BILL – 10 year old Beagle X

Currently in Bergerac SPA, BILL is offered for adoption “don libre” and also benefits from the Phoenix Association Veterinary Voucher of 500€ to help finance any future healthcare.

It’s heart-breaking as Bill is just one of so many hound breeds that end up in the SPA, and at 10 years old we doubt he will even get a second glance, especially at this time of the year when the kennels are overcrowded.

Bill’s even got an ID chip, but his owner hasn’t reclaimed him, so he’s now classified as abandoned, which is a difficult position for an older dog to deal with. Initially Bill was rather unsure of his new surroundings at the Refuge, however, he’s settled in and making the best of it.

He’s a handsome dog, fit, alert and in good condition. He easy going and therefore gets along well with all the other dogs in his kennel run. He’s a sociable boy and enjoys human company and stays close by, making handling easy.

We believe Bill deserves our help to give him that little extra advantage of adoption, hence he’s been awarded the Pensioner’s Plan.

If you’d like to meet this super boy, please contact Sally Dingle on 05 53 58 28 62 or