Mork and Mindy – born around 31/03/17


Mork and Mindy, born April 1st but the jokes not on them. They are bold and brave and investigate everyone and everything. As hand reared babies, they are a bit spoilt, but so affectionate and loving it’s impossible to resist them. Their favourite sleep position is anywhere on me! They run after me and are already very inquisitive about the cat flap and what’s outside.  Their antics have us in stitches.
Mork is a little grey and white boy. His fur is beautifully soft and thick. He likes to talk as he’s going to sleep on my shoulder and looks at everyone with intelligent and questioning eyes. He pokes his nose everywhere and faces up to my adult cats who run off. He uses the litter tray and loves his crunchy biscuits.  Favourite toy, my slipper!

Mindy is a beautiful scruffy black and ginger girl. She always looks like she’s just woken up, her hair is all over the place and constantly has a surprised look on her face. She hangs in my hand like a rag doll bending over backwards, she must be double jointed. Soft and fluffy she’s a mummy’s girl who still likes to suck your finger. Her favourite toy, my other slipper!
They will be vaccinated and chipped ready to be rehomed in June.

To know more please contact Julie
05 55 50 40 39
06 48 36 26 73
in Oradour-sur-Vayres.