GEORGES (Bergerac SPA Ref. 570) – Male Cavalier King Charles

Georges is a Phoenix Pensioner, meaning that his adopter will benefit from a €500 contribution towards vet bills, paid by Phoenix.
Hi! I might be an elderly gent at approximately 10 years old, but I still have a bundle of energy for going for a walk everyday… Nothing gives me more pleasure! Well, apart from cuddles of course!
I appear to be quite sociable and get on with other dogs, so that’s good if you already have some pets. However if you just want me all to yourself, then that’s fine by me too!
As I am no longer young, and of course have a few health issues, Phoenix have awarded me their Pensioner Plan to help you with any future veterinary costs. 
Please will you give me a family?

If you’d like to meet Malin please contact Bergerac SPA vounteer, Sue Rees, on

MALIN (Bergerac SPA ref. 084) – Male Pointer X

Hi everyone! Well as you can see I am not a lap dog! I am adorable though and love attention and affection. My favourite pastimes are walking, running and letting off steam, and I would love a companion to do this with.


I know that I can be trained as the volunteers at the SPA have told me! I have been castrated and at nearly 2 years old I have a full life ahead of me, I just need to find that special person with the time to give me, and a good sized garden. 

As I was found wandering I can’t tell you much about my past, I can only tell you that my future is what interests me. I have been at the SPA for a while now, and don’t know why, perhaps because I am a big and bouncy dog, so I am crossing my paws that there is someone out there looking for someone like me……is that you?

You can read more about me on Bergerac SPA’s website

If you’d like to meet Malin please contact Bergerac SPA vounteer, Sue Rees, on

MIKEY – boy kitten estimated age 3-4 months.

Found wandering alone, thin and hungry and brought to us by a couple who are Phoenix members. They couldn’t keep him but had become very attached to him.
He is adorable, a real cuddle-pot. He gets on well with other kittens in foster care and being the biggest he is gentle and affectionate. Could he be your snuggle blanket for the coming winter?

He can snooze anywhere!
He will be vaccinated, castrated and flea and worm treated before adoption.

If you’d like to meet him, or would just like more details, contact foster carer, 
tel: 05 53 89 59 35 07 81 27 86 51 Email:
Dept. 47 Savignac de Duras


Lucy – Born May 2017 – Cross breed pup



Hello folks, my name is (Juicy) Lucy! I came to Phoenix after a lovely couple found me and just happened to know my foster mum. Meaning that I got to spend my fourrier time in a Phoenix home, so I am a rather lucky little girl.

I can’t tell you much about my past as there isn’t much of it and my previous owner never turned up to claim me. So now the wait is over and I am officially a Phoenix girl – lucky for me! Mind you I had some tough times to get through first as I was rather poorly for about 3 weeks, but with good medicine, and as my mum says, the will power to get through anything, well here I am!

I am a very happy lass who loves to play all the time. I am now 4 months old and no one seems to know exactly what breed I am so we will just call me the loving kind of breed, or a kissy breed as I do both all the time!! Eventually all agreed on a Cross Border Berger for my paperwork.

I am learning new things every day and I will answer promptly to my name but if I am busy playing then my foster mum says I will be as deaf as a post. Food is my great love and I can eat my dinner just as fast as the big girls and boys, so no worries there! I am also getting really good at toilet training and when I get really excited I love to bark and bounce around. I get on really well with the other dogs although I prefer the boys as they like to play with me and we so love a good old scrummage (I would have been good at American football) as I get stuck in. 


I do have to be told when it’s nap or my quiet time as I will just keep on going even when I need to sleep, but when my batteries are re-charged then yeah it’s time to have fun again or eat!!!

I haven’t been out on a walk yet as I only just got my vaccinations and it was too dangerous but now I can paint the town red with you by my side. I would need an enclosed garden as I would hate to get lost again.

I think I would probably like cats too as I met one at the vets and got to sniff her but as I sat wagging my tail she didn’t want to play with me (maybe she was sick). I have been told that some cats are mean, so would hit me on the nose but mum just laughs and says “yeah that is what you need”!! So if you do have them, then I would be willing to give it a try.

I have been chipped, treated for worms and fleas and had my 1st vaccination. I am being fostered in Dept 87.

So if you are looking for a special kind of girl who will be about medium size when fully grown, then maybe it could be me?

