Cats for Adoption

cat-adoption-headerWe always have heaps of furry bundles, waiting to be adopted. All of our cats and kittens are microchipped and vaccinated upon adoption, and where age appropriate, they are sterilised too.

If you are interested in adopting any of our cats, or would simply like to have some further information about them, please leave a message for Jenny
05 53 89 59 35 or mobile 07 81 27 86 51 or email

Dogs For Adoption

adopt-dog-topThe dogs shown below are just a selection of those that we have available for adoption. To discuss your requirements, please contact Sheelagh or Richard on 05 53 54 94 81 (please leave a message) or email them at

For adoption enquiries concerning the individual dogs shown on this page, please contact the Foster Carer, whose details are next to the animals’ write-ups below.

New — Phoenix Pensioners plan! Please take the time to learn more about this amazing project, put together with Bergerac SPA, and how you can help.
Our Phoenix Pensionners are now available for adoption.

Interested in foster caring? If you are interested in fostering one or more of our dogs (or cats) please go to our Foster Caring page for more details.

Angele, long haired pure white, three year old girl


Angèle was rescued from the streets of Bergerac whilst pregnant. Her babies are now born and old enough for adoption and she is in need of a home. She is about 2-3 years old. She has been sterilised, chipped and vaccinated. Watch out for more photos as this one doesn’t do full justice to her beauty.

If you would like to know more, or indeed “reserve” Angele, contact Jenny 0781278651 or 0553895935 or — in Savignac-De-Duras(47).

Nefertiti – female kitten

No not  Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt like her namesake but a shy little beauty with no tail . Her sharp features give her an oriental look and we think that maybe she is a manx kitten. She is very shy and needs to be reassured, but give her time and she will relax in your presence. Then you will hear the sweet reward of her loud purr. She is a loverly and very unusual cat! She enjoys playing and has now begun to join in playtime with the fellow kittens.


If you would like to meet her please contact foster carer 
Sophie Nicol
Tel: 05 53 73 91 13
Mobile: 07 78 21 13 55
Dept. 24 Bergerac

Nelfertiti will be chipped and vaccinated before adoption

Jack – a Jack Russell x pup

Approx d.o.b 01/01/17

Originally abandoned by gypsies, this young chap has quickly become the darling of his Phoenix foster carers, learning the ropes as any quick-witted JR can.

‘Jack’, as we’ve called him, has everything going for him! Smart, lively, gentle and affectionate, he adores people and other dogs and is used to living with cats.

He’s house-trained, good in the car and fine on the lead. He has excellent recall, so he can also be walked off-lead without a problem. Jack currently weighs about 5 kg and will be a small dog when fully-grown.

Any down-sides? Well, he’s frightened of the sound of the vacuum cleaner, so if you use a brush and dustpan, there should be no problem! Lol.

Jack is chipped, vaccinated and neutered.

If you’d like to meet/adopt him, please contact Sheelagh on
Tel: 05 53 54 94 81 (leave a message)

Nelix – male kitten born approx 27/04/2017


This young man was found inside a car engine!
It took over 2 hours to get him out!
Full of bounce and energy, this right little tomcat is quite a character. You should see him strutting about! Nelix is very playful and adventurous and will no doubt make an excellent mouser.

If you would like to meet him please contact foster carer 
Sophie Nicol
Tel: 05 53 73 91 13
Mobile: 07 78 21 13 55
Dept. 24 Bergerac

Nelix will be chipped and vaccinated before adoption

NALA – semi rough coated Terrier x Griffon (maybe!) pup

 Nala was born approx 01/04/17 

Perky Terrier X, Nala, was abandoned with her other sisters at 7 weeks-old. All were skinny and timid. She is now living happily with cats, other dogs and a young baby.

Her socialization and basic training are coming on well and she adores her foster carers and particularly loves the company of other dogs.
She also loves water, and is taking full advantage of it in this hot weather!
Nala is crate-trained and sleeps there at night without having any ‘accidents’.

Adventurous and lively, Nala would love a home with another ‘doggy-companion’, but could easily be led astray, so a fenced garden would be a must.

Bright as a button, she will be a small to medium dog when adult and is chipped, vaccinated and de-parasited. (In one of the photos, she’s with Newton, who is a husky pup, not a full-sized husky!)

