MALIA – a 9 and a half month-old Labrador X Border Collie girl

Malia was taken on as a puppy from a litter, recommended to her current owners by their vet. The vet knew how sad that were at the at the death of their previous dog.

 Malia is very excitable and has not really been socialised with many people nor other dogs. She is extremely friendly and loves to play with both people and dogs when she meets them. She fine with cats too, and lives with the family cat.

She will need plenty of exercise and training, but we are sure that she will make a lovely family pet. At approximately 35 kilos, she is the size of an average Labrador.

 Her current owners love her, but they find her too much for them as they are elderly and not in the best of health. The understand that the best thing for her would to find a new, loving home.

Malia is chipped, vaccinated and sterilised and if you’d like to meet her, or would simply like more details, please contact Lyneth and Scott on 05 53 63 01 46

 Scott and Lyneth live next door to Malia, so they can organise a visit and you can speak directly to her owners. They are French but speak excellent English.