JESTER – a 1 yr-old small Spaniel X Pointer boy

Jester was overlooked in the SPA pound because of malnutrition, badly infected eyes and prolapsed tear ducts.  However, once in foster care with medication, feeding-up and a delicate operation on both eyes, he is absolutely flourishing.

He looks really big in the photos, but in fact he’s a small boy, currently just over 10kg.

This little fellow is extremely affectionate, playful and very gentle-natured.  He travels well, doesn’t bark at passers-by and gets on fabulously with other dogs. He was tested with cats at the SPA pound and was gentle and polite.  He can be a little bit naughty, though and tends to steal things, although he is responding very well to training and will happily sleep in a crate if necessary.

His recall is generally good, though he does have a stubborn streak if there is something more interesting engaging his attention (usually food!), so he still needs more training.  However, most of the time he very much wants to be with people and really does have oodles of personality, hence his name.

Jester is chipped, castrated, wormed, tick and flea-treated and now ready for adoption. 

If you are interested in meeting this lovely young dog please email or call Jackie and Andy on 05 53 52 06 23 for any more information.