Nala is chipped, vaccinated and de-parasited and if you’d like to meet her, please contact Sophie on
05 53 73 91 13
07 78 21 13 55
24100 Bergerac

Sita and Dennis – (Dennis adoption in progress) Mixed breed pups – approx. D.O.B. March 18th

Sita and Dennis were found abandoned and in need of lots of TLC. We are assuming they are litter brother and Sita, though possibly they had different fathers.

Here is what their foster carer, Suzy, says about them:


“Sita is a delightful little girl who is probably Border Collie/Pointer.  As such, she is elegant, very pretty, dainty and extremely intelligent.  She loves to play and run, but also adores her cuddles and is very affectionate.  She is almost fully house-trained and is learning other commands very quickly.  She will suit an active family and preferably one with other dogs, as she is very sociable. In the week she has been with us, she has made the most incredible progress and is ready to start life with her forever family.  She is as sweet as they come and will be of medium size when fully grown. She will need to be with a family who enjoy outdoor activities as she is in her element in the field.”

DennisAdoption in Progress

“Dennis is totally gorgeous, and full of fun.  He is probably Border Collie/Springer cross and is adorable!  He is fluffy, cute, with all the intelligence and character of the Border but with the sweet mischief of a Spaniel.  He loves to be at your feet and is always listening and watching what you do.  He is a boy who will enjoy being with his family and learning.  He too is an active little boy, but is just as happy to curl up at your feet or snuggle for cuddles.  Also pretty much house trained and learning quickly.  This baby is super special and has amazing potential.  He too enjoys the company of other dogs and will love to be with a family who are home a lot of the time and who will include him in their days out.”

Both pups are chipped, vaccinated and worm, tick, flea-treated and if you’d like more details, please contact Suzy Tompsett, their foster carer, on
Tel: 05 53 84 83 43
Dept. 47260 Laparade

IGOR – a 4yr-old Boxer X (217AB)

“Aren’t I a handsome boy with my tufty ears and little beard! You can probably see that I am quite a character, a well-built lad, who can be quite dominant at times, so I am looking for someone who will be able to keep me in line as I am easily distracted! I have had training but this really needs to be reinforced, so perhaps someone who is an experienced dog owner would be good for me. I am 4 years old and have been castrated. Ideally I would need an enclosed garden, without cats or chickens. If you feel you would like me to be your faithful friend, come and see me at the SPA – tout de suite if you please!”

His dog-walker says and he’s a powerful dog, but not uncontrollable at all. He keeps looking back when walking on the lead to make sure he is doing OK, though he’s is easily distracted and you have to be alert with him. He has been walked out with smaller dogs without a problem.

He has had good training and she’s confident that with the right people he would be a great addition to the family, and a very faithful companion.

Igor is chipped, vaccinated and neutered and if you’d like to meet him, please contact Jackie Briggs at

Tyler – Adoption in Progress

Tyler is a one year old male Mini-Pinscher X.  This little sweetie is very active, agile, and playful; he loves people and other dogs and is friendly and loving. He travels very well, although needs to be secured/tethered in the car to stop him “exploring”.

Being so affectionate he loves to be with somebody, follow them around and have a fuss. As a typical Mini-Pinscher he is a brave and confident little dog. He arrived totally untrained, however, now in foster care he is house-trained, sits when told and is learning to come when called, in fact he’s bright and is learning everything very quickly!

He’s a small breed dog and weighs 6.5kg.

Tyler is now chipped, castrated, first-vaccinated, wormed, tick & flea treated. If you are interested in adopting this lovely boy or would like more information please email or call Jackie and Andy on 05 53 52 06 23.

Moutti – an approx 6 year old female

Moutti is very affectionate and calm. At the moment she is looking after the last of the many litters of kittens that she has had during her life (she has just been sterilised, so she can now “retire” from mum duty).

She was left behind to fend for herself when her family moved away, and arrived on a nearby neighbour’s terrace to give birth to her beautiful kittens. 
If you can give Moutti a well-deserved home for her retirement, then she will give you plenty of love and affection in return. A very special little lady. She will be staying with her kittens until they are 3 months old, so she is ready for a new home at the beginning of July.

If you would like to know more, or indeed “reserve” Moutti, please phone Sussie on 0553-588251. Moutti is in Miramont-de-Guyenne, Lot-et-Garonne (47).

Flo – Pure white female

She is a sleek girl with short hair and beautiful almond shaped eyes. Initially she was shy but more recently she has come out of her shell and is happy to have cuddles from humans. She willingly joins in the playtime activities with her brothers and sisters.