For more information on me please contact my foster mum Yvonne on or you can call her on 06 02 38 20 70

PUPS – Born July 2017 – 2 boys & 1 girl – Lab X Collie




All the pups are growing up well and are settled and enjoying exploring the wider world.  Very intelligent, inquisitive, active and responsive. They are also affectionate, gentle and love human company. Not house trained when they arrived, but learning quickly!  They answer to their names and are quick to come to call. All pups are a lovely mix of their gentle labrador mum, but also have the quick intelligence and loyalty of the border collie dad. They will make excellent family pets, but an enclosed garden is essential.  Also, they will need an active life style and a family who is prepared to include them in their activities.

They respond well to training and are very keen to please. They have excellent potential to perform well to obedience training and later, agility classes.

They are confident amongst our own dogs and quickly learning how to interact in a bigger group.

MAX (RESERVED) – Max is the bigger pup of the three and is the most relaxed of the group. He adores his play and romping with his siblings, but he loves to sit at your feet to watch and listen to you. He is obviously highly intelligent, but is also calm and gentle. He is super little boy, full of character, fun and love. He has the sweetest ears which reflect his sweet and happy nature. 

TOMMY – Tommy is similar to his brother in many respects but is slightly smaller. He too loves human company and his cuddles, but he also adores to be part of a pack and the rough and tumble of a game. He is always happy and is developing his confidence quickly. 

LIZZIE (RESERVED) – Lizzie is the only girl of the group and is as sweet as they come! The smallest pup of the group but she joins in with everything her brothers do. She is probably the most affectionate and adores to snuggle up to you.  Lizzie is very pretty with delicate features and lots of white on her chest and four white socks. She can be shy at first, but not for long and is very confident with the larger group. Also very intelligent and quick to learn, she has it all!

The pups are tick and worm treated and have had their first vaccination. They will be chipped before adoption and are being fostered in Dept 47 Laparade.

If you would like to meet them please contact Suzanne on 05 53 84 83 43 or on

Ziggy – Female Kitten estimated d.o.b. 12/06/17

Ziggy is a little lady – she’s white with black tail and black patches on her head and a patch on her right flank. She was found with her brother, Fritz and is being fostered by Craig and Nadia. Here’s what Nadia says about them:
‘The pair of them spend a lot of time together, either playing or curled up together. Ziggy is particularly active and I think she’s the more dominant of the two (she knows no fear and has introduced herself to our other cats and the dog). Saw her eyeing up the horses today, but thankfully she’s kept out of their field. She’s going to be a great mouser and spends much of her time chasing anything that moves or flies.’

Ziggy with Fritz

Ziggy has been 1st vaccinated, chipped and flea and worm treated.

If you’d like to meet Ziggy, or would just like more details, contact foster carers, 
Craig and Nadia Rea
or phone Jenny tel: 05 53 89 59 35 / 07 81 27 86 51 Ziggy is in Dept. 33 near Monsegur


Fritz – Male Tabby Kitten estimated d.o.b 12/06/17

Fritz is becoming more and more confident.  He was a nervous skinny little boy when  he was found with his sister, Ziggy.  Phoenix had no spaces free in foster care so Craig and Nadia kindly offered to foster him and his sister until permanent homes can be found for them. Slowly but surely he is getting used to their dog and even approached Percy, their big ginger tomcat. So it looks like he is a brave boy and households with existing cat friendly, dogs and cats with not phase him. Both kittens love lots of cuddles and fuss and love to get up on your lap for a catnap.  Feeding time is rather frenzied – it’s like they’ve never been fed before.  But they are definitely putting on weight as they were quite emaciated when they were found.

Fritz with his sister, Ziggy

Fritz has been 1st vaccinated, chipped and flea and worm treated.

If you’d like to meet Fritz, or would just like more details, contact foster carers, 
Craig and Nadia Rea
or phone Jenny tel: 05 53 89 59 35 / 07 81 27 86 51 Fritz is in Dept. 33 near Monsegur


BENJII – Male adult cat estimated to be about 5 years old

Ginger mackerel spotted tabby with white chest and stomach, white diamond on top of right front paw and white band around left front leg.
This softie of a cat has already used up several of his nine lives! He was found in July 2017 with a bloody face in a very bad way. A kind couple rescued him and contacted us. He had been shot in the face (presumably by a hunter or farmer) and his right eye had caught the bulk of a cartridge of pellets. The vet removed his eye and many lead pellets
To add to his woes whoever shot him probably got his good eye because his remaining left eye is a ‘lazy eye’ tending to look to the left with a small cloudy patch of blindness developing.

