Eh hem! Yes, I am over here​! A very polite, calm and gentle male hound, 8 years of age but still eager to enjoy life with my new owner. We could enjoy peaceful country walks, I am easy when on a lead, and am not perturbed by cats or small children and enjoy the company of other dogs (I am not castrated though). I would love some quality time with lots of cuddles and I will behave myself impeccably. Life at the SPA is a bit hectic at the moment and I am finding it all a bit confusing, so if you feel you want a lovely-natured companion to keep you company, who will be responsive to training, I would love for you to come and see me to have a chat ………….. soon? 

See more details from the SPA in Bergerac

If you’d like to meet him please contact Sue Rees

In memory of Charlie

Sandra & Doug Pountain have written to us about the passing of their dog, Charlie.

My wife and I adopted a dog from you in 2007 his name was Jimbo but we changed it to Charlie. He was a Beagle cross. We had to return to the UK in 2009 and brought him with us. He was the most beautiful young man you could ever wish to meet but unfortunately he developed cancer and died 4 weeks ago, he was our life and he loved and was loved by everyone he met, he would capture their hearts. He hated going in the car but loved it when we arrived no matter where it was. He was 12 when he died and I cannot tell you how much we miss him, it has left a massive hole in our lives. We would just like to thank you for all the pleasure your team brings to people in finding and rehoming such beautiful creatures.

Zappa – male kitten d.o.b. approx 04/06/17

Zappa by name, Zappa by nature! Rarely still, his quiet moments are curled up with his best friend. Zappa was rescued from the SPA where his little life was about to be terminated. This little ginger boy shows his gratitude by purring loudly and constantly being at your side watching and waiting for a cuddle. He pokes into everything and is the first to greet you in the morning. He loves to be with the other cats so, if he’s an only one, he will need a lot of love and affection. That won’t be difficult when you see him look at you with his adorable green eyes.



Born around the beginning of June, he’s about 9 weeks old now and needs to find his new special family.

Zappa is 1st vaccinated and will be chipped priot to adoption. If you’d like to meet him, please contact foster carer, Julie on 05 55 50 40 39 / 06 48 36 26 7 or email her at Zappa is in 87150 Oradour sur Vayres


Bandit male kitten born approx 04/05/17

Dumped in a box outside the vets at less than a week old, Bandit hardly stood a chance but thankfully he and his siblings were taken in by kind foster carers who worked tirelessly to bottle feed them. Three survived and two have been adopted. So we can show you the brave  Bandit, a stunningly beautiful cat  of 13 weeks old.








Bandit is chipped and 1st vaccinated. If you’d like to meet him, please contact foster carer Sharon on 06 45 47 10 84 or 05 53 60 73 11 or Bandit is in Nontron Dept 24

RUDI – 5 Year Old Male Terrier X Adoption in Progress

Little Rudy is a lovely natured little chap who is house-trained, travels well and is very affectionate and eager to please.  He had to be given up by his previous owner, but apparently lived with 3 cats, so should be used to them. He was a little nervous of other dogs at first, but is fine with them in his foster home and gently playful with the smaller ones.  He was in very poor condition and overweight, so he is now adjusting to a new and heathy diet and getting some exercise.




Although fine now with other dogs, he is much more a “people” dog and would love a home with somebody he could follow around, keep company and go for walks with. He mostly comes when he is called in the garden, but outside the garden he is excited by new smells he gets distracted, so would need a home with a secure garden, and some further training.






Rudy is chipped, castrated, 1st set of vaccinations given, wormed, tick and flea treated. If you’d like to meet him, please contact foster carers Jackie and Andy on 05 53 52 06 23 or Rudi is in Dept. 24800 Vaunac