THE BIN PUPS – Maya, Theo, Winnie

Found in a recycled clothing bin just after birth by a kind person who heard them crying, the Bin Pups were rescued by the pompiers and taken into Phoenix foster care.

Sadly only 3 of the 6 pups survived.

Maya is reserved, but two others – Theo and Winnie, both boys – are still available for reservation.

Here is MAYA in sleepy mode! Maya is reserved.


Theo’s black with a little white on, like his sister Maya.

And here’s WINNIE

Winnie has some soft brindled shade mixed in with the black and also has a little white on him.

We can’t yet tell what size they will be yet, but imagine medium-size.

They will be chipped vaccinated and ready for adoption towards the end of March, and if you’d like more details, please contact foster carer, Sophie on 
05 53 73 91 13
07 78 21 13 55
24100 Bergerac

MARCUS – 3 yr old Braque / Pointer

MARCUS is a friendly chap, always pleased to have company and is exceptionally affectionate and adores his cuddles. Marcus is sociable with the other dogs in his kennel run, and is easily handled, doesn’t pull on the lead (unless he is very excited!), His training is going well, however he will need to be taught not to chase cats!

MARCUS is the sort of dog who loves to stay close to his handler, always seeks cuddles and gives loyalty. If you would like to meet this super friendly and deeply affectionate boy, come and meet him at Bergerac SPA and take him for a walk, get to know him a little.

For more details please contact ~
Sally Dingle
Tel: 05 53 58 28 62

BONNIE – 2 yr old girl Fauve x Griffon – Adoption in Progress!

Bonnie is another who desperately needs out of Bergerac SPA. She has clearly had a hard time in life, before she found sanctuary at the Refuge. She was terrified when she first arrived, however she is gradually learning to trust us, and will now come out for a walk very willingly. She walks well on the lead and will be trainable, but at the moment is a little nervous of commands and still shrinks from loud noises or sudden movements.

Bonnie is tall for a Fauve (50cms) but small for a Griffon. Sterilised.
This exceptionally gentle and affectionate girl needs a family that will give her plenty of encouragement and love.

If you think you could offer Bonnie that special home, please contact ~
Sally Dingle
Tel: 05 53 58 28 62

The Biannual Phoenix Book Fairs – FAQs

Donating items

For logistical reasons, we prefer to receive your donations on the day of the Fair itself as transport and the manpower is available on these Fair days to handle the weight and bulk of books and other donated items. However, if you are leaving the country or for some reason can’t come to the Fair, please contact us to see if we can find another way to transfer your items.

 We gratefully accept fiction and non-fiction, all sorts of CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and other items. All antiquarian books are also very welcome; we always find enough interested people for these.

Please give us books that are in a condition that you yourself would like to buy. Broken, tatty and/or mouldy books as well as scratched or copied CDs and DVDs unfortunately do not sell.

 What we love (in good condion) are:

– Fiction books

– Non-fiction books (especially Cookery, Gardening, History, Military History, Biographies etc)

– All antiquarian books

– All older series as Lady bird books, Observer’s books etc

– First editions

– Signed editions

– Children’s toys, bears or other fluffy animals

Jig saw puzzles, games

Animal and pet items such as baskets, blankets, duvets, coats/rugs, tackle and leads, food (within the sell by date).

 As there’s no market for these, please DO NOT donate:

x Readers Digest series of any sort

x Mills and Boon series

x Encyclopedias, atlasses

x Cassette tapes

x VHS tapes

x Unusable, broken or mouldy items

x Clothes and shoes.

 Wish to help?

Why not become a member of the Book Team? We meet every Friday at our sorting barn for several hours in a village just north of Bergerac. Here all the books are sorted and put into category and or alphabet. The donated goods for the Bric a Brac, the puzzles, the toys and the prizes for the Tombola and the thousands of DVDS and CDS sorted here too and made ready for each Fair.

Perks – we still pay for the books like everyone else, however, we have access to them all year round!

For further general inquiries please contact Christine at