Blaze – male black and white tabby

Blaze has inherited his mum’s short hook tail (a common trait in angora turk cats which she is). Blaze is a lot of B’s. He’s busy, boisterous and bossy! He is interested in everything around him, loves playing games and exploring, as well as enjoying evening cuddles. I think he has the potential to make a good mouser.

Mork and Mindy – born around 31/03/17


Mork and Mindy, born April 1st but the jokes not on them. They are bold and brave and investigate everyone and everything. As hand reared babies, they are a bit spoilt, but so affectionate and loving it’s impossible to resist them. Their favourite sleep position is anywhere on me! They run after me and are already very inquisitive about the cat flap and what’s outside.  Their antics have us in stitches.
Mork is a little grey and white boy. His fur is beautifully soft and thick. He likes to talk as he’s going to sleep on my shoulder and looks at everyone with intelligent and questioning eyes. He pokes his nose everywhere and faces up to my adult cats who run off. He uses the litter tray and loves his crunchy biscuits.  Favourite toy, my slipper!

Mindy is a beautiful scruffy black and ginger girl. She always looks like she’s just woken up, her hair is all over the place and constantly has a surprised look on her face. She hangs in my hand like a rag doll bending over backwards, she must be double jointed. Soft and fluffy she’s a mummy’s girl who still likes to suck your finger. Her favourite toy, my other slipper!
They will be vaccinated and chipped ready to be rehomed in June.

To know more please contact Julie
05 55 50 40 39
06 48 36 26 73
in Oradour-sur-Vayres.

Jon-Claude – adoption in progress – boy kitten with soft multi grey fur – born approx 04/04/17

Found alone in a tobacco barn and rescued by a lovely french lady, Jon-Claude  is delightful. For such a rough start to his life he is amazingly friendly. He has been having fun with the mousey on a stick which leads me to believe that this boy is going to be a serious mouser! He is friendly and sweet natured. He is trained to the litter tray and eats well. He will be chipped, vaccinated, de-flea’d and wormed before adoption.


If you would like to meet him please contact foster carer 
Sophie Nicol
Tel: 05 53 73 91 13
Mobile: 07 78 21 13 55
Dept. 24 Bergerac

LILA – a 2 yr-old Blue (Chartreux) girl

Lila was abandoned at the SPA with her tiny kittens. She was taken into care, but sadly her kittens didn’t survive the ordeal.

She’s a stunning uniform blue (like a Russian Blue)with amazing topaz-coloured eyes, but not only is she beautiful, she’s a very gentle and affectionate cat. You can do what you like with her! Plus, she’s fine with children, dogs and other cats.

Lila is now chipped, vaccinated and sterilised and ready to start life anew in a loving, permanent home.

If you’d like to meet/adopt her, please contact Sheelagh on
Tel: 05 53 54 94 81 (leave a message)

Charlie – male with pure white fur – adoption in progress

Charlie is my darling! Charlie is a curious adventurous cat. He is always the first to try anything new or go exploring. He was the first to climb up high and can often be found in nooks and crannies he shouldn’t be in! He has lovely medium length pure white fur with romantic blue eye. He is a stunning looking cat of Daniel Craig quality; gorgeous blue eyes and a real dare devil! He’s a real softie and like his mum is tolerant of being picked up, held and cuddled. Charlie is a handsome, fun, action-man of a cat who will be a joy for anyone who adopts him.

Plum – almost pure white female – Reserved

She has lovely soft white medium length fur and has a trace of grey on the top of her head. She is lucky enough to have inherited her mum’s opal yellowy-grey eyes.  She also has a cute unique feature of a kink in her tail.  She is sociable, playing with her siblings and enjoys a cuddle or two with humans.

DOCK – an 8 yr-old Golden Lab X Retriever – Bergerac SPA n° 438

“Bonjour!  My name is Dock, and I am a very affectionate Lab X Retriever of approximately 8 years young!

It has been several months since I arrived at the SPA and I have to say that during this time I have started to gain a bit of middle age spread! I am not happy about this and would dearly love to be with a family who will be happy to give me the exercise I really need to get in shape again! I adore investigating everything around me on my walks with the volunteers and can be very playful too.  I respond well to basic commands, and would dearly love to learn some more! My current companion in my box is a female (Cosette), I get on well with all females ! but not really too keen on males. I have been castrated, am calm and composed, adore tummy tickles and will be a good friend, so please get in touch if you think you could offer me my forever home……I’ll be waiting …..”

