THE BIN PUPS – Maya, Theo, Winnie

Found in a recycled clothing bin just after birth by a kind person who heard them crying, the Bin Pups were rescued by the pompiers and taken into Phoenix foster care.

Sadly only 3 of the 6 pups survived.

Maya is reserved, but two others – Theo and Winnie, both boys – are still available for reservation.

Here is MAYA in sleepy mode! Maya is reserved.


Theo’s black with a little white on, like his sister Maya.

And here’s WINNIE

Winnie has some soft brindled shade mixed in with the black and also has a little white on him.

We can’t yet tell what size they will be yet, but imagine medium-size.

They will be chipped vaccinated and ready for adoption towards the end of March, and if you’d like more details, please contact foster carer, Sophie on 
05 53 73 91 13
07 78 21 13 55
24100 Bergerac