strangers and worried about doing anything wrong.  She is improving daily and although she is still very submissive, she is also very affectionate and quite clever. She is learning all the basics very quickly.

Here’s what Marilyn her foster carer says about her:

Izzy has a sweet little nubby tail, so when she wags it, her whole backside wags along!

She will need a calm but active family and, as she will be about 20kgs full grown, she might be a bit bouncy, and perhaps better with older children.

Izzy loves to play with our other dog and takes little notice of the chickens but you can see she would herd them happily, given the chance! She might be nervous of new dogs and new people to start with but a home with a happy, mature dog could be a big advantage for her – someone to teach her the ropes?

She is chipped  and vaccinated, wormed and parasite free.

 If you would like to meet Izzy, please
contact Marilyn on
Telephone: 06 12 50 28 40

Dept. 24140 Dordogne

THE BIN PUPS – Maya, Theo, Winnie

Found in a recycled clothing bin just after birth by a kind person who heard them crying, the Bin Pups were rescued by the pompiers and taken into Phoenix foster care.

Sadly only 3 of the 6 pups survived.

Maya is reserved, but two others – Theo and Winnie, both boys – are still available for reservation.

Here is MAYA in sleepy mode! Maya is reserved.


Theo’s black with a little white on, like his sister Maya.

And here’s WINNIE

Winnie has some soft brindled shade mixed in with the black and also has a little white on him.

We can’t yet tell what size they will be yet, but imagine medium-size.

They will be chipped vaccinated and ready for adoption towards the end of March, and if you’d like more details, please contact foster carer, Sophie on
05 53 73 91 13
07 78 21 13 55
24100 Bergerac

DANDY – an 8 yr-old Border Collie – d.o.b. 10/10/08 – Adoption in Progress!

Dandy was found wandering, hungry and covered in fleas and ticks. Despite being microchipped, all attempts to find his owner have failed. We succeeded in contacting a member of the owner’s family who said the owner had died, but they had no idea he had a dog or to whom he may have given his dog.

Luckily, Dandy is currently being cared for by the kindly English lady who took him in and who says that he’s a great dog, friendly, obedient and good with other dogs. He’s obviously been well-looked after and well-loved, but unfortunately it seems we’ll never know exactly how or why he fell on hard times.

Dandy is parasite-treated and will be neutered and vaccinated on adoption. His microchip will be transferred on adoption.

For more details, please contact Sheelagh on
Tel: 05 53 54 94 81 (leave a message)
Email: sheerik@wanadoo.fr

PACHA – a 2yr-old Calico (tortoiseshell and white) girl – Adoption in Progress!

Pacha was found on the doorstep and taken in by a kind French girl. This beautiful cat was rail-thin and had obviously been living wild for some time. Worse still, her breathing rate was abnormally fast and she seemed exhausted….something serious was wrong.

An X-ray showed that her diaphragm had a large tear in it – probably the result of a car accident  – and her abdominal organs had passed through into her thorax and were pushing on her lungs. Phoenix paid for an emergency operation and luckily the vet was able to save her life.

However, now she needs a permanent, loving home, because unfortunately she can’t stay where she is longer than March 21st.

Despite being of no fixed address for some time, Pacha is very affectionate and loves to follow you around for cuddles! Her operation was a success and she has no health issues. She is fine with other cats, but frightened of dogs.

We feel Pacha has already used up enough of her nine lives and truly deserves a happy and secure future!

If you feel you can give her this please contact
Jenny Brahma
05 53 89 59 35
07 81 27 86 51

Located in Margueron dept 33
Pacha is sterilised and will be chipped and vaccinated on adoption.


CHERRIE – a Beauceron X girl puppy – approx. d.o.b. 1st December 2016 – Adoption in Progress!

Cherrie is another abandoned pup who we strongly believe to be one of Izzy’s siblings. Rescued from Bergerac SPA she is now in Phoenix foster care. Here’s what her foster carer, Christine, says about her:

 “The sweetest wee girl, I just had to rename her CHERRIE!

 Fortunately for Cherry, she doesn’t appear to have been ill-treated. She was a little timid and unsure at first, but it didn’t take long before she was enjoying a game of ball. She perfected her fetch after just a couple of throws and comes running when called. She’s a quick learner that likes to please!

So far, we’re had no accidents in the house; no chewing, eats nicely, plus she sleeps all night in an open bed. She’s quiet and gentle and enjoys being close by.

Luckily, our dog Ellie is a good influence and keeps an eye on her. As for our two cats, well they prefer to keep their distance. We have free-range chickens and Cherrie has shown no interest in them.

 Cherrie’s coat is mainly black, with brown lower legs and paws and some white chest markings. Like Izzy, she also has a nubby tail. I can’t think of any reason why anyone would go to the trouble of docking it with the view to abandoning the pups, so it’s possible she was born like it.  One benefit is that your glass of wine will be safe on the coffee table!!

Cherrie needs an active family that can give her stimulation, exercise and continual training. For her safety, a fenced garden where she can run freely.

 Weighing in at 10 kg I guess that she’ll be medium / large when fully grown.”

 Chipped, 1st vaccination and external and internal anti-parasite treatments commenced.

If you would like to meet Cherrie, please contact foster carers Christine and Alan by 
Email: members.phoenix@gmail.com
Telephone: 05 53 22 91 61
Dept. 24150 Lanquais, Dordogne

ULK – 13 yr-old Groenendael/Belgian Shepherd boy – Adoption in Progress!

ULK was found living on a balcony, where he had been for two years, no exercise, no bed and no shelter. He was fed and watered, but clearly insufficient for his needs. He was in a desperate state, with matted coat and is very thin and under-muscled.

The SPA team rescued him and have brought him to sanctuary. What a wonderful, kind, forgiving, gentle boy he is. We have groomed him and found a chain-collar completely matted into his fur. There is more grooming to be done, he has a magnificent coat – and he absolutely loves it being groomed, he loves to be stroked and cuddled and his dear old tail just wags gently in sheer pleasure and relief.

We will give him all the love we can, and gentle exercise to help him recover some strength. What he needs most of all is a patient and caring family to give him what little time he has left, in comfort and warmth, surrounded by love.

He benefits from a 500€ Veterinary Voucher for his healthcare, after adoption.
The adoption fee is “don libre” = zero, or any donation the adopter wishes to make.

If you would like to meet this gentle boy, please contact
Sally Dingle
05 53 58 28 62

MARCUS – 3 yr old Braque / Pointer

MARCUS is a friendly chap, always pleased to have company and is exceptionally affectionate and adores his cuddles. Marcus is sociable with the other dogs in his kennel run, and is easily handled, doesn’t pull on the lead (unless he is very excited!), His training is going well, however he will need to be taught not to chase cats!

MARCUS is the sort of dog who loves to stay close to his handler, always seeks cuddles and gives loyalty. If you would like to meet this super friendly and deeply affectionate boy, come and meet him at Bergerac SPA and take him for a walk, get to know him a little.

For more details please contact ~
Sally Dingle
Email: sallydinglephoenix@gmail.com
Tel: 05 53 58 28 62

Phoenix Book Fair – April 29th 2017

The Spring Book Fair 2017 will be held on Saturday 29th April at the Salle Municipale in Campsegret (24140), on the RN21 between Bergerac and Perigueux.

Doors open at 09:30 am (09:00 for people with a limited mobility card) and close at 3 pm.

  • Children and dogs are welcome.
  • Entrance and Parking are free.

Donations that are very welcome on the day:

  • Books, CDs, DVDs and vinyl records
  • Home-made baking for the catering team to sell
  • Bric-a-Brac contributions
  • Tombola gifts – any unwanted gifts in good condition – also wine, chocolates, home-made Chutneys or Jams
  • Pet and other animal accessories (blankets, towels, food).

The Food Counter in the Hall will offer a true banquet of home-made cakes, savouries, buns, pastries, cup cakes, samosas, scones, muffins, buns and sandwiches, as well as wine, tea, coffee and soft drinks!

In the village green behind the hall, a special stand will offer an excellent array of antiquarian books, classics, collectors items, first editions, newly published books and well loved but now rare books from bygone eras!

There will also be stands with well over 2 000 categorised DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, childrens’ books and toys for all ages, an excellent and varied assortment of good French books (in category), a large Bric-a-Brac stand with good quality goods and a take-a-chance Tombola stand with lovely prizes.

All the above items will be for sale from one euro and up.

The Phoenix stand and that of the Bergerac SPA will help you with all animal-related questions you may have regarding adoption or becoming a member.

All the proceeds of the Book Fair will go to the Phoenix Association to continue their work in saving, caring for and rehoming abandoned, abused and unwanted animals.

Please check the Phoenix Book Fair FAQs for more information on donating items.

BONNIE – 2 yr old girl Fauve x Griffon – Adoption in Progress!

Bonnie is another who desperately needs out of Bergerac SPA. She has clearly had a hard time in life, before she found sanctuary at the Refuge. She was terrified when she first arrived, however she is gradually learning to trust us, and will now come out for a walk very willingly. She walks well on the lead and will be trainable, but at the moment is a little nervous of commands and still shrinks from loud noises or sudden movements.

Bonnie is tall for a Fauve (50cms) but small for a Griffon. Sterilised.
This exceptionally gentle and affectionate girl needs a family that will give her plenty of encouragement and love.

If you think you could offer Bonnie that special home, please contact ~
Sally Dingle
Email: sallydinglephoenix@gmail.com
Tel: 05 53 58 28 62

The Biannual Phoenix Book Fairs – FAQs

Donating items

For logistical reasons, we prefer to receive your donations on the day of the Fair itself as transport and the manpower is available on these Fair days to handle the weight and bulk of books and other donated items. However, if you are leaving the country or for some reason can’t come to the Fair, please contact us to see if we can find another way to transfer your items.

 We gratefully accept fiction and non-fiction, all sorts of CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and other items. All antiquarian books are also very welcome; we always find enough interested people for these.

Please give us books that are in a condition that you yourself would like to buy. Broken, tatty and/or mouldy books as well as scratched or copied CDs and DVDs unfortunately do not sell.

 What we love (in good condion) are:

– Fiction books

– Non-fiction books (especially Cookery, Gardening, History, Military History, Biographies etc)

– All antiquarian books

– All older series as Lady bird books, Observer’s books etc

– First editions

– Signed editions

– Children’s toys, bears or other fluffy animals

Jig saw puzzles, games

Animal and pet items such as baskets, blankets, duvets, coats/rugs, tackle and leads, food (within the sell by date).

 As there’s no market for these, please DO NOT donate:

x Readers Digest series of any sort

x Mills and Boon series

x Encyclopedias, atlasses

x Cassette tapes

x VHS tapes

x Unusable, broken or mouldy items

x Clothes and shoes.

 Wish to help?

Why not become a member of the Book Team? We meet every Friday at our sorting barn for several hours in a village just north of Bergerac. Here all the books are sorted and put into category and or alphabet. The donated goods for the Bric a Brac, the puzzles, the toys and the prizes for the Tombola and the thousands of DVDS and CDS sorted here too and made ready for each Fair.

Perks – we still pay for the books like everyone else, however, we have access to them all year round!

For further general inquiries please contact Christine at bommel@orange.fr