If you’d like to meet Dock at Bergerac SPA, please contact Jackie Briggs at

MARCUS – 3 yr old Braque / Pointer

MARCUS is a friendly chap, always pleased to have company and is exceptionally affectionate and adores his cuddles. Marcus is sociable with the other dogs in his kennel run, and is easily handled, doesn’t pull on the lead (unless he is very excited!), His training is going well, however he will need to be taught not to chase cats!

MARCUS is the sort of dog who loves to stay close to his handler, always seeks cuddles and gives loyalty. If you would like to meet this super friendly and deeply affectionate boy, come and meet him at Bergerac SPA and take him for a walk, get to know him a little.

If you’d like to meet him at Bergerac SPA, please contact Jackie Briggs at

Cocoa – male ginger and white colouring – Adoption in Progress!

He is a gorgeous ginger boy with medium length soft fur with striking ginger tabby and white markings. He has beautiful slate blue eyes that are accented by the white fur on the lower half of his face. Along with Charlie he is one of the two most adventurous cats. He loves climbing and being up high. He also loves playing pawball (football with a ping pong ball) and can happily spend a long time chasing a ball around. On a football team he would be a striker as he heads off with the ball with the other kittens chasing after him! He is also a techie and happily sits on a lap rolling a Kindle screen up and down fascinated by the changing pictures. He is a really handsome kitten and a pleasure just to watch. He is also a softie and enjoys lots of laptime. He will be a fantastic companion cat when he grows up who loves adventures and excitement and is stunningly attractive.

Ebony – female tabby – Adoption in Progress!

She has the prettiest face with endearing blue eyes and a slight frame. Of all the kittens she is the one who most seeks out human company and when tired of playing, climbs up on a lap in the evening or sneaks from the kitten bed into your bed at night or in the morning for a cuddle. She likes her brothers and sisters, but would be happy with a loving human friend and she’d love you right back!

Shere Khan – male and his sister, Bhageera, born around 10th April. Both adopted

Found, not in a Jungle Book setting, but sealed in a box together  and left outside a vets surgery in Bergerac. 
Shere Khan is reserved – a little tiger lookalike but very traumatised.  Needs a lot of cuddles and love.
Bhageera is adopted (we Know Bhagheera was a boy in Jungle Book but our Bhagheera is a girl!) Beautiful soft black furry baby who also needs lots of love and reassurance.

They can be reserved but they are not quite ready for adoption yet. They are in the safe hands of Foster carer, Sophie in Bergerac. Sophie Nicol
Tel: 05 53 73 91 13
Mobile: 07 78 21 13 55
Dept. 24 Bergerac

TAMMY – an 18 month-old Fauve de Bretagne X – Adoption in Progress!

A stray Fauve de Bretagne turned up at a French couple’s house….and stayed! Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep her, so we took her into Phoenix foster care and called her ‘Tammy’.

Her fosterers have only good things to say about his young girl. She’s Little Miss Perfect. Very gentle and loving, she’s good with young children, dogs, cats and all other animals, including chickens. She loves playing with other dogs, is totally non-dominant and also always up for a game of catch the ball with her humans.
She’s clean and undestructive in the house, has excellent recall, travels well in the car and – well, what more can we say!

Weighing about 12 kilos, she’s long in the body and short in the leg. She may even have some wire-haired teckel in her.

Tammy is chipped, vaccinated, sterilised, de-parasited and if you’d like to meet her, please contact Sheelagh on 05 53 54 94 81 (leave a message)

Cyrus – 10yr old boy – (Marsac SPA – Périgueux)

Cyrus is an older dog but fit as a fiddle. He is full of energy, maybe a little anxious but then he’s finding it hard to adjust to the refuge at his age. Chest x rays & blood tests are all normal. He’s a lovely faithful soul. Come & adopt him & give him a chance of a peaceful retirement.

If you are interested in giving Cyrus a home, please contact
Gillian Le Solleu
Tel: 06 21 59 16 72

KENZO, a gorgeous lab cross, around 6years old – (Marsac SPA – Périgueux)

This lovely boy arrived at the pound having been found wandering lost and never claimed. KENZO, a gorgeous lab cross is medium sized, around 6years old.

He adores people and loves his walks, he is good on the lead once he gets over the initial excitement of freedom from his pen. He thoroughly enjoys play-time and would be a great family dog. Castrated and waiting adoption.

Kenzo has already spent 2 years in the refuge, so we are giving him an extra push to find him a loving family,

If you think you could give Kenzo a place in your heart and home, please contact
Gillian Le Solleu
Tel: 06 21 59 16 72