It seems Benjii has already used up about 5 of his 9 lives poor thing!
So, Benjii needs someone very special to take him into a loving home. His disability does not prevent him from having adventures in the garden. He loves to climb trees as you can see in his photos. He is lovingly affectionate and no trouble at all.
Benjii has been castrated, vaccinated and flea/worm treated.

If you’d like to meet Benjii, or would just like more details, contact foster carer, 
Ann Major Stevenson
tel: 05 53 89 59 35 07 81 27 86 51 Email:
Dept. 47 Savignac de Duras


PUPS – born July 2017 – 1 female & 1 male – Mixed breed (Mum is Reunion Isle Whippet X Husky)

Phoenix was able to persuade Mum’s owner to let the pups stay until properly weaned. This means they are healthy, well developed pups.
NINO is the smaller of the pair, black with white markings. Although initially wary of being handled, he is now an absolute delight. He is friendly and affectionate and loves his cuddles, he can also hold his own in the ‘rough and tumble’ of life with all the other pups. He will make a wonderful pet for someone.

MARIA is bigger than her brother, a rich dark brown with white paws, and will be a large-medium dog when she grows up. She is outgoing and adventurous and will probably need quite a firm hand when she is older and certainly an enclosed garden while she is young. She enjoys being with people as well as the company of other dogs.

Here is a pic of Mum, who is a Reunion Isle Whippet X Husky. Dad is a Border Collie X Spaniel.

Both dogs are chipped, vaccinated and wormed, and are ready to go to new loving homes. Their date of birth is 5th July 2017.

If you would like to meet them please contact Shirley on 05 44 00 03 63 or on

ANGELE – Beautiful white Angora Turk female aged approximately aged 3 yrs.

Angele was spotted wandering in the streets of Bergerac by one of our fosterers who took her into Phoenix care. She was found to be ‘in the family way’ and a foster home was sought where she could comfortably have her babies. It was Ann,foster carer, in Savignac de Duras who welcomed this sweet girl into her home.






Now her babies are grown she is looking for that special someone to give her a permanent loving home. She is adorable and I challenge you not to love her.

Here is what Ann says about her…..

‘Angele is an independent, self sufficient girl. She likes to spoon with you either by your tummy or behind your knees in bed early in the morning and is extremely attentive from then until you feed her! Thereafter she is happy to go off and amuse herself. She is fearless and I have found her pawing at a small snake! In the evening any little things that find their way into the house, like crickets and grasshoppers, she will happily bat around. She is definitely a huntress and if you have a mouse problem she will take care of it for you. Pas de probleme! If you’re home at sunset she enjoys you playing with her by swooshing a stick through grass, flipping fallen leaves for her to catch or encouraging her tree climbing practice. At night she comes in of her own accord for an evening snack, some stroking and a nice lie down!’

Angele She has been sterilised, chipped and vaccinated.

If you’d like to meet Angele, or would just like more details, contact foster carer, 
Ann Major Stevenson
tel: 05 53 89 59 35
07 81 27 86 51
Dept. 47 Savignac de Duras


Sparrow and Mittens – ADOPTION IN PROGRESS

Sparrow and Mittens

Sparrow (gingery) and Mittens (grey) have been reared together. They are not related and were found separately from areas apart in the Dordogne. They have grown to love each other, sleeping together and one is never far away from the other.
Sparrow – female est d.o.b 6th June. Found in the road almost run over by an english holidaymaker. Named sparrow because she was so tiny and terrified. Terrified until Mittens came along that is. After an initial few hours of hissing at each other they became inseparable. She is still shy with humans, well adults, that is. She has no problem with small children or dogs!
Mittens – male kitten est d.o.b. 1st June .
Here is a bundle of confidence who is the opposite of Sparrow. Mittens gets along with everybody, cats dogs and humans. He is very friendly and he adores Sparrow.
Because of their circumstances they need to be adopted together. They will never be lonely when you go out and will play together all day long.
They have both received their 1st vaccinations and have been chipped. They also have had flea and worm treatment.

Taken together we can offer help with sterilisation costs.

If you’d like to meet them, or would just like more details, contact foster carer, 
tel: 05 53 89 59 35 07 81 27 86 51 Email:
Dept. 47 Savignac